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Positive Confession

October 24, 2012


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It is in this term that inhabits the power to change the things. The believer can bless or curse somebody to use rhema (f) Theology of the Prosperity – the affirmation of that God is ' ' owner of all gold and all prata' ' the material wealth takes its children the heirs of all who will be able to reach while still alive. By the way, the disciples are not called ' ' children of Deus' ' , but of ' ' children of the Rei' '. He joins exaggerated confidence in the material prosperity is the characteristic of this theology. ' ' ter' ' he is synonymous of legitimate faith and divine approval. But the Theology of the Prosperity does not say respect only to the material wealth, but also to the perfect physical health. The diseases are signals of sin or satanic domain.

Therefore, the sick person, either converted or not, needs to pass for ' ' libertao' ' , that is, he needs to be exorcizado to enjoy the life as son of the King. (g) Triunfalismo – the triunfalismo is way to think that he is very on to the Positive Confession and the Theology of the Prosperity. Rasp teaches that ' ' the triunfalismo, in general, makes the same people really to think of itself beyond what so' '. It creates a species of super believer. The favourite Biblical text of the triunfalistas is that one that speaks on the promise of God in allowing that its people is ' ' head and not cauda' ' (Dt 28:13). The fragility of the nature human being is rejected. No defeat is admitted.

No failure. This would be signal of faith lack (h) War spiritual – the man when he passes for crises has the trend to make responsible somebody or something for the adversities of the life. In the G-12, the devil is the main culprit for the human suffering. From there the necessity to fight against it e, for in such a way, is necessary to equip itself militarily against the infernais troops. Demons are identified and the exorcism if pantomima processes by means of one mstica: closed fists, shouts of war, etc. Thus, in this ' ' guerra' ' , the man leaves of being victim of the attack demonic and &#039 starts to be one; ' warrior espiritual' ' (i) Hereditary curse – the hereditary curse is that one that folloies a family through the generations, and that it originated with a word (rhema) contrary pronounced for authority spiritual that ' ' autorizou' ' the devil to harm somebody and its descent throughout the time. (j) The meeting – the meeting thus are classified: (1) daily pay-meeting: preparatory lectures for the meeting; (2) meeting: I remove spiritual of about 3 days and (3) after-meeting: it lasts about 3 months where lectures for consolidation are offered of what it was learned in the meeting. The meeting are envoltos in mystery for who never participated of them. It is forbidden to the adept of the G-12 to tell what it happens in these meeting. ' ' The meeting was tremendous! ' ' 8 is the only allowed information To say that good part of the Brazilian evanglica church has walked the steps plazas and of arms opened in direction to this movement are not one exaggerate, but a perfectly verifiable reality in almost all the evanglicos pursuings in Brazil, mainly

Decision Learning

October 18, 2012


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I SAW. It is essential To make connected correct decisions with the results. What I mean with " connected with resultados". In order to explain it we are going to describe a perverse situation for a leader:That they leave some things to you good and you do not know why. It is terrible because there is no learning. It is possible to be argued that he is worse to make a mistaken decision and that they leave the things badly simply without to have dedicated the work necessary to analyze options and to apply the best criteria but in this case we are conscious at least that we giveave the luck. You can have luck and obtain good results although you have made the decision from little appropriate form. It thinks about those salesmen who have very good results but they do not know they obtain how it.

It is that until does not reflect envelope how they make the things and in what they occupy its time will not be able to turn into valuable its experience. If they come out you well to the things it can be because some circumstances that you do not control have worked to your favor but that does not mean that you are an effective leader. It means that you have had luck. You would not be learning to decide well. So that there is learning you need a system decision making that serves to you as reference so that there is a learning and it increases your value as professional of the decision making. How to design an effective system of Decision making. An effective leader characterizes itself to make the correct decisions and in the necessary term. In that article we concentrated in how defining the problem well that demands some type to us of decision to be solved. To define the problem well can suppose 70% of the process of decision making.