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Wealth Project

July 29, 2013


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The problems that arise are: o Uncertainty about the actual system response to the impact generated by the project. You can estimate the answer but sometimes it is difficult to determine what the actual behavior of the system to change. o Lack of information about the project or strong deviations from it which may be significant in determining the overall impact of it. To quantify the impacts arise somehow impact indicators, which have to be: o Relevant. or reliable.

Representatives of the impact to be measured. Exclusive, ie that its value mainly involved measuring the impact and other factors. or completed. Identifiable and measurable (although the fact should not be obsessed quantify everything, because you can always go to categories semiquantitative or qualitative measures) Impact indicators can be designed with two approaches: either Reductionist (Simple: Temperature, pH, concentration of pollutants, floor area, etc.).. Disadvantages: high number of variables which leads to a high number of indicators and difficult to synthesise the impacts when the overall assessment. Advantages: simple, easy to measure.

or Holistic (structural indices: Diversity, Wealth, P / B, Complexity food webs, species abundance curve, etc.).. Disadvantages: dilution effects on global indicators mask important impacts. Advantages: indices with a very synthetic nature. Impact assessment methodology. A. Identification of project activities: – To amend the land use. – To exploit natural resources. – That emit contaminants. – To induce secondary impacts. – To induce natural hazards. B. Identification of factors in the MA susceptible. – Indicators of impact. – Indices of structure.

Credo Ecclesiam

July 22, 2013


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In the symbol of the Apostles, we do believe that there is a Holy Church (Credo Ecclesiam), and profession not to believe in the Church not to confuse God with their works and to be clearly attributed to the goodness of God all the gifts he has put in his Church. (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church # 750).Realizing that profess the creed we affirm believe that there is a Catholic Church, and to assert that it is one, we are recognizing that it is undivided, unitary, Indivisible and integral, and that there is unity in it. In the creed we affirm not believing in the Catholic Church as unique and odd; catholicity is a property and received of him who is the only participation and in whom We believe. 2. In an admirable manner we affirm that there where Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church (cfr C.I.C No. 830), and for this reason the Church feels United for many reasons with all those who are honored with the name of Christians because of baptism, although they do not profess faith in his integrity or not to retain the unity of the communion under the successor of Peter (cfr C.I.C No.

838); and although it is difficult to understand, we must accept that mankind is Catholic by definition and that those who have not yet received the Gospel are also ordered the people of God in various ways (cf. C.I.C No. 839) and all men, therefore, are invited to this Catholic village of Dios a unit this unit they belong in different ways or she Catholics are intended, other Christians and even all men in general called to salvation by the grace of God (cfr C.I.C No. 836), among them the Jews because those gifts and vocation of God are irrevocable (Rm 11.29), and Muslims who profess the faith of Abraham and worship with us the unique and merciful God who will judge men by the end of the world (cf.

Your Important Web Site

July 17, 2013


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Your business website can be considered as the key that will lead you to the success or failure of your goal. It is the face, kindness and professionalism that must have anyone wishing to sell any product or service.Describes you as a person. Online we have sites that do attract millions of visitors who stay, they buy and that they return again and again. So that your web site will achieve this happen should take a look at the following factors; among them: the design must be done with care, with neatness, passing by the aspect that will generate confidence, the use of colors with harmony, an adequate and effective commercial strategy, the rapid deployment of the page itself and the use of keywords that lead to your niche market. Suppose an example. We visited two greengrocers, where the first shows the products hygienic and organized. Their staff is nice and friendly, they are smiling and clean in their dress.

And the second grocery store, on the other hand, we observe that not they are the products ordered and without good presence. And to make matters worse, is staffed by a scruffy and sweaty person and also little friendly. Therefore, it is obvious which of the two fruit shops will do our shopping. Similarly happens with our web site. If we have done it with impeccable, friendly presence and generate confidence, and if those who arrive there belong to the niche market adequate to our products and services that we promote, there is the strong possibility that will be the time that makes missing and probably buy what sells. The basic importance of a web site is such that it can be considered as a reflection of who you are and the product that represents. It is crucial to make known, rather than as a great professional, an expert of what speaks to your niche market.

Your website is the only contact with your potential customers. It should be a friendly contact. You must create an atmosphere of confidence and capable of pleasing them so that they wish to stay and buy, and more importantly, to bring you back again and again. You must work and be proposed business is repetitive. Definitely, your web site can do is a success selling that intends to make your product or service, or simply fails in its purpose. Original author and source of the article.

The Relations

July 16, 2013


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This puts an end to explain why properly, use the imagination through well-designed displays, It causes that the personality, the way of thinking, mood and even physical health are becoming a reality. Visualizing is cause the brain to send signals to the body to make you feel and live the joy, well-being, security and other emotions that want to provoke in our personality and our life. In addition, the visualizations give changes in our brain, which becomes stronger and more able to react in a positive way, automatically, to the most varied situations of life. Our brain literally grows and strengthens the connections of neurons that generate the emotions that we have scheduled with the display. Thus, the visualizations generate mental and emotional habits that make us react automatically in the way in which we have displayed.

They generate a new personality if we so want it. And a new way of being is always the key to obtain new results in life. Our way of relating with others, face the problems of the life, take the opportunities and risks in professional life and in general everything that surrounds us, becomes positive, appropriate and efficient as more visualizations exercises build our new way of being. Joy, harmony in the relations of friendship, work, couple or family, professional ability or physical health, all aspects of life are transformed and grow bringing us success and well-being through visualization. This is why that, regardless of reality or falseness of the metaphysical level attributed to the law of attraction, is sure the visualizations are key to transform our attitudes, thoughts, and emotions, and thereby our life. In addition, if the metaphysical side prove true, visualize, not only our interior will be positive, but that also attract all physical circumstances to achieve and have the life you want. Original author and source of the article.

Robert Kiyosaki

July 11, 2013


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To enterprising people that go in pursuit of their most sublime dreams, selling is much more than do the other buy, because we are talking precisely about making dreams reality, that is what we sell. To be able to sell our dreams, we have to have dreams that can share also and that way, not to mention people with attitudes, but speak to your spirit: best sellers are the best leaders this is by talking to the spirit of people power all great teachers have been sellers. Look at Jesus Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Mohamed. Robert Kiyosaki great leaders almost always went through very similar circumstances that you can be going now. You speak from you and from what is happening inside you, in your heart, because you ever experienced something very similar or equal. That makes them to share experience and knowledge from the spirit of the man.

Finally, you also need constantly reinforce that rejection is part of the process of growth and learning. To be rejected we can improve and above all understand that rejection is just one way confirm us our value and grow in perseverance, discipline, and knowledge. Finally remember this: no There are people with great success not to be rejected by many people. The great leaders in the history of man had, sometime maybe more rejection than acceptance. Poor people are poor because they cannot sell or have nothing to sell. A poor nation is a nation with nothing to sell or a nation that can’t sell what you have. The same is true with a person.

There are many very talented people, but they cannot sell their talents. They can be very smart, but they are simply mediocre communicators. If you are looking to be successful in life, then search be rejected more times and then make the necessary corrections Robert Kiyosaki affectionately, your friend. Until the next. Cyntia C. Capitanachi original author and source of the article.

Representation Social Theme

July 7, 2013


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Many are the elements that can explain the genesis of social representations. However, neither all have the same importance. Some are essential and others secondary. It is, therefore, important to know, understand, and act in the field of social representation, respecting your organization wants to say, the hierarchy of the elements that constitute it and the relationships these elements, angostamente, among themselves. (Fabric, 2003, p.60-61). by AC MONOGRAPH and help DIDATICA from among the elements that deserve more clarifications, highlighted two processes sociocognitive acting, dialectically, in the formation of social representations: the objectification and the anchor, and their splits as the downtown core and the peripheral system.

Objectification may be defined as the transformation of an idea, a concept, or an opinion on something concrete. It crystallizes from a figurative and social process and happens to constitute the downtown core of a particular representation, then evoked, concretized and disseminated and you are outside the real of those who express it. Many authors recognize that the downtown core constitutes the essential element of representation, not limited to a generic role, and that the attribution of essential characteristic, granted to the downtown core, relies on the fact of being the element that determines the meaning of representation and at the same time, contributes to its internal organization. It is necessary to reiterate that the downtown core, for its part, is determined by the nature of the object and the system of values and social norms that constitute the ideological context of the group. Yet, is in the area of the downtown core that social representations can crystallise, solidify and stabilize from the linking of ideas, messages of homogenization reificadas, which are mediated by specific actions and, basically, resistant the changes. By way of illustration, we accompany the following story. In research made by Dagmar Zibas and daughter-in-law Krawczyk in one public school in the State of Ceara, a stretch of interview made with the school principal, concerned with the commitment of the workers in what refers to the fulfillment of work schedules, register operators have to work six hours live the worker came and said I only work half an hourI know produce in half an hour I said no Lady and she said owner which is yours? this is not mine, nor is yours, it is public, I do not know why so much demand you is damaged.


July 1, 2013


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19 May 2009-the current situation of the labour market is pushing many young people to broaden their training and this trend more evident in the maximum levels of the educational pyramid as in case of the masters and postgraduate programmes. So says it, Manuel Fandos, responsible for external relations at the company’s training Master-D for those who employability, i.e. the possibility of obtaining employment, is the main objective pursued by students who choose to the labour market and networking, or network of contacts and the specialization for those who are already working. Fandos believes that many young university students are in the masters and postgraduate specific and qualified training they need to continue to develop professionally and to broaden your chances of stand out against the competition within the labour market. Implementation of the Bologna process adaptation of the last steps of the academic training within the E.E.E.S.

European area of higher education, which advocates the Plan Bologna allows master’s and postgraduate courses to strengthen its position in the educational chain. For Manuel Fandos doctor in psychopedagogy in Master-D, masters and postgraduate programmes are consolidated especially as training that qualifies for professional practice specialized in his opinion the aim of the new plans is the learning of skills of all kinds and not merely the accumulation of knowledge. Education is not only about teaching to learning, but consists of learning making and for this the option offered by the masters and postgraduates, especially when they are linked to business practice is magnificent. The so-called Plan Bologna committed to the development of skills and competencies, in addition to knowledge and the masters and postgraduate courses themselves today as a tool that articulates these essential elements for the training of professionals. The MBA and the masters of technical and technological expertise in renewable energy or in European law are some of the most demanded today, in accordance with data handling Group Master-D. the first quarter of this year compared to last year has increased by more than 20% the volume of people have been interested in any of the masters and postgraduate studies the company offered jointly with the University Camilo Jose Cela. Despite the confusion that now exists regarding this topic and doubts that arise when candidates are wondering if the master by which questions official or not is, ultimately, stakeholders prefer depending on the quality of the master who aspire and this is determined, no doubt, by the reputation of professionals and institutions that taught him and real bonding, practices, with the professional field to which they relate ‘. Those who make this investment seek, above all, to link the theoretical knowledge acquired previously, with the concrete practice of the companies. Original author and source of the article.