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Municipal Group Socialist

August 23, 2012


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We read kindly and we remember the underlining. We can read, also, in the Day of Friday, 11 of March of 2011: " CC it asks to Matos that resigns by having " mentido" on enterprise plots. The president of Canary Coalition, White Perez, wishes that the spokesman of the Municipal Group Socialist leaves his position of councilman because she has forced it to Justice to rectify on the accusations that removed to the public opinion, regarding the existence of determined interests between companies and the group of government. " Continuous exposing: " Perez, who was accompanied by the coordinator of campaign of CC in the Lagoon, Juan Manuel Bethencourt, affirmed that to the rectification done public days ago " it is the consequence of an irresponsible campaign of the Socialist Party, with his spokesman Gustavo Matos at the top, of loss of prestige not only of the group of government in Aguere but of the civil servants of consistorio". " For the president of CC in the Lagoon, " the practices absolutely are worth must disappear of the policy because not only they have to do with the politicians, but have consequences for the civil servants, have damaged to canary companies who employ canary, and to play with that, more in the times than they run, is not correct. That we know to the politicians serios&quot to it; . The president of nationalistic formation indicated that " somebody must measure the consequences of the lies, determined practical policies is necessary to exile them " . " Those will be the citizens that punish those practices, that type of attacks with treachery and premeditation, since they have come doing the last years in the Laguna" . " On the other hand, Juan Manuel Bethencourt considered that " five lines cannot be the verdict of a lie strategy and falsification as use corriente" .

Good Constructor

August 4, 2012


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The Constructor is the top person in charge of the correct execution of a work. This is a Universal truth. Taken care of! the Maximum, does not mean that he is the Unique one. The constructor, is the one that has the obligation of the result. That is to say, to give the work as one has projected. But or he can not be the person in charge of all the additional tasks or defects that take place during the work. When deciding by a constructor busc a balance between friendly Trato – Technical Trajectory – Economic Solution – Price.

And in that same order. That is to say, a friend, who knows the office, without urgent economic needs will encontr, and whose price adapts to your budget. It seems Difficult to you? I do not create it. The difficult thing is to finance 20% more of the work by the errors of an inexperienced constructor, that yes who is Difficult. A very common error is to choose to the constructor ” Solo” by the budget more cheap. If you choose a constructor by a price very, very low, surely something lacked to budget, and is one safe signal of future problems.Or ” will bring thousands to you of tasks; Adicionales” or ” it will do the very fast work to you so that they do not give nmeros” him; or thousand different things that they can happen.

A vitally important point at the time of comparing budgets of different constructors is to have provided a Metric Calculation to them. ” The same for todos” If all budget as it seems to them will be a tremendous chaos to be able to compare you them. I assure to you that you will not be able to do it accurately. The budget is one of the factors to make the decision. Not the unique one. The money that you save by a cheaper budget you are going, it to spend soon in repairs. He is laborious I know, it, but the search is worth the pain. It can be that the initial price is somewhat more stop but in the long run, You will save money, but mainly Dolores de Cabeza.