Month: September 2012

Learning English Abroad

September 16, 2012


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The program to learn English abroad is one of the most solicitd by thousand of students and professionals who need to dominate the language to fulfill their objectives. For it, the schools and academies of languages are worth of the courses languages foreign to teach the English to the students of different nationalities. But, which are the objectives that many want to fulfill after learning abroad English? Each student has his personal objectives, but next we will describe most generic: Main objectives labor Objectives: Nowadays, to have knowledge of English is an essential requirement to occupy a job in a company. Every time they are plus the companies that they demand like requirement to dominate the English and to have it like second language. For that reason many professionals are conscious of the importance of learning English, through the courses languages foreign, to progress professionally and to guarantee their future. Academic objectives: In the most important universities of the world, they demand his students of other nationalities to speak the English like his second language, aside from his maternal language. Then the university centers, enable to their students according to their professional races so that they can confront the challenges of the globalisation and that includes the barrier of the language in the human relations. For that reason every time the students who attend the scholastic time, take advantage of their vacations to study English abroad, in order to be better preparations when they realise his university studies. Enterprise objectives: The industralists recognize that to compete in the market with other companies and abrir new branches in other countries, is important that the workers who integrate the company have a knowledge advanced of the English, to take care of the needs of foreign clients. In view of it, many companies enable their personnel, by means of the courses languages foreign, so that they dominate the English and they can contribute to the development and expansion of the company.


September 4, 2012


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In the last years, we have blamed to bad communication of great part of problems that now we have, and in that sense has said that stress labor has his origin in bad communication, that the problems of the young people must to the bad communication, that in more of 40% of the families exists bad communication between its members (study Young and Values of Social Obra of the Caixa), or we almost gave to the bad communication the totality of the affective ruptures. It would seem one of the ten Biblical plagues. But what is the bad communication. Peculiarly, and as which usually is habitual, when we have the identified cause, happens is that the nature is not known the same well, and in this sense, is very complex to define what favors a precarious interpersonal communication. However, if it is necessary to apply in different scopes, a series of theories that come to come up to us with her, in affected atmospheres more. There are many more barriers in the communication of which a priori we could to consider, so that, he is not exceptional that enters what I mean, which I say, which is heard, which is listened to and what finally it is put in practice degrades the communication, sometimes, of such way, that one becomes impossible to be understood with something of coherence. On the other hand, it is very probable that in the development of a conversation we have felt, sometimes, that our intentions enter conflict with those of our interlocutor, so that while I am trying to communicate in a sense, the intervention of my interlocutor is in another level of totally different communication, which does almost impossible to obtain any type of healthful connection. An authentic mess. According to Miquel Bonet, president of the consultant of selection ABR-Action Consulting can seem that sometimes we expressed ourselves badly simply to avoid the crude truth, but in many cases which is obtained is indeed not to make us understand, that it would be the unique aim of the communication, forgetting that of the enterprise world the unique sense of the information consists of to make it productive, and we hid if it to not is worth us But all the problem does not reside in which it tries to communicate something.