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Managing Director

April 26, 2014


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If here can reduce the number of school-leavers without completion is expected up to 0.3 million additional workers. The private sector makes to the policy, how this potential can be used specifically. With sentiso for example, a new service designed, once again reactivated the valuable resource of the professionals in the retirement. The older generation, we would offer the opportunity to engage actively and to earn something. Many retirees are highly qualified and motivated to act once again in their learned profession with their experiences”, so Jakob tuber, Managing Director of sentiso GmbH. To do this, an online platform was created with come together on the professionals retire directly with companies that have recognized the value of the older generation and appreciate. We allow that experience demand and experience meet. The design of cooperation is left to it professionals and businesses.

Commissions or temporary work contracts are not used because we want to ensure a maximum clearance between the parties”, as tuber next. Every day more senior professionals interested sign up. This example of a pragmatic solution shows how easy can counteract the skills shortage. Other approaches offer more ways from the skills shortage, such as the project rock your life! “.” This aims to reduce the rate of early school leavers. This is a sponsorship for learning difficulties pupils taken over by dedicated students and together through a coaching on a degree worked with great success and currently around 400 Coachingbeziehungen.

The policy should be inspired by existing ideas and build on these. So it can succeed with a joint effort to cope with the demographic changes. The company: the online resource for project work by professionals in the retirement is sentiso. Knowledge and experience of the older generation are reactivated at sentiso for the benefit of all stakeholders. These are tips and information around the topic of working in retirement”provided. For questions and photos: Sentiso GmbH Jakob tuber, Mittelweg 177, 20148 Hamburg phone: 040 399913 61, fax: 040 399913 62, press

Semiconductor Laser

April 20, 2014


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From 16 to 21 September presents the Jenoptik business lasers & material processing on the fair welding & cutting 2013 their solution to the 3D-Metallbearbeitung: the JENOPTIK-VOTAN BIM Jena, July 30, 2013 – the fair welding & cutting, booth of c122 in Hall 6, shows Jenoptik of international experts their robotic laser machine for the 3D-Metallschneiden. The JENOPTIK-VOTAN BIM industrial manufacturers offers a highly flexible, fast-working and cost effective solution for material processing, which brings several advantages over standard laser machines. The core of the JENOPTIK laser cutting system-VOTAN BIM is a laser robot arm, in which the laser beam is directly integrated. The laser coupling via the robot walk, so the transport fiber in the room must be moved with. This minimizes the otherwise cost-intensive maintenance and renewal and streamlined the system.

Even closest places available light through the narrow and only five kilograms laser cutting head. Only in this way can the high path accuracy and obtained the high dynamics of the system, which are necessary for the 3D-Metallbearbeitung. With a repeat accuracy of 100 m the Jenoptik laser machine is one of the most accurate in their class. The axis of the laser arm of Jenoptik are 30 to 60 percent faster than the current standards and allow a significantly shorter cycle times when compared to conventional laser robots for metalworking. Used the JENOPTIK laser machine-VOTAN BIM, especially in the automotive industry, to manipulate complex 3D-Karosserie-and construction parts, as well as three dimensional shaped tubes for exhaust systems, for example.

Other possible applications are all with high cutting quality and process stability the 3D-Laserschneidenvon thin metal parts, as well as the cutting of demanding profiles. For images to download, see our image data bank under lasers & material processing and laser systems. Jenoptik lasers & material processing counts with the Division of the leading providers of laser technology and offers products and Solutions along the entire value chain of laser material processing of the component to the complete laser system. In the area of laser, the company has specializes in high-quality Semiconductor Laser, reliable diode laser modules and systems, as well as innovative solid state laser like disc and fiber laser. With this product portfolio, Jenoptik is the ideal partner for the entire pulse widths range from cw to fs. The high-performance diode lasers is the company of globally recognized quality leader. In the field of laser systems develops and manufactures Jenoptik laser machines, which are integrated in the course of process optimization and automation in production lines of customers. These are the processing of plastics, metals and glass in connection with the processing of thin films. While the laser systems allow you manipulate the Jenoptik with utmost efficiency, precision and process reliability. The product portfolio is rounded off by energy-efficient and environmentally friendly exhaust air purification systems for the residue-free Elimination of pollutants, which arise in the laser processing and other industrial processes.


April 10, 2014


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To write this article, I tried to undress to the maximum of my vestments of inabalveis certainties. I ask for to mine six readers who also make the same, read this text doing without its religious, social, cultural beliefs. If not to obtain to extirpar definitively, I ask for that the least momentarily FORGETS ITS PRECONCEPTIONS. It has more than one month little, necessarily in the date of 05/05/2011, ours Bigger Cut, the Supreme Federal Court the same recognized for unamimity the steady union between people of sex, the homoafetivas calls unions. In the practical one, differently of what many believe, the objective of the Supreme Cut was not to the same grant the right to the celebration of marriage between people of sex – what not yet it is allowed – but simply prescribed a ftica situation that occurred until then. From now, friends in lasting and public homoafetiva relation will have the same rights and duties of the families formed for men and women. He recognized himself, therefore, to exist one new modality of family, since until then our Constitution of the Republic the family formed for the marriage, the steady union and the monoparental family recognized only, who is that one formed by any of the parents and its descendants. The recognition of this fourth modality of family, formed for people of the same sex will go to facilitate to the distribution joust of patrimonial rights, using the words of the minister Ricardo Lewandowski goes ' ' to remove such relations that occur in the ftico plan of the legal clandestinidade, recognizing the existence of the legal plan fitting it in the including concept of entity famlia' '. Reading them to seem of the ministers of the Supreme one on thematic, two in the special one me had called the attention: Minister Fux Luis: ' ' The homossexualidade is not crime.


April 9, 2014


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So you've decided to create a website, immediately in front of you question where to start. On the expanses of the Internet hodiv you have chosen a suitable topic for your site .. The original theme to pick up now is quite difficult because competition is quite high. Give some tips, many are choosing a theme for a site simply by describing what a web site or portal site get your site in this thread is still vacant niches. The second stage is promotion of your site on its own, without help and without going through a variety of services. The first thing that comes to mind as something that used to attract visitors to your web site, is to leave a link with an interesting description of that attract the user. Leave a link to wherever it is not necessary, because you quickly ascribe to spammers, which is very nehochetsya .. Offered fundamentally look at this problem, you have a link with an interesting description, but there are people who are looking for sites and links that match your description.

If there is a link and there is one who seeks it, it should be site where you can place the link and anyone can find it in a certain category, corresponding to its description. For these purposes, and coined Directory of sites and links to free registration, and a huge selection of headings and categories. Many additional services. Good luck to you in promoting your site ..