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TRUE OF Jeremias

July 28, 2014


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People who did not have nothing to see, would go to suffer the consequences. The king did not want to know of the truth, and ordered to play Jeremias of the watering hole inside. WHO HE SPEAKS TRUTH NOT IT DESERVES PUNISHMENT! Jeremias was in fossa,> Ebede-Meleques in our churches that it intercedes for the shepherd. Jeremias, then goes the presence of the king, the king it question again what exactly you said Jeremias? Jeremias says: Is truth king, if you not to surrender and if to deliver at the hands of the king of Babilnia, it goes to invade and to kill everybody, and will burn the fire the city, and you will not escape of its hands, if it delivers before it is late! JEREMIAS SAID THE TRUTH! But king Zedequias did not want to give credit what Jeremias said. In the CAP.

. These soldiers if had become preachers of the lie, going of house in house, of city in city saying: Jesus is died. The lie of the devil is spread by the four cantos of the land, thousand of people if they join to finance the lie. In any place that you to imagine, the lie already arrived first.> In Acts 4,32-35, in Jerusalem a group of person that gave everything what they had to finance the TRUTH: JESUS IS ALIVE! – Until today, the men if divide in two groups. The group of that they invest in the LIE and the group of that they invest in the TRUTH.> Suedem what valley a truth or ten lies? – Half truth valley more than ten a thousand lies is clearly! – The truth backwards tona the reality of the things, the true clarification of the facts, the transparency, clarifies doubts and shows.

Taxes First

July 3, 2014


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(WHALER, 1976, P. 117). Amongst some classifications that the doctrine analyzes, the taxes can be classified, mainly, in indirect and real or personal right-handers or. It is distinguished, between the diplomas, the definition second Jniors (1993, P. 250) Are right-handers the taxes supported in definitive for the obliged contributor for law to its payment and indirect the taxes that can have its tax burden transferred for the contributor assigned for the law (contributing of right) to another person whom it will support, in definitive and to the end of the economic process, the tax burden (contributing in fact). Those are real taxations that have the description of a fact as incidence hypothesis, being its independent material aspect of the passive citizen of the relation tax. Personal taxes are considered those that lead in account, in its hypothesis of incidence, the passive citizen of the obligation.

In this in case that, the legal qualities of the passive citizen influence in the material aspect of the incidence hypothesis. Therefore, it is the tax a tribute not tied, that is, tribute whose hypothesis of incidence consists of the legal conceptualization of a fact any that if does not constitute in a state performance. Taxes First type tributary is the tax and art. 77 of the Internal revenue code appraise the tax for its generating fact, that is the regular exercise of the policy power or the use, accomplish or potential, utility specific and divisible, given to the contributor or rank to its disposal. On the subject, Whaler comments (1976, P. 292) the tax is charged of who uses special public service and divisible, of administrative or jurisdictional character, he has or it to its disposal, and, still, of who he provokes, in its I benefit or for act its, special expenditure of the public coffers. It is, therefore, the tax a tribute tied, that is, its generating fact depends on a direct state performance and immediately related to the debtor.