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Original Portraits In A Retro – Or Pop-art Style Online Shop

August 22, 2015


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Consider now the Christmas gifts gingerbread hearts make wide for some time on the shelves of supermarkets and even a few chocolate Santas meet one already. Time to worry about the Christmas gifts. Because the celebration is usually faster than thought and completely unexpected at the door. Every year you wonder what you still can give on-the-fly, as the least start at an early stage of the search. This leads to stress shortly before Christmas Eve and long queues at the ticket offices of the businesses. To avoid this stress, one should be at the same time on the search for a Christmas gift.

Online stores are becoming increasingly popular in the search for a gift. Avoid a long wait at the box office and the gifts delivered comfortably home, without any annoying wearing. An original gift idea for Christmas can be found in the online-shop for color noise. Young artists make a completely individual, modern portrait in the retro – or pop-art-style from the own photo template. In doing so, the portraits can quite just ordered via the online shop and they will be delivered up to Christmas. Without any stress and snake are in the business. As each photo can be implemented, regardless of whether the photo from your last vacation, the beloved pet, a common portrait or a single portrait.

The image will certainly provide bright-eyed under the Christmas tree. The modern portraits in the trendy look of Warhol are a beautiful reminder and you can be sure that which still does not have it to Beschenkende. Personal and unique you can pay little. About what the customer needs to do is to send a successful photo. Before its completion, the customer receives a sketch of his subject, so he can be sure that the result is equivalent to his ideas. The image is supplied on original artist’s canvas and is mounted on a stretcher frame. The images must therefore not framed but can be hung up immediately. A fabrication as a poster is also possible. The delivery time is about 7-10 days, a quick delivery is available on request. The Portraits are available from 42 EUR in the online-shop at. There, you can see prices, samples, and formats, and order directly. Press contact: FARBRAUSCH?Verena Schlemmer?Marketing & PR?Of the 25 Vakaafi? 34632 Jesberg? 06695 / 911417 or 0173 / 7662921?E-Mail:?

Hospitality Industry

August 21, 2015


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New magazine offers a variety of Hotels In February 2014 HOTRAVEL launches the new television program guide for hotels and guest houses. HOTRAVEL clear television program includes four weeks with all relevant major stations including selected day highlights, as well as additional tips for children and sports enthusiasts. In addition, HOTRAVEL informs guests about the latest travel trends and current movies. Attractive design and high-quality editorial content HOTRAVEL satisfies also the needs of upscale hotels that want to offer their guests an excellent TV magazine. On request, HOTRAVEL can be equipped with an in-house envelope or cover. This extra offers the opportunity to implement their individual look consistently demanding hotels. In addition, editorial content in their own right can be placed to achieve additional attention and both leisure and business travellers about latest specials and offers up to date to keep.

Editor of HOTRAVEL is a travel & press specialist of Beyond five stars”in the main artists. Extensive experience of the company in the travel and tourism industry guarantee high-quality editorial content and professional theme making. Mailbox rundy through cooperation with the partner companies media”and German” is ensure the excellent quality of the program and the TV Editors (both leading provider of high-quality television program data, as well as editorially prepared TV listings). Svenja Rudorf, Managing Director of Beyond Five Stars”: hotels require understandably special on TV programme guides. In this previously rather manageable market HOTRAVEL is the first magazine, which editorially and graphically will satisfy the needs of guests and hotels, and thus closes a gap.” All the benefits of HOTRAVEL at a glance: four weeks-clear program selected day highlights editorial appealing high quality optics Topics customization upon request for further information,

Successful Start Of MICE Club In Cologne

August 12, 2015


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‘Hats off’ it can also go for the constructive atmosphere in the new workshop of the inspiration. The MICE Club with its successful debut on the 14th and 15th November 2013 proved that. The new educational-format convinced its participants with an innovative meeting architecture, efficient communication tools, exciting content and exceptional locations in the creative metropolis of Cologne. We wanted to show that business events in our beautiful industry work very well, if we are only prepared to say goodbye to the classic frontal display. After the premiere, we are happy that we achieved this and the MICE Club everyone involved so getting around is. “Now we will evaluate the experience and feedback from the premiere and further develop the concept”, Dominik Deubner said. The initiator of the MICE Club aiming competed in, to create a new platform for the business meetings, incentives, congresses & events (MICE) that stimulates a sustainable dialogue on common trends, opportunities and visions and concrete added value creates for the participants. That succeeded him, the prestigious Swiss brands expert Rolf Gruber points out: the MICE Club has created a communicative atmosphere, I’ve never seen.

It was actually about the people with their specific business expectations. This is the future of meeting design! In addition, the high quality of the public noticed here in Cologne. Without exaggeration I can say that the MICE Club was a meeting of the A League.” Total around 90 party and event planners from all over Germany, Austria and the Switzerland met for the ground-breaking educational format. On the first day, the unconventional idea round showed in the communication promoting MICE Club arena: the participants with high expectations and specific goals to Cologne. After two intense days the majority agreed, that the MICE Club represents not only a very inspiring knowledge platform with valuable content and a very constructive atmosphere, but also as a networking event a measurable benefit for brought the own business.


August 1, 2015


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By Marcus Riel, CEO of Riel GmbH, transparent planning in toolmaking by MoldManager were “far exceeded expectations”, he sums up his experience. “We have optimized the capacity planning with IKOffice. It is now very easy to handle.” The Riel GmbH, the investment suspension within a few months. Markus Riel confirmed that IKOffice offers “A very good price/performance ratio and a very good service”. The enormous adaptability of the system accounts for the success of the great advantage of the IKOffice software is the adaptability of the system to the environment structure of the respective company. Here, successful connections for example to existing solutions from SAP, SoftM and Infor have been realized in practice.

In the design phase of the IKOffice MoldManagers a few years ago was already aware, that we may not exist as an isolated system on the market”explains Michael Kath, sales manager who is IKOffice GmbH. the success of the MoldManagers is justified, that he works both as a standalone ERP system and integrated planning solution for tool and mould making. About IKOffice: The IKOffice GmbH develops and sells industry-specific planning software IKOffice MoldManager for die and mould making. The software solution supports companies with process optimization of the quotation to resource planning. The enterprise software IKOffice LivingERP is a system to the optimization of all business processes.

Both systems can seamlessly merge to a comprehensive solution. IKOffice is characterized by customer orientation, advice and care. 2007 the company received the Special Prize for international alignment”the Annette & Gerd Schwandner Foundation for science and culture.

Designing Organizational Structure

August 1, 2015


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The organizational structure is how they are divided and grouped formalmente coordinate the tasks in jobs. Managers need to focus on six key elements when designing the structure of your organization: specialization of labour, departamentalizacion, chain of command, the span of control, centralization and descentralizacion and the formalization extension. Specialization of labour: degree in which the tasks in the Organization are subdivided into separate jobs. Departmentalization: Base according which the posts are grouped. Chain of command: line of continuous authority which extends from the top of the Organization to the level lower and that defines who divide who. Control section: number of subordinates that a boss can be addressed effectively and efficiently. Centralization and decentralization: centralization degree in which decision-making is focus on a single point in the organization.

Decentralization of decision-making is delegated or lower level employees. Formalization: Degree in which jobs within an organization are standardized. The most common organizational designs simple structure: structure characterized by a low grade of departmentalization, large sections of control, authority centralized in a single person and little formalization. The simple structure is a flat organization; usually has only two or three vertical levels, a body of employees and an individual in whom the authority for decision-making is centralized. The simple structure is most widely used in small businesses in which the administrator and the owner are the same person. The strong point of simple structure is its simplicity. It is fast, flexible, inexpensive to maintain and the allocation of responsibilities is clear. An important weak point would be difficult to keep it when the Organization ceases to be small.

Bureaucracy: Structure with highly routine operations that are achieved through specialization, rules and regulations very formalized, toreas that they are grouped in functional departments, centralized authority, short stretches of control and decision-making following the chain of command. Matrix structure: structure that creates double lines of authority; I combine the functional departmentalization with the product. New design team structure options: use of computers eat central device to coordinate work activities. The main features of the structure of equipment is the departmental barriers are broken and is decentralized decision-making at the level of the virtual organization work team: central, small, organization that contract externally its main functions of business. Women’s organization: organization characterized by a treatment humanist of individuals, not opportunism, the definition of racing through service to others, commitment to employee growth, the creation of a community that cares and the participation of the power. Finally the forces that influence the selected design and who have been identified as causes or determinantes of the structure of an organization are: strategy, size, technology and the ambiente. Original author and source of the article