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The Only

February 27, 2014


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Rounding, whose biggest beneficiaries will be the banks (write down it) and some sectors of trade and service providers, will result in increases in spontaneous price which, in the context of a strong currency, will be felt with more rawness in the pockets of consumers. Finally, and somewhat anecdotal plan, but no less disturbing: I’m sure I’m not the only one who has already heard tell someone how happy that will be when this conversion takes place because imagine everything that one is going to be able to buy or now if I going to pay the salary even, and this is strictly true: January two’m running to my apartment in all probability also not buy me I will be the only one, innocently, trying to get these people out of his mistake telling them that they should also remove the three zeros from their salaries, has received bad answers and taunts or gestures and intemperate words of type: these crazy?, Commander not can throw us that shit!.

Mobile Data

February 20, 2014


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The ways of the Lord, and the criteria of the AEPD are inscrutable. Today we will see how 2 assumptions very, yield radically different results, thanks to the interpretative criteria of the Spanish Agency of data protection. Course #1: By mistake, a mobile phone company sends another customer invoice by email. Data disclosed by error, include: name and surname; NIF; Address; zip code; locality; Bank; number of bank account (ten digits); detail of calls by phone number. Course #2: By mistake, a company of repair of mobile handsets gives a pendrive with 7 different than their own phones backup to a particular client. Data disclosed by error, include: name and surname of the holder of the phone, personal photos, personal agenda with phones, mails and addresses in your contacts list calls made and received, and issued and received sms. What differentiates both assumptions? In the first case, the telephone company Mobile is responsible for a file, according to the organic law of protection of data and responds to breaches incurred. However, in the second case, the client is not responsible for any files, because the files maintained by individuals in the exercise of exclusively personal or domestic activities are excluded from the scope of the data protection Act (2.2.

to LOPD). It is logical and understandable. Makes no sense that a latin lover would inform his conquests that their data will be incorporated to a file of their responsibility in good order, perhaps in this case Yes would be could be defensible but if each of us had to comply with the data protection act by the data of our relatives, friends and acquaintancesSurely we encerrariamos us at home. And what happens with the mobile terminal repair shop? It is not responsible for your negligence? Well not. For the AEPD, not to apply the law to the owner of the file as a file of personal agenda treatment that makes the store by instruction of the owner, nor is it subject to a sanction of the LOPD.

If the store had used the data for their own purposes, yes had been liable to treat data without consent but as what he did was to comply with the obligation of duty of secrecy with respect to 7 persons who were harmed their privacy by this shop, the AEPD understands whereas does not impose any sanctions. However, the company’s mobile telephony for the first course, they put him a fine of EUR 6000 jests and sonorants. Does this mean? Therefore to give some examples assumes the following: A Spanish email (e.g. service does not have to apply any security measures to a hypothetical database of addresses of recipients of emails from customers. Likewise, if had a mishap of security affecting these data, nor would any responsibility. A service of targeted online agenda to individuals do not have to comply with any of the regulation safety measures. And a myriad of other examples. Is the criterion of the AEPD correct? Clearly is not. The files received by the person the second assumption complainant also include personal data specific to the customers of the shop, which Yes are the responsibility of the same, and should be protected by the data protection act. However, repeated by the AEPD, criterion does not sag nor before a duly reasoned appeal. That said, the criteria of the AEPD are inscrutable and we aren’t worthy of calling them into question.


February 14, 2014


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But it all depends on you and your personal preferences and lifestyle. In practical life, the average owner of an individual estate, home unless he was asleep, or at most rests on the weekends. Therefore, in terms of size megalomania site at least does not justify many of the imagination, dreams and expectations of the owner, as well as a maximum, and still affects the wallet owner. And yet, there is a reasonable framework minimalism. If you want your house, with no common walls and roofs with someone, then you need an area of at least 3.5-4 hectare. Provided that you have 1-2 cars, and you need a garage, shed, then preferably at least 4.5-5 acres of land.

And much more depends on the shape of the site, but this in the next section. If you have already built a career behind or there is a gardener (the potential), then of course it is best to seek land area of 10-12 ha. There are among my customers and those for whom, and 20 acres – no limit. If the opportunity and desire to match, of course, quality of life in the area the size of bigger, better, too. Many flee because of tightness and stiffness of the city not to look like the neighbors on the right and left neighbors are looking at each other and to yourself. Therefore, in this case, do not hesitate to themselves and let the will of fantasy, but remember that a large area needs a "big" care. form the site is considered not to say more than a form of land for construction of a house.

If you have some time to become enraptured scout and surf the Internet and the jungle in search of printed embodiment of their dreams, then let me give you some useful tips that I think will help you save your time browsing sites. It often happens that a prospective buyer finds a price that is an order of magnitude below the average, and forgetting everything and rushes to view. Do not forget that the cheapest cheese in a mousetrap. The site forms a narrow ("noodles"), immediately causes a certain type of project that will need to pick up for him. If you and set him on his house, not Remember to throw at least another meter on both sides at the blind area, and look what you have left. The site offers a host of angular freedom in the arrangement of the house, in terms of entrances, and other races. However, its negative is, as At least two of the site will abut the street, respectively, more noise and more money on "nice" fence. Communication increasingly important for developers is the issue of communications. For the home needs electricity, gas, water, sewer, phone / internet. Often, the buyers in pursuit of low prices to forget that the holding of communication can cost them a lot more than they save. And, if the sewer and water issue is somehow solved (septic tanks, self-contained sewage systems, water wells), the presence of electricity and gas at least near – the time is essential. Venturing an important step, remember the disappointment of poor quality lasts longer than the joy of a good price. This and other articles you can READ clicking on the link:


February 11, 2014


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Try to remember the most exciting moments of your carefree childhood. Perhaps they will be connected just with children's events. It's not even surprising, as birthday and New Year – this is what a huge looks forward to every kid. But to children's birthday went great and memorable for your child for a long time, its organization and implementation should be treated responsibly. 1. Time. In the selection of places and scripting need to advance, several months before the children's holiday.

It would be nice to designate the celebration of it on the day when the child's birthday. Then he will root persistent and positive thoughts about how fun it was. Celebrating for very young children to better organize the daytime. Older kids can gather in the evening. Please note that children's events should be the same age children, as kids with a difference of 5 years will not be like to play together. 2. Place. Celebrate a holiday for children can be at home.

This type of recreation is particularly suitable for small children. With the children older child may be sent to a cafe or al fresco in the park. With any outcome is very important that the guys had a lot of space for outdoor games and running around. 3. Program activities. It is an essential element of the entire celebration. You will be able to compile the program on their own. The Internet can be seen a huge number of different scenarios for kids of all ages. Alternatively, organizing and conducting children's holiday may be taken into the hands of professional artists. They will show the children play, and organize quizzes and games, buy all the necessary props. 4. Table. Treats for kids should be delicious and always helpful. Some parents are categorically against the sweet drinks or chewing gum. Try feed the guests only natural products: fresh fruit, juices, cheese or fruit sweets. 5. Prizes. Guest at the bottom of the birth of their son or daughter have to leave the little prizes. Let this be a tiny toy or a small set of candies, colorful inflatable ball or a pencil. Guests are happy to receive gifts and will long remember that fun day, which they spent away at a birthday party.