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Objectives, Goals And Strategies

April 20, 2012


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Either welcome more an article of the Series Management of People! Now, we go to know a little on objectives and goals and to know why the majority of the entrepreneurs fails in its personal and professional projects. You already if imagined daqui the five years? Where you will be? He will be that he goes to be employed? He will be that he goes to have obtained to open the proper business? The planning lack is the responsible one mostly of the failures in our lives personal how much in such a way professional. Already it says the dictated one: If you do not know for where to go, any way takes the place none. The parts most important of a planning are the objectives and goals. E, although simple, many people confuse these two terms.

We go, then, to understand a little on objectives and goals and to learn as to reach them. It thinks well and it answers: Which is the objective of a teams of soccer at the beginning of a departure? Who answered to make gols errou ugly! The objective of a soccer teams is to gain the departure. However, so that this happens, it has that to make gols. These are its goals. It observes that to obtain to reach the objective (to gain the departure) it is necessary to reach the goals (to make gols). With the well defined goals it is possible to trace the strategies necessary to reach this end. Soon, objective is everything what you, or its company, intends to reach. However, to reach the objectives it is necessary to establish goals that nothing more are that the steps you to reach its objectives. The objectives are qualitative whereas the goals are quantitative. How thus Jonh? I want to say that nor always you go to be able to mensurar the objectives.

Third General Government

April 12, 2012


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This as part of the lusitana strategy to occupy the colony in such a way to recoup the failure of the donees in the work in agriculture, how much to defend the religion and to consolidate the monarchy. Later, in As the General Government of Duarte of the Coast, more people with this last name had entered in Brazil, diverse regions, whose trend of the time was the exploration of lands of the interior for culture of cotton and sugar cane, but continuing with captainships and the system of sesmeiros. E, finally, in the Third General Government of Mem de S, with the purpose to develop the cattle one, to demarcate and to defend the rivers and the forests of Brazil, giving service to the Portuguese crown, changing names of rivers, villages and cities for the Portuguese toponymy; beyond having, in its attributions, the mission to pursue run away brave and black indians therefore lacked arms for the farming, counting on the support of lieutenant, colonels, majors and captains of the Portuguese military service. Later, other combinations had appeared of this family: Coast Agra, Agra I water, Sampaio Agra, Barros Agra, S Agra, Arajo Agra, Rodrigues Agra, Agra Soares, Agra de Alencar, Agra Leather strap of S, Agra Leather strap Da Silva and Agra Leather strap of Sousa, come of diverse points of the Europe and proper Brazil, of the coast for the interior, with other families with which they had also become related, such as: Rasp, Oak, Miranda, Albuquerque, Cavalcanti, Cabral, Saucers, S, Angelim and others, as much in businesses, the farming one as in the commerce, in a similar way that Pan D occurred with the families of the Farm? water of Belm of the San Francisco, the Great Farm of Cabrob, the New Farm of Forest and the Farm of Santana in Parnamirim. (Documents of pernambucana genealogy) It has articles of Portuguese genealogy that tell the trajectory of the mouros that they had accepted to participate of the occupation of the New World.