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Critical Literary

August 29, 2014


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The critical word, in turn, originates from the word Krinein Greek who wants to say to break. is, exactly, this the operation of the critical one: to break up and to decupar a work of art, being reinserindo it in possible artistic and social contexts. Data this, what it comes to be ‘ ‘ critical literria’ ‘? To say itself of the importance of the critical one in literature would be unnecessary, has seen its existence since the primrdios of the literary creation. It has an excellent paper in the internal dynamics of any national culture, because she is through it that the relation between the workmanships and the literary characteristics of each cultural scene inside of determined period is established. She is through the critical ones that better if she can evaluate the aesthetic content in one determined situation of literary history.

This aspect description of the critical one makes with that if it becomes one of the instruments more gifts of that if uses a society to understand the social matters and politics, in a social context and a cultural tradition. The critical action has cultural intellectual relief and meaning. When if it constitutes in interpretation of a literary text, the critical one recognizes the construction and the permanence of literature as stratus interpretation of the conflict of the humanity in represented it. It (the critical one) if feeds of the interpretation of the workmanship in a dynamic and active intellectual dialogue, as the cultural and circumstances allow historical it or demand. Being able itself to affirm that it is for the crossing of literature with the critical one, in a mutual representation made of meeting and failures in meeting with the truth of each one of them, that the significao of a time if becomes clearer in its cultural contours.