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November 30, 2013


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In diverse times of bureaucratic and authoritarian form, the Brazilian authorities want to condemn the professors, however the support lack with that it cures the difficulties of Ensino has been enormous instead of increasing the wage, to enable the professional and to improve its conditions of work, from top to bottom imposes new guides or curricular proposals written by some few professors related with the state machine. Therefore, for Lacoste cited for Vesentini (2008), in the sample that the education of Geography in them puts an important responsibility: the formation of the future citizens, therefore for it the difficulty to teach these you discipline is very complicated and delicate, therefore an intense previous formation of the professors is indispensable also. To change the reality requires modifications in all the pertaining to school structure, leaving of the professor to leave the standard stipulated in the didactic books that many times present differentiated reality of the place where the pupils live, using this thought of Castrogiovanni evidences that: So that this change occurs, the professors and the institution of the School in the salt complexity must be engaged with what we call to make society and citizenship. The school must provoke educating to know and to conquer its place in the world in a teia of social justice seems to be simple, but not, he is at least challenging as all practical pedagogical. (CASTROGIOVANNI, 2007, p.44). In this context she is necessary to win these difficulties to become significant the context of the lessons for the pupils being been that Geographic science for dealing directly with the reality, opens a possibility fan to work its subjects in the school..

United Nations

November 29, 2013


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To live either for the following reflection will imply to drink or 1, so simple truth. But that locks up the following aphorism that turn out irreverent to show it thus and this as clearly as the water. And it is that really that clearly, this our destiny and the destiny of generations that are ahead and after ours, in these last centuries, we will not be specific but we will take from reference with respect to our context the colonization in as much we attributed not throwing the fault to the following centuries, from the XIV to the XX, personally one I throw the fault like part of this 21st century. Still the idea is not clear you by itself or of joint way it will clarify with the following reflections, rather said flexions: Ours hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and biodiversity is in danger of destruction by an own and natural environmental contamination, also this destruction has antropogentico origin by the economic Earth over-exploitation destruction of our forests, the animal hunting and bush and that of the great conventions like the one of the United Nations, treaties, Protocols, like the one of Kioto, Encounter, Summits and other Tukuymas. Governors of countries developed of the G-5, had G-8, G-20 and other G and by having try to manage La Paz with the armament race to create regional conflicts to make money and to dominate the world and if the universe not only to verse plane were possible. The nourishing production (organic and transgenic foods) is superior to the world-wide needs, nevertheless, the hunger grazes in the fields in the world, we are animal in moans when we do not have our food (hamburger, pizza, fried chicken). The capitalist transnational companies are guilty of holocausto environmental that appears but they are not single, although it seems paradoxical as much the states by means of its governors support such holocaustos and it destroys of many trees by unwary, like also we consuming them that to satisfy our appetite with ex- centrisms we will be chivos expiatorios of such devastations.

Other examples as the following one taken from a presentation elaborated in .ppt by Eloy Hernani raises the following reflections to us: Obama, Nobel prize of La Paz, invades Haiti for war against the earthquake, will be the earthquake another more terrorist? The Haitian town needs foods, but, what irony, only them puts bullet. Or it will be that the bullets are foods? All these processes have a confluence common and common 2 union and are tie with this fundamental principle of living or, which drinking or it will have to be fundamental for the conservation and good use of a valuable element like is it the water, vital liquid that is fundamental for the subsistence not only of the human species, also of the other species that live our planet, subsystems and systems leave from our ecosystem. Not very far and inside our Multinational State and reality the water in its different states run out drop to us to drop. Writing by: Miguel Angel Zilvetty Torrico Contacts and Suggestions: 1 But would imply a good one for living in the style of other nations and continents, we do not compare but this position in 2 consideration extrapolated text term political-pedagogical emancipations of Rolando Barral, at this moment nonprecise the specific article in which use becomes.

Auguste Escoffier Restaurant

November 28, 2013


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The history of the restaurants is associated with each region or country, however, century XIX if it becomes the landmark when the Delmonico brothers had opened in New York a salty candy house and, where also they served coffee. The behavior of the people starts to move, therefore, before this who it had income enough to frequent the restaurants did not make, preferring it its proper houses or house of friends to carry through its meals, and the restaurant service was a function until then, ' ' in baixa' ' at the time. One years after being opened the first restaurant for the Delmonico brothers in the United States, the art of degustar foods and drinks started to be recognized as a part important of the experience to eat. It was not enougher to serve a good food in public place, was necessary that this had attractive aspect, that was served in way educated, folloied them better wines and in most pleasant environments. The behavior in the scene of would hotelaria starts to move with the arrival of the Swiss, Ceasar Rtiz, that if becomes General Manager of the Grand National Hotel in Lucerna, Switzerland, in the 1870 end, promotes of the season of July and August special that pass then to be frequented by duchesses and condessas that, in this same time they did not frequent nor the halls of ball nor the restaurants of London and Paris, and when they start to frequent modify the public of the restaurants. In 1880, Ritz knew Auguste Escoffier and when forming society became the act to frequent restaurants fashionable. Escoffir and Ritz were followed by its clientele, in which if inclua the royalty, for where it wants that they were. In the turn of the century, to eat outside became a respectable behavior, exactly between high classroom of London, whose the representatives had started to frequent with its wives.

Shinder Women Happiness

November 27, 2013


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Man is endowed by nature the property that causes it to perform women’s desires and whims, to protect and preserve the family. Where is the failure occurred in the harmonious combination of male and female nature? If reproduction was always the dominant desire of people, but nowadays the relationship between a man and a woman does not different from the times of primitive society. The root of the problems of marriage and family is that man is continually developing creation, which always are born more and more desire, requiring filling. In modern society, raging passion: more money, more fame, honor, respect, more autonomy and independence. Moreover, encouraging a race for prestige, it is women, leaving no hope but this race someday lead. Maybe that’s why a century ago was organized by the feminist movement to liberate women from ‘family bondage’ and give the opportunity to fully participate in all spheres of life society.

Success in building a society where women enjoy the protection and unconditional preferential rights, has led to a paradoxical result. The woman not only lost the appeal to men as long-term partner, but she lost interest in the family way of life. It happened naturally, because rebuilding the society under its own interests, feminists have created a simple model of an ideal man. All institutions of modern society, ranging from hospitals and ending with the courts and the police have taken over the functions to be performed by a man. In this scenario, the woman feels completely independent and not dependent on their ‘men and can successfully compete with him in any field. Such an emancipated person of quite a number do not need brute masculine strength. For its part, the male part population does not want to associate themselves with a completely self-sufficient, well-protected persons of the female – it contradicts the very essence of man’s nature.

Thus, instead of a solid family, we have artificial entity consisting of individuals of the opposite sex, do not need each other. “You can not enter twice the same river” – spoken and sage was right – you can not revert to the old way of family life. Just needed restructuring of public consciousness in the understanding of how to build family relationships. No need to scoff at nature, she is able to retaliate, let’s learn to live as a man and woman are equally complement each other, equally felt its responsibility to society.

Professors People

November 26, 2013


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How good that people exist who make of its life an activity of love and devotion to the next one! People who, ahead the problem, do not give up, but if inquietam to such point that they entusiasmam themselves in searching solutions. Infatigveis, if delivers and loves what they make. t future in this idea. How good that people exist who love people! They place how them in the center of its lives and, confident, they believe that she is possible to happen substantial changes! They know that difficult moment is temporary and that, acting in the certain point, in the alias process and of the certain skill, these people can become owners of itself, autonomous worker, conscientious of its abilities and abilities. That good that mediators exist who want and believe a significant learning, capable for becoming the slow process of learning at a special moment, in a vital energy, an unconditional positive relation, therefore he knows that ' ' all belief is an energy factor that stimulates in them to busca.' ' That good that people exist who, if compromising to the life human being, they become this its reason, its reason of life. They they have an energy that it puts into motion, it stimulates and it makes to believe in the development of the intelligence of that they have learning problems. That good that people exist who believe that the other is capable, useful, competent, susceptible of substantial changes, worthy of all our devotion, that can be modified structurally through an experience of mediated learning, that can learn to think, to search strategies, to plan its work, to abstract, to apply its learnings in the life Each one of us can be this person who believes more the capacity of being something and that we do not scale, still, the top of our capacities. To believe itself and the other is the first step of the way to develop basic abilities and to get significant learnings How good that you exist, professor!

10 Tips To Become Thin

November 25, 2013


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It is necessary to have them in account at the time of plantearte to become thin, since they do not cost to you too much and they can help you to thin more than you think. At the time of carrying out a good dietetic planning you must consider these 10 advice: – To become thin is not fast. Ten patience, but you will be discouraged and you will not achieve your objectives. – At the outset it is thinned more quickly, later is something slower, you are not discouraged if you see that one week you become thin less than another one doing the same. – Exercise practices daily.

– Muvete when it is necessary. It raises the stairs instead of the elevator, sees in bicycle instead of in car. – If you are going to itch, itches healthy. It eats an apple instead of a chocolate. – You can darte a whim from time to time, but very from time to time.

– Noncommas less times to the day, eat more times to the day but in less amount. – If possible, you do the diet in company, or of oriented way on the other person, thus you will be able to share opinions. – The diet is habits to eat healthful, for that reason they are for always, you do not have to lose them. You do not go to a pharmacy, or supermarket or herboristeria without before to have considered my advice.

Drawing Form

November 25, 2013


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Of the paper to passarela – the trajectory of the drawing in the world of the fashion. Fabiana Castoldi Rech Leticia Ftima Pastorio Sawaris Fabio Redin of the Birth Summary the present article intends, in summary, to demonstrate to the forms of drawing and its applications directed toward the branch of the textile confection, aiming at to show to the professionals of design and the engineering of production the innumerable possibilities of performance in the textile area and rich quo this experience can become. Word-key: drawing, fashion, creation 1, A little of history ' ' The history of the fashion illustration starts in century XVI, when the explorations and the discoveries had provoked glamours for dresses and the suits of all the nations of mundo' ' (BLACKMAN, 2007, p.06). The illustration necessity appeared due to the necessary detailing which the said description was insufficient. The drawing served and still it serves to pass information and if to have the notion of as it will be the part for who will go to develop it, produziz it or even though to buy it. ' ' The drawing exerts in the illustration, the function of communication, expression and conhecimento' ' (DERDYK, 2003, P.29).

It is through the fashion drawing that the models, before only thought and imagined, take form, complementing the work of the estilista, transforming its creation into reality and facilitating its confection. Currently, drawing and fashion if complement. ' ' I do not draw clothes, I I draw dreams! ' ' (Ralph Lauren). In its some forms, the drawing becomes realizable great projects: each part that shines in the parades world measures had had origin of a simple scribble, an sketch that if became croquis; the croquis that passed the drawing technician who, interpreted turned mold, shaped changedded itself into consumption dream. The fashion drawing is a form to express a culture, to create concepts and to form opinions.

National System

November 24, 2013


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From this experience, it was verified that as much the REJ how much excessively units of conservation that form this extensive green spot in regional scale were managed and managed in broken up way, in individualizadas protecting areas, with a head for each one of them. An immediate question that appeared to the group was as it was the communication between these areas (in case that it existed) for the action accomplishment? Which instruments were used in the integration of broken up protecting areas? In terms of academic research, I folloied the process of invocation of meetings, had access to acts and plans, amongst other products of the management of protected areas, developed for the consulting board of the Bocaina mosaic, line saw on. From day 14 of December of 2007 I was enclosed in yahoogroups of the advice, what Introduction made possible the accompaniment of power to decide processes I.: We in the last few decades attend to a convergence politics each bigger time in direction the ambient questions. These politics if operate in diverse scales and involve actors of natures to also be able diverse, then involving factors very beyond the ecological ones. Expression of the complexity of the ambient politics, the mosaic aims at to integrate the management of the units of conservation. In accordance with the law of the National System of Units of Conservation, (law 9,985/2000), first article; one ' ' unit of conservation is a territorial space and its environmental resources, including territorial waters, with excellent natural characteristics, legally instituted for the Public Power, with objectives of conservation and defined limits, under special regimen of administration, which if apply adequate guarantees of proteo' '.

(SNUC, 2000). The System foresees, still, the creation of an instrument to integrate units of conservation continuous and/or overlapped space, intitled mosaic of units of conservation; as article 26. Its main objective is to assure the conservation of biodiversity, through the application of corridors ecological; to guarantee the sociodiversidade, through the creation of a managing instance regionalizada, the consulting board.

Ideal Relationship

November 24, 2013


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Ideal relations do not exist? Not at all. Maybe they rare, but certainly not a myth. Such relations are very much the way it is easy to identify. You just need to verify that they meet all the below items. Loyalty to Loyalty – immutable component of the ideal relationship. Because if treason can be caused by a different motivation – the desire to entertain the desire to take revenge, then the motive of loyalty to one – love. Without trust, confidence good relations can not be. Not to mention the ideal.

The golden rule of reference groups – all trust each other. When you know that on arrival home, you arrange interrogation about where and with whom and why so long you have been, you are unlikely to rush back. Better Sex American sexologists claim that 90% of divorces occur as a result of sexual disharmony. This is not surprising, because if sexual relations do not satisfy both, or at least one partner, then nothing else can replace them. Independence is relevant to each partner.

In an ember blew very well, but that does not mean that you constantly have to try all resemble each other. The presence of identical interests does not exclude the fact that you can have your own interests and preferences. And they make of you a shadow partner, and an interesting and colorful personality. Readiness change is often based on the collapse of relations is the reluctance of partners to make concessions and change something in their habits and principles. And only if both partners are able to overcome their pride and to something yourself to change – for example, quit smoking for the sake of a loved one or to stop spend at home drinking with friends, they can rely on strong and lasting relationships. Confidence Strong relationships differ confidence of partners in each other, and in the strength of their relationship. The stronger this belief, the more natural and freer behavior of partners within the relationship. Listening Happiness is when you understand. This formula will remember everything, but not everyone knows how to use it in life and particularly in relationships, how to make you understand? In addition to the ideal couples. They know what it takes just simply listen to each other. And hear. Joint pastime best match does not get tired from each other. Because they are always interesting and well together. They eat breakfast together, dine together, rest together, combine to make repairs and go to their parents. And when one of them about my partner says, "my second half "this is a little more than just a figure of speech. Tolerance is a paradox, but an ideal relationship is good precisely because they both partners realize that none of them perfect. And because they show the necessary tolerance for the weaknesses and vagaries of a loved one. And instead of pointless to spend energy on nerves and disadvantages of each other, they wisely shut his eyes to them. The ability to surprise in the ideal relationship partner always interested in each other, because they can surprise each other and avoid stereotyping of the behavior. Surprises, unplanned visits and the lack of patterns in the behavior can keep relations in a tone of arbitrarily long time.


November 23, 2013


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One of the fruits of this development was the creation of some termosespecficos in the area of finances, as it is the case of the concept of Capitalizaton, that amongst the diverse conceptual terms we can suggest: to join to the capital, to transform into capital, to accumulate or to join money aiming at to form a capital. 1,3 Amortization In the composition of the paid installments in any species definanciamento two parcels are enclosed: one that if relates to the capital quefoi loaned, and other destined to the payment of constant interests in the financial regularcontrato. In reference to the Amortization, in the diverse workmanships especficasde mathematical financier consulted in the elaboration of this work foramencontradas definitions in the same direction, that is, is the parcel that correspondeao payment of the loaned capital.

As definition of the guide of financing of portalWinfinance, the amortization is the part of the payment that effectively diminishes osaldo wing. The referring part the interests does not diminish the value of the debt, the quesignifica to say that these are ‘ ‘ custos’ ‘ that if paid peloemprstimo. Thus, in the end of the operation, the addition of the amortization part detodas the installments must be equal to the value of the loan. The formula below wide is spread out in the literaturavoltada one to the financial area, and has intention to make possible a melhorvisualizao and agreement on this concept: Installment = Amortization + 1,4 Interests Indexation We know that emnosso is of remote time the existence of the inflation country, having, throughout time, diminished substantially its efeitosnefastos and in the current days reaches levels that arrive at the house of a digit, however this fact still cause a true terror to the population with oaumento, despite controlled, in the prices of the goods and services. Currently, economic asituao more is stabilized, however the population still continues to abide consequences of this mazela, although to be brightened up with the legal support of nossosistema.