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Banks In Colombia

November 27, 2015


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Colombia is a country that mainly has based its economy on agriculture activity and the exploitation of natural resources, to then move on to various processes of transformation and thus offer different products derived from nature; However, in recent times it has given way to an important foray into other fields that generate large benefits for the economy; a clear example is the banking sector, which has found an important development through banks in Colombia, thanks to marketing strategies that promote monetary activity to put into circulation a higher derivative capital of loans that then go to be invested in the market and also through deposits that are the same sustenance of banks in Colombia for the loans they made. As banks in Colombia can be understood to mean a point of great importance for the economy, is therefore suited to learn a little more about the conditions of the banks in Colombia. So to begin with the topic worth saying that the historical process in reason to the banks in Colombia is very little, so much so that the first bank which could hold in Colombia was banco de Bogota which appeared in the year 1870, while in other countries there were banks with a great track record, so for a long time never can give an important development in terms of banks in Colombia, which is due to various problems of a social naturepolitical and Government intervention. Serious until the 1970s which is beginning to make progress on the issue of banks in Colombia, which accommodates the appearance of new banks and the strengthening of the existing few and for the 1990s gives the financial boom and therefore the activity of the banks in Colombia, which gave step to the presence of many new banks and the arrival of different entities from the outside; all this was one of the greatest achievements by banks in Colombia that was the financial expertise and leave behind the banking monopoly, what emerges better conditions of competition and therefore more aspects favorable for customers. With the new conditions of market banks in Colombia achieved tremendous growth, which gave way to the presence of a few banks that stand out for their achievements and capitalization, can be found among these: the AV Villas Bank, which has established itself among the banks in Colombia thanks to the proposal of new products and the improvement of the conditions of traditional benefits, which is added to that this bank belongs to Grupo Aval, which is one of the largest financial conglomerates in the country. Bancolombia, is one of the country’s largest financial institutions and is the largest bank in Colombia by assets, which relies on the great presence that has throughout the national territory..

Citizenship And Participation

November 19, 2015


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In the first instance, worth and need to stop us in what it is and means citizenship, figure, fact, phenomenon, realization, etc., so ancient and so recent. To read more click here: Mark Bertolini. Which has assumed a variety of nuances and meanings throughout history, until arriving to become generator topic of discussion and around which some are contesting definitions or explanations that others argue. Historically, traditions such as the liberal, Republican, and the community must be taken into account as givers of the origin of the conception which currently has citizenship, in Western thought. As well, the theories liberalesentienden that citizenship is a status, which entitles citizens to enjoy a set of rights guaranteed by the State. The first rights were those of civil and political, then social rights were also included. Moreover, according to the tradition of community citizenship is defined by the fact of being a member of a community, of a Group, and share a series of civic virtues as respect for others and the recognition of the importance of public service.

And finally, for the Republican tradition the citizen can be understood as the that shares a common civic identity, modeled using a common public culture that for many authors, is reached through participation in public life, still above particular identities. All of the above, to my view, significantly contributes in the construction of a definition of citizenship. And although it is true that traditions emphasize some aspects than at others, it is important that he discovers the concern by responding to the needs that arise inside communities, formed by individuals, they are ultimately the that give sense and raison d ‘ etre to societies. Thus the things, is very well spoken and emphasize the rights (civil, political, social) but as undoubtedly not everything ends there, with equal weighting stands the fact that also recognize the urgent need to observe the responsibilities that all individuals, as members of society or human conglomerate must implement in a spontaneous way, as a thing of nature, of the same nature that makes us recognize ourselves as part of the others, and so it leads us to act in a way such that nothing we worsen those who are our around and with whom We share a few contexts and execute certain roles as part of the State on which we base our social evolution, without forgetting, of course, the significance of national borders that is evident in this time thanks to the technological tools and social-economicas policies that prevail.


November 16, 2015


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Their job – moving system, which is constantly undergoing change. And the positive and negative. Stagnation can ruin a business. There are many different operations with the business. Consider some of them.

Due diligence (due diligence) – this is a record of all of the risks, checking the real financial status of the company, estimate the market price of the shares for investment purposes. Conducting due diligence necessary in the framework of: the acquisition of finished business; business sales; the opening of its business abroad, mergers, assess the solvency of the counterparty; report the effectiveness of its subsidiaries, to report the investor or partner. The process of due diligence requests participation of many experts: tax consultants, auditors, analysts, appraisers, lawyers, and so on. Conducting due diligence standard consists of three steps: assessment of tax risks, legal risks, financial evaluation risks. Another procedure to companies is the process of mergers and acquisitions. The merger – it's every constituency, in which there is a new economic system, with pre-existing stop exist.

Absorption – is to get ownership of one company over another by buying a controlling stake. The number of companies remains the same. The process of mergers and acquisitions involves different levels: multinational – involving companies from different countries and national – within a single state. On the other typologies of mergers and acquisitions are divided into vertical, conglomerate, horizontal. Horizontal imply a relationship between the organizations of the same industry, vertical – between the different branches of organizations, but linked the finished product, conglomerate – the process of mergers and acquisitions of firms disjoint. For mergers and acquisitions should be assessed in mergers and acquisitions. Distinguish assessment in hostile and friendly process. With friendly mergers and acquisitions buyer receives an independent assessment of the acquired case, while the other side reduces the risks of loss, takes data on the value of the transaction. When hostile mergers and acquisitions of property assessment can save assets and control over the enterprise. Conducting due diligence and mergers and acquisitions – this multi-level processes that require professional look and support.

Specific Segments

November 12, 2015


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If further assess the specific competitive pressure on these segments, sensitivity to marketing stimuli and the demands on service, it becomes clear that focusing on a segment volume significantly more attractive despite the relatively low income in it. Of course, this does not mean denial of service whether large clients. On the contrary, because of the increased demands on the service, client relationships in this segment should be based on the principles of exclusivity and exceptional quality of service. Rich people are well aware eigenvalue for the bank, and not against the use of their privileged position. To ensure a level of service you need to have considerable resources. Liveris. How to allocate resources between exclusive and customer segments? Quite simply, the structure of high-value segment is the highest personal service, full attention and responsiveness. Middle income groups persecuted in consumption principles of simplicity and speed of service, saving time and money, convenience and versatility of services. Actually, these consumer values and should be operated as a principal base of customer service.

Large few clients must maintain personal managers, middle income segments of the standard should contact the manager, mass market should be serviced with minimal involvement of the human resource. Perhaps the best strategy of client relationships in the financial market approach is 'do not let go', based on the perfect quality of service and maximum level of customer satisfaction. Such an approach would enable better communication system in the banking sector – guidelines reference groups. As mentioned above, traditional advertising techniques in the banking sector quite powerless in the problem of growing popularity and popularity and, rather, work on cultivating the category as a whole.