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State Reduction

September 26, 2013


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The National Plan of Reforma Agrria (PNRA) was elaborated by INCRA and had counted on the participation of known defenders of the agrarian reform, of syndical controllers and assessors, tied to the Contag and ace too much entities of representation of workers in the field. The Constitution of 1988, the Reformation and subject of it I capitulate Economic Order and Social it appears for the first time in a Brazilian Constitution. In it was assured that the property must take care of its social function. The Constitution also universalizou the previdencirios rights that the agricultural workers and familiar producers, understanding one to it high degree of covering the level of minimum wage. In accordance with Favero (1998), the year of 1991 was of the great agricultural reforms, with the adoption of the first National Agricultural Law (n 8,171) and of the complementary Law (n 8174) essentially aiming at to open the space for the market.

The law considers the increase of the participation of the private sector in the commercialization of agricultural products, the reduction of the State in the importation of agricultural products and definition of clear rules in the control publishes in the supplies. At the beginning of 1992, all the barriers you would not tariff I deal for it of rice, soy and staple fibres had been abolished, and the differentials between the taxes of agricultural interests and of the market had been reduced encarecendo the credit. Since then you vary other measures they had been adopted, leading to an increasing flexibilizao and will desregularo of the sector (1998, P. 47-48). As it describes Freire (1999, P. 82) in the first half of years 1990, two elements can be detached in the Brazilian agricultural politics: 1. The process of commercial opening of the economy, with the reduction of the aliquot ones of importation of farming products and of you scheme and agricultural insumos; implying the entrance of agricultural products mattered to concur with the national production; 2.Abandono of the PGPM and reduction I credit of it agricultural, with substitution of the sources you publish for private sources.

The Earth

September 4, 2013


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On this day, colombiaaprende., gives us, the Earth Day invites people, but above all the Governments, make decisions and create laws that support the care of the planet. Many are rulers who, since 1970, have worked in Pro the environment, trying to diminish the serious effects that humans so we have caused about the same.The Earth keeps the lifetime from thousand million years ago. All you man need to survive comes from nature, also it is not the only existing species, so many have forgotten. We share everything the Earth gives us with other species, but we refuse to respect these other life cycles.Although the picture is complex, we are still in time of change.

The Earth needs many hands, among those yours. Thinking about this, we have created a series of tips that will help you protect the planet without leaving your home. Share this information with your family and friends, you’ll see that if all work together, the Earth will benefit. Saving bulbs (halogen), used because it consumes 80% less energy than an incandescent. Although it may seem otherwise, a leak of water, even a small drop, can waste up to 13 liters of water a day.

Be sure to fix them as soon as possible. If your family goes on a trip, it seeks to leave the empty, disconnected and clean refrigerator with the door open so that bacteria and fungi do not form. Avoid buy air fresheners, best thing is to ventilate the rooms and put plants with aromatic flowers. Get used to use batteries or rechargeable batteries in all appliances that require them. They cost more, but in the medium term are much more profitable and help curb environmental deterioration. Avoid buying aerosol or spray in whose composition involving gases clorofluorcarbonados (CFC), which affect the ozone layer. Locate the refrigerator away from the stove or any other heat source, so engine strives less and consumes less energy. Uses gas instead of an electric stove and save up to 70% of energy. If Frost forms, it defrosts the refrigerator before the layer range 3 mm thickness, otherwise their consumption will increase up to 30%. Don’t let the open faucet while brushing you teeth. A glass of water is enough for tooth cleaning. Original author and source of the article.

The Decision

September 3, 2013


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We must also face problems with imagination, hope, optimism, confidence and positive mental attitude. In general, there are four basic steps to troubleshooting: define the problem. This stage is critical because if we can define or determine with accuracy the problem there will be advanced enough. We need to ask is what is the problem?, what is the problem? And what is the cause or causes of the problem? Rightly be said that a well thought-out problem is a problem half solved. Necessary to determine clearly what really is the problem and not its symptoms. Questions what? When? where? How? who or what? and why? They help the correct definition of the problem. Generate alternatives to solve the problem.

At this stage you should make use of imagination and creativity to find the different alternatives available to solve the problem. Depending on the complexity of the problem, it will be necessary to find possible alternatives from different points of view. There are problems relatively simple that they can be resolved quickly; perhaps to problems more complex required the participation of others, according to their specialties, or make flowcharts that allow illustrate the different steps necessary to provide a solution to the problem. Evaluate and select alternatives. Once we have the different possible alternatives we must evaluate them based on certain parameters that we must fix, such as time, resources, cost and consequences. Once we make the assessment we must define the more convenient alternative for us.

Implement the solution. The last stage of this basic process is put into action what we determined to solve the problem. It is of utmost importance that once the decision is reached must act promptly. Experience has shown with amplitude that reaching a decision is of great value and that the next important step is to act. The action is what allows a problem to be solved. Generally recommends that once the decision is made there that stop to make new reflections and expect to have more information and that this leads to hesitation, create doubts, prolong the problem and delay its solution. We have to remember that many times you cannot count on the information to resolve a problem. In summary, a problem we must define it in the best possible way, knowing that a problem well defined is a problem half solved. Then with imagination and creativity we need to establish the possible alternatives that give solution to the problem; then evaluate them and decide for the best alternative and finally Act to solve the problem. Original author and source of the article.