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Essential Oils

October 20, 2015


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To organize the production of soap handmade small amounts – less than 500 kg / month – to prepare space area not less than 20 square meters. m. The temperature the room should not be below 2 degrees, but not above + 40 degrees. From equipment ponadobitsya6 heating device (electric or gas stove) scales; thermometer; dimensional utensils and dishes for weighing, stainless or heat-resistant glassware to melt the soap base and the device water-bath or three 15-liter metal pots, spoons or spatulas for stirring, knife for cutting soap; shape of the finished product and it is desirable refrigerator. All equipment for the manufacture of soaps need about 20 thousand rubles (excluding fridge). Form. Soap made injection method, so in the process of using a variety of forms: bars, plates, figurines, rigid shell Kinder surprises. In the soaps can be formed insert in the form of butterflies, stars, hearts, etc.

To produce soap in the form of figures are very comfortable silicone molds. They are easy to handle, withstand a large temperature difference, easy to clean, fairly durable. The main components that are essential to produce handmade soap, soap is framework and functional components: basic fatty Oils, Essential Oils, Perfume (fragrance), dyes. Soap base made from vegetable raw materials, namely coconut and palm oil. Basics E contains in its structure more plastic foam. There are several types of bases for the production of soap injection method. 1) Transparent soap base. With it is possible to produce a transparent soap with a variety of inclusions: flowers, herbs, scrubs, etc.

Federal Labour

October 16, 2015


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What documents are required to issue based on awp for ut? The results of the aws on the ut are registered as a package of documents containing: 1) the order of attestation of jobs working conditions and involvement of the Appraiser organization (if necessary), 2) a list of jobs the organization subject to certification of labor conditions, with separation of similar jobs, and an indication of assessed the factors of working conditions in accordance with Annex 1 to the Order, and 3) copies of the documents for conducting measurements and assessments of working conditions Appraiser organization (if it is to attract), 4) maps workplaces assessment working conditions in accordance with Annex 2 to order with the protocols of measurements and assessments of working conditions; 5) statements of the jobs (RM) units and the results of their evaluation of working conditions and a consolidated statement of employment Organization and results of their evaluation of working conditions in accordance with Annexes 6 and 7 of the Order, and 6) an action plan to improve and rehabilitate the environment in the organization in accordance with Annex 8 to Order; 7) minutes of the meeting Certification Commission on the results of job evaluation on working conditions in accordance with Annex 9 to Order, 8) an order of the completion of job evaluation and approval of its results.

Following the job evaluation conditions at workplaces the employer shall submit a list of jobs, lists of jobs and organizational units of the results of their evaluation of working conditions and a consolidated statement of employment and organization of results their certification according to labor conditions, including information about the appraiser organizations in the State Labor Inspectorate in the subject of the Russian Federation (territorial agency of the Federal Labour and Employment to state supervision and enforcement of labor laws and other normative legal acts containing norms of labor law)..


October 14, 2015


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Society is richer, more garbage. The volume of packaging materials, we have become increasingly getting rid of old furniture, household appliances. Cities "throws" tons of household, construction and industrial waste. Debris from a vital need to take out, and it would be nice: Dispose. This fascinating process of life garbage we try to describe the article. Step One: Removal of trash! This must be done quickly enough to that wastes have not started to decompose. And while it should be done without "loss", noise, no odor and dirt.

At home (beginning of life cycle collector) the most well these requirements are met by the garbage disposal. Design it simple. This is the trunk of the pipes with loading chamber and a ventilation system. Pipe diameter – 40 inches (Russia) to 1 meter (American skyscrapers). Ventilation garbage – natural, mostly exhaust deflector mounted on the roof. It provides air flow from the staircase in the barrel garbage – in this case, it is estimated unpleasant smells in the house will not penetrate. Unfortunately in real life, odors still penetrate into the house. The reason for this is mainly the pressure drop in the pipe garbage. Due to the fact that the temperature at the bottom of the barrel cooler, there rushes a cold, denser air, warm, lighter, thus accumulates at the top and as a result the pressure drop contributes back of the air – from a pipe on the stairs. At the lower end of the barrel garbage adjoins a special camera that collects garbage.