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Services On Site Promotion

December 27, 2015


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Many novice webmasters making his first encounter with the site so that they can not provide a website good attendance, ie to promote a site. Made a good site, registered in fifty directories, ch and pr do not grow, attendance of not more than ten people a day. And what if the site is not a commercial, money for an advertising campaign there, the site you are supporting one and time to promote your creations not? In this case, the course will help free services on promotion. Although I would call them quasi-free, because nothing is free, and these services have their own benefit. – exchange service of thematic links. This is the best system I know of a link exchange. Here you can share and buttons (88 * 31). You can also add an article about your site with a selection of synonyms for the uniqueness of the text of the article. Links from sites linking to you will not be identical. For a button prescribed tag Alt. On the pages of your site will need php code block (there are detailed instructions). The unit will be no more than 5 references. The more pages, where you place the unit, the more links to your site (at your option links may not be mutual). Chances of getting a ban virtually eliminated since block looks like a normal ad Known automated system for link exchange. Allowed to participate sites with ic is not below 10. In this case you create a separate page and paste it in php code with 5 blocks (5 sites). Need to modify. Htaccess. Effect in this case are lower than mord, but raises the ic is not bad. – multiple services 1. You can place php code directory, and get over 1500 links to your site from other directories (on my site for a month to index only slightly more than 400). Directory is built into the design of the site, and not any reference to dmitry-portal is not (as it does, so it looks like yours. Attendance and ic in this case, particularly not rise, but for the cheat ic can fall into the ban list. 2. Visitors to your website. You are fluent prosmatrivate page, the same number of unique visitors to visit your page. In general, the usual Click service. 3. Free newsletter for hundreds of bulletin boards. 4. can be installed on a website bulletin board, forum, chat. Dmitry-portal will have their fill. 5. 10 times the free text banner exchange system 6. Not expensive you can buy links to your site (links course with a user directory service.) Also read about the promotion here / .html

CHP Fuel

December 21, 2015


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Non-ferrous slags are different from steel slag high content of iron oxide (20-40%). Fuel slag (Zoloshlaki CHP) Zoloshlaki formed during fuel combustion at the CHP are widely used in the production of building materials. In this regard, we could not ignore this product. When burning solid fuel from its formed part of the mineral ash and slag, whose content is different for different fuels. They constitute 10-15% of brown coal, in the bituminous coals – 3-40%, anthracite – 2-30% oil shale – 50-80% fuel peat – 2-30%, wood – 0,5-1, 5% fuel oil – 0.15-0.2%. In Currently, the majority of CHP fuel is burned in pulverized state, the temperature in the combustion chamber reaches 1200 – 1600 C.

In this conglomerate of various compounds formed from the mineral part of it, stand in a dust mass. Small and light particles (size from 5 to 100 microns) contained in the ashes of up to 80-85%, are carried away from the furnace flue gas conglomerate, forming the so-called ash-entrainment. Larger particles are deposited on / under furnace slag lump of fused or vitreous mass, which is then subjected to granulation. The ratio of generated slag and ash-carryover is different, it depends on the design of the furnace at the CHP and power plant. For example, in furnaces with solid slag removal in the slag usually goes 10-20% of the fuel ash. In furnaces with liquid slag removal of slag becomes 20-40%, while in cyclone furnaces – to 85 – 90% of the fuel ash.

Fidel Castro

December 20, 2015


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Previously we will define to the chaos like abstract concept, and to the social chaos as manifestation of the dynamics of the societies and for it we try to give answer to basic restlessness, and to other questions that inevitably will arise from the expositiva dynamics of the facts. What is chaos and how it is orchestrated in the social conglomerates? The chaos generates new dynamic or determines the operative paralysis of the conglomerates social? The chaos is an anarchical disagreement of the society or a new order, special and indefinite? Which are and how triggers are identified caticos" social? 2. – The chaos and their instrumentalisation in the social conglomerates In the spring of 1968 one violent insurrection against the central, well-known government took place in Paris like " May francs". Student assault groups sent to the streets breaking everything what they found his step. They demanded estimated major educative, elimination of all form of authority and freedom to accede to the feminine dormitories in the universities. Directed by the German agitator Daniel Cohn-Bendit 6 and supported by the philosopher Jean-Paul 7 Sartre – explaining of the Marxist existencialismo they planted red flags in the boulevards and in the places they hung enormous posters with the faces of Marx, Trotsky, Fidel Castro and " Che" Guevara. During several weeks they armed poles, they raised barricades, they burned automobiles, they sacked commerce, they set afire the building of stock-market, they devastated ministries and produced such amount of destructions, that the streets of Paris seemed to have suffered the damage of a war. Simultaneously, the left unions declared revolutionary strike totally paralyzing to the country. The population was terrified by as much violence and anarchy. Aquelarre lasted until General De Gaulle decided to repress the rebels, dissolved the National Assembly, he summoned to new elections and with 60% of the votes he imposed the law and the order.


December 17, 2015


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We thought if it well, the beginning of this year is not nothing encouraging. The wave of the economic crisis continues making feel its devastating one to be able, what tsunami, destroying the best expectations. The great conglomerates and industralists feel opposed, and what to say of medium and the small ones, and still more, of the employees who live with the uncertainty on not knowing if they will arrive on the following day in his positions. Again, the panorama is not nothing encouraging. The cost of the life increases every day and that feels plus it they are those that must do all the possible one to survive with a dollar the day. Nevertheless, the illusion of the consumption is relaxing to us per moments.

In what it marries is no one or two televisions, a computer, an equipment of sound, cellular, etc.? Clearly, I am not saying that these things are bad, because the worrisome thing is not that are had, but this replaces a reflection on the way that we have chosen to live our life. Taken care of much. But we must have much well-taken care of. These discouraging scenes do not have to cause that we try to approach any boat that announces an engaged land that flows milk and honey, and of these ships has nowadays in profusion in the Web. The truth is that without concerning the promises that to us the politicians, the salesmen Web, the employers or any other person do, most important it is than we identify once and for all what objectives we want to reach. It is truth that all will promise to be the option to reach what we wished, but the decision that we take must be cradle in knowledge that in our interior we are doing the best thing for we ourself and for those who we loved.

International Scientific Conference

December 10, 2015


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The company “Alley Software” took part in the IX International Scientific Conference “Electronic Age of Culture”, held 13-17 September 2010 in Listvyanka Irkutsk region with the support of MinkulturyRF, Russian State Library, the Russian Association of Electronic Libraries (ELBI) and the Foundation “Electronic Age of Culture.” Conference on “Electronic Age of Culture” held annually in different cultural and historical centers Russia. Participants in it – managers and senior staff of major cultural institutions, education and science, as well as representatives from the business community. The main objective of the event organizers called the conservation of cultural heritage of Russia and the development of a unified concept of informatization development of cultural industries. This year, more than 150 professionals from all over Russia gathered to discuss specific areas of information and practical solutions libraries, museums, theaters, educational institutions, as well as see the latest advances in computer technology, digitization of information and new ways of transferring, sharing and storing information. The main themes were formulated as follows: “Electronic Resources crops – freedom of access and copyright,” “The level of information the university – the basis of the success of future professionals” and “Digital Libraries”.

The last was plenary session devoted to “Digital Libraries”, which became the core of digital content distribution issues, freedom of access and copyright, the full-text search and e- libraries. The report, “Digital library – from design to implementation” of the meeting was made by General Director of “Alley Software” Stanislav Kim. He spoke about various aspects – organizational, legal, technical, technological, content – creating an electronic library of high school, as well as performed by the library project – posed problems, difficulties and solutions selected. “Our company operates in the market of digital libraries since 2005, performing both new development and the creation of these information systems and outsourcing scanning and rare major funds, as well as data files. ” – Says Stanislav Kim – “As of today the creation of digital libraries – not just a requirement for accreditation of the institution, but an urgent necessity. Neither the teachers nor the students are not prepared to wait University libraries, universities and the state itself will create conditions for work with electronic documents and do everything – buy books and digitize it – yourself. Options to obtain the desired content is legally in digitally virtually none. Authors, publishers, aggregators, and other rights holders are not willing to work with high schools open.

The so-called EBSy impose uncomfortable and inferior in terms of content services, and leadership many universities to develop their own resources is afraid, not wanting to quarrel with the governing bodies (Minobr, Rosobrnadzor). Therefore I would like to call to look at the problem comprehensively, as an electronic library University – a complex IT project, not just a finished product, but a conglomeration of many difficult decisions (DL, ALIS, the system of distance learning, etc.). To successfully complete this project, including, it is important to IT professionals and librarians speak the same language and the conference “Electronic Age of Culture” – an excellent platform for mutual understanding of this kind. “.

Development Information

December 5, 2015


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However, the fluid, dynamic information and two-way exchange occurs with more development when social systems are more complex. The more often, this Exchange of information is very simple (a greeting, a casual conversation), sometimes it is more subtle but why not less transcendent (a look of approval or rejection, group isolation or social recognition) at all events, the preparation, issuance and receipt of messages is behind most of the social phenomena which surround us. For decades, the information theory has tried to quantify the magnitude of the impact of the exchange of information in the development of the social conglomerates; Despite the innumerable efforts that the social sciences have aimed at the achievement of that objective, it is in the exact sciences where there have been interesting findings that allow you to build a valid and verifiable substrate to the postulates of the theory of information. Studies on mutual information and correlation function (Li 1999) are an obligated referent for those wishing to delve further into that field. 2 Entropizacion of Venezuelan society.

Society and chaos. Turbulence political, social unrest, financial chaos, the whole society immersing themselves in a chaotic situation, transition to democracy or chaos, are expressions used increasingly recurrent way by political analysts and specialists in social sciences to try to explain developments of a society facing a deep crisis that is reproduced in all levels and spaces of the political frameworkeconomic, social and cultural of the country. An institutionally disjointed society which, however, shows some attempts to arrive at a new order emerged from the same chaotic condition in which it is located. In all the upheavals, in the revolutions of democracy, the people seeks to always increase its representativeness, while the Raggedy looking only for a man, a warlord who follow. We have stated previously, and we reaffirm here, that in social systems, as well as in natural systems, the presence and the consequential increase in entropy is an ongoing process.