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Social Contract

June 30, 2012


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When the civil insubordination, the chaos and the street violence are in a same scene, dangerous social vortices with devastating and opposite consequences to transforming the pacifist spirit are created and of the civil disobedience. Which are the main strategies of the civil disobedience? What type of social chaos produces? 1. – The origins of the violence: For many students of the human conduct, the origin of the violence resides in the nature or human essence, for it they have talked about authors as Hobbes Takings that from the century XVI it affirmed, in its famous text the Leviatn, that the law that reigns in the society is the law of the jungle, that is to say, the law of more hard; " that the man is the wolf of hombre" and that therefore, requires a social pact so that the human coexistence is possible. This author went ahead to the Social Contract of Rousseau, which stipulates that, in exchange for guaranteeing security and protection to them to the citizens, the State the conmina to delegate in him its freedom and to confer obedience to him. Necessary condition so that the men can live civilizadamente in society. Other rapporteurs maintained the opposite position, that the origin of the violence is not innate, that is that is not in the human essence, but in its social, political, economic and cultural agreement. For it, they leaned in the existencialista current as philosophical frame, adducing that " the existence precedes to esencia" , that is to say, that we are not born with an essence already given exactly, but to each it is it man constructing throughout his life, in the measurement that is realising free and conscious acts; and consequently, it is responsible than it is doing in and of his life. Therefore, it will be the social condition surrounds that it what makes arise the violence.


June 26, 2012


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The fundamental thing to only work in equipment or, is the difference between knowing how to listen the other part or to try to be right. The interchange of ideas serves to become rich mutually, that manages to understand and to accept that, has a world of possibilities against himself. LM: No, certainly no. All the ideas of Diego would not be and perhaps the potential of some of mine either. Which is the part most difficult to work as director of ROBS? DC: Sincerely nonencounter a subject that is difficult as far as the daily work. In truth there are subjects that take more work than others and by all means there are certain tasks that please to me more than others, but generally I am contented. LM: I suppose that, like in any business, to decide after the things do not come out well.

We are a company that new born, still we have much to do. And funniest? DC: One of the tasks that I like more and I do that it by pure personal complacencia, is to investigate the market all along, to investigate in Internet tendencies, to read articles, to learn new things all along. I like to look for in Internet everything what ROBS can be useful to continue innovating. I enjoy publishing from interview to project Publishing house, likes me to guard by process publishing, although there are stages within the process that I feel more comfortable than others, I enjoy to have an idea and to see it time later shaped in reality. LM: To celebrate after the things yes leave well. Supposing that the complica business and you are due to stop directing ROBS, You would have some other work or you would try to follow in the literary world? DC: IT ROBS is a strong bet for us, sincerely I do not see in the short term looking for other alternatives outside the line of the publishing house.

Selling Clients

June 13, 2012


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Where they are the potential clients? There are several sources to which it can have access to create its own list of potential clients and to send direct correspondence or to make telephone contact with the enemy. The direct commercialization and the lists of mail of serious sources are an advisable way to identify and to obtain lists of precise and directed sales for their business. Another good source of possible clients is its present base of clients – it offers discounts, flatteries or other incentives to the clients who bring new businesses to him Once she has a list, is moment for starting up the process of sales. Moral convention is to communicate with the majority of the potential clients early in the morning, or after the 6 p.m. – often, it is possible that these calls are received by responsible people to make decisions. It remembers to fulfill the norms ” Not llamar” and ” Desinscribirse” (or other applicable laws) before making some type of direct promotion.

2. It asks nonreport. A call of sales is not the moment for demonstrating everything what you know, you are the moment of to discover what it does not know on the potential client – and what they do not know of you. Many salesmen use the calls of sales to concientizar to the possible clients about their products, services and industry, being thought that will stimulate the interest. It is not his knowledge which sells, but the effectiveness with which adapts that knowledge to satisfy the specific needs with its possible clients.

If the potential client feels that you offer information him that does not adapt to its needs, loses its interest and stops listening to it. 3. He makes the questions correct. The unique way to discover the needs and expectations of the potential clients is making certain questions: What results hope to obtain? What is most important for you? Why? If it could eliminate two or three of his greater headaches, which would be? What factors consider when it chooses a supplier? It listens to his answers kindly; it makes more questions to obtain major clarity if it is necessary.