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July 31, 2016


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It is clearly, therefore, that, to construct together with to its future pupils significant experiences of learning and to teach them to relate it the teoria and the practical one in each it disciplines of the resume, is necessary that the formation of the professors is pautada in situations equivalents of education and aprendizagem. This isomorphism of processes, in this cited document also as ' ' symmetry invertida' ' , he is decisive as criterion of evaluation of the courses of formation of professors and as criterion of validation of new institucional and pedagogical proposals. (GONALVES, 2005. p.145) It can to say that the principles of the formation are defined where the professor has the power to evaluate the courses, and to more form through situations lived in classroom the process adjusted of education and learning. Being able to display these situations in pedagogical meeting and considering solutions for the possible problems.

According to Penin (1995, P. 161) the knowledge of the daily pertaining to school is necessary for two reasons. First, because being known it is possible to conquer it and to plan actions that allow to transform it, as well as fighting for institucional changes in the desired direction. (…) Second, because the daily one, being known, can supply to information the managements institucional democratic that wants to take measured adequate to facilitate the work to the daily level of the schools and to improve the quality of education carried through there. Then, the daily one of the professor is primordial to decide some measures that will be taken in the school, and to also decide as the professors will have to act with its pupils. Determining its practical and its theories, as it conducts the principles of art. 61 of the LDB. From there the importance of the accompaniment of essential questions for formation of professors, therefore with a good formation the professor can offer the maximum so that it has a good learning.

Deputy Managing Director

July 25, 2016


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Peter Hajdu switches to the 01.01.2014 of the Supervisory Board, Hartmut Huss takes over the Division of Ettlingen, 16 may 2013: including 15 years in the management of Bardusch management company mbH, Peter Hajdu moves after more than 30 years in the company, to the 01.01.2014 of the Supervisory Board. The Division is taken over by Hartmut Huss. Together with managing director Karsten Beisert, he runs the company from the 01.06.2013. Huss is responsible as Managing Director for the washing and processing operations, customer service and logistics. Peter Hajdu led the company very successfully. in 1988, he was appointed the head of Ettlingen branch.

He expanded the facility to the main building gradually. From 1994 to 1997, he was Deputy Managing Director. Since 1998, Peter Hajdu is Managing Director of Bardusch management mbH. Strategic acquisitions in Germany and the flair for investing in forward-looking technologies kenn – draw Hajdu’s career. During his time as a CEO grew Bardusch to one of the largest textile service providers in Europe. Currently Bardusch world’s 3,500 employees and generated a turnover of 290 million in 2012.

Hartmut Huss is since 1988 at Bardusch. He has the necessary experience and know-how in the laundry industry. After graduating in business administration and a training master textile cleaner, Huss on many Bardusch worked locations in Germany and abroad. Huss is responsible for the establishment and investments abroad since 2001. In 2010 he was appointed the Managing Director of BI Bardusch holding. Andreas Holzer holding takes over as successor of Hartmut Huss the BI Bardusch’s entire foreign trade, becoming colleague by Karsten Beisert. The future Chairman of the Management Board will stimulate more fresh. He begins his activity at the end of the year and brings decades of experience, in particular from the automotive industry.

Managing Director

July 23, 2016


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The region around Freiberg combines tradition, culture and an original landscape of Freiberg, 27.03.2013: month we have already committed him and also meteorological, we welcome spring at last. Time to say the winter blues goodbye and to plan your next trip into the great outdoors. How about for a hiking holiday in Freiberg and the scenic surroundings? Walking is healthy and relaxing at the same. The movement in the middle of the nature, the fresh air of the Woods and the Heavenly Peace invite you to release from the stress of everyday life and unwind. Our Freiberg hotel an ideal starting point for many hikes with different difficulties”, describes Christine Walcha, Managing Director of historic hotels in Freiberg. The region around Freiberg combines an original landscape, tradition and culture. The silver mining operated for centuries, you can discover all sorts of in the footsteps of the miners.

Boring it is not determined therefore in the old cultural landscape to Freiberg. Be quiet with a few days longer and let the history of silver mining a, where you can visit the witness of this much ancient history”, recommends the hotel manager of the old town hotels in Freiberg. There are several ways to explore the mountains around Freiberg, Saxony. Already in the Freiberg’s old town you can embark on the traces of silver and experience a historic mining exploration way. From here, there is a way to the area of the assumption treasure trove where already in the middle ages, intensive mining was operated. Officially the assumption known 18th century treasure trove, since the early. The pit area and number of workers, already the largest mine in the region was a century later. Until the closure of the mine at the beginning of the 19th century, nearly a half million kilograms Silver were promoted to days. At the end of the exploration rewarded with a magnificent view over the city, its historic buildings and charming one or the other night in Freiberg.


July 21, 2016


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Workshop executives of middle managers are frequently faced with new demands from customers for executives in Cologne and Dresden for the optimization of target agreements. In addition are often adjustments to the requirements of to reach company goals to make. Nevertheless, executives face the task to agree on binding and motivating targets with teams and employees. Support for challenge offers a workshop in the spring of 2013 in Cologne and Dresden. The speed in which changing markets, customers demand new products and corporate strategies and the associated goals change, continues to increase. This, especially the executives of middle managers increasingly face the task to customize team goals according to and agree with the employees of their responsibility. Executives as navigators are the mid-level managers in addition to their management duties frequently even in the operational day-to-day business included, but usually no longer have the in-depth detailed knowledge of its highly specialized staff. Their leadership task is similar to the a Navigator, which dictates the direction and objectives, delegated the operational implementation and the distances to the targets but to the employees.

For this purpose it is to make binding yet flexible goals over team goals. The previously usual cycle of a target agreement meeting per year is no longer sufficient. Rather, it is always then to renegotiate targets when course corrections are required. Vote how to team goals can be during the year objectives and the accompanying success control integrated in the already tight schedule of executives? Are given in the company the conditions, with all members of the team together to arrange team goals, rather than to make target agreements with each individual employee? This can not only valuable time saved will be, but at the same time to strengthen the team spirit and stimulated the creativity of each team member, his contribution to the common goals of the team to make.

Managing Director

July 21, 2016


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In terms of costs, users will benefit from the Elimination of additional hardware or license costs. Also the maintenance, administration and update costs superfluous. By the fact that according to German law, the cloud OCR provided service and the server in Germany, norpa provides for data security and protection. The company guarantees that the documents submitted for the detection be stored no longer than necessary for performing text recognition. As the recognized text contents are not stored permanently. The data exchange with the server is encrypted with HTTPS, i.e. as surely as the access for online banking. -Demand payment without long-term commitment by the volume-based billing is useful can be used the norpa cloud OCR also for small quantities.

Costs and expenses can be reduced significantly through the Web solution and avoid investments in the expansion of IT own. The pay-as-you-go (or even prepaid) pricing model allows the needs-based booking of OCR services without long-term contracts with recurring payments. The paid quota is 90 days can be extended at any time. Thanks to the online payment processing, the quota is already a few moments after the order for the use. Christian Emmrich, Managing Director of says norpa GmbH: Our cloud OCR is just the beginning.

We will expand additional functionalities, such as, for example, the extraction of pure text from a PDF and Office documents, as well as a bar code recognition. the service in the near future” About norpa GmbH the norpa GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg and Brandenburg, Hennigsdorf/Germany, develops and sells software solutions to optimize processes, in particular in SMEs. Focus ERP and POS systems as well as integrated solutions for document management (DMS/ECM) and for the automated processing of paper-based data (OCR/ICR). Editorial Contacts: norpa GmbH Christian Emmrich airport str. 52a D-22335 Hamburg phone: + 49 40 609461290 PR agency of good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-12

The Order

July 20, 2016


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A simple colloquy is rewarding. Most of the time they are abandoned by the families in asylums and when not, are to the flies, cochilando in the sofa, in front of the television, attending a programming that they had not chosen. Its children, son-in-laws and grandsons find that they cannot listen to them, but yes they listen. They disrespect perhaps what they hear. Fiquei knowing my son, who back in India the aged ones are respected of all the society.

She could not thus be here also? With certainty! said it, with a pretty smile. Soon is delivers, you! Thanks a lot my son! I do not know as to be thankful to it! does not need to thank Sir to me! said it acariciando the hand Mr. But I make dear question! I come, I pay a snack to it does not need Sir! said it. Please, esnobe my does not offer. It comes with me, will be fast. Choice what to want my son! Me of the one bread in the plate, please? asked for it to the attendant.

But only this? It does not go to drink nothing? asked you. and an orange juice, please. complemented it. Mr. does not go to want nothing? asked the attendant. Ah, for me only one cafezinho said it. They had waited for some time for what the order was brought. Meanwhile the old one went saying how many operations had fact, of sight, of hernia and everything how much it is operation that a person can make. It said that he was widower and that it liveed with the son oldest. At this moment, the waiter brought the order of one alone time. He pulled you the wallet and he opened it with the trembling hands.

The Fact

July 19, 2016


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Patience. Patience – Quality required the owner of the ferret. Be the owner of a ferret – it's like to be a parent year-old child, who never matures. Ferrets – very stubborn, smart and curious animals, which showing interest in everything, especially what not to do. For example, if the ferret starts to dig a rug in a certain place will require more than one time to say "No!" Him to stop doing it. A ferret can interrupt his occupation for a while and come back to it when you're distracted.

Ferrets love to hide things. If you leave the tv remote, wallet, socks, keys and other small items within reach of a ferret, be confident that sooner or later they will be tucked away in a secluded place. Be prepared to toilets, arranged a ferret in unexpected places, upside drinkers, dug out of the pots to plants, toys and trivia, hidden behind a cupboard, sofa, or just "missing." It takes time and ingenuity to stop the unwanted behavior in ferrets. Small children. Do you have children younger than five years? Children, especially small do not always understand how to properly handle the animals. Kids can cause a ferret pain or hurt him, and ferret may bite a child in children under five years should never be left unattended with a ferret! Other pets.

Do you have other pets? Ferrets can make friends with other pets, mostly with cats and certain breeds of dogs, but much depends on the nature of animals. Most often, ferrets find common language with cats, especially if they grew up together. With dogs, especially hunting breeds, the problems arise more frequently. Meet with other animals should be under your strict supervision. The fact that ferrets almost no fear of other animals. A ferret may well come to a large dog and even try to bite her. The result of such communication can be serious injury and even death. It is not necessary leave the ferret alone with the birds, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, rats, rabbits, chinchilla, or reptiles. Most often, ferrets, or kill them, seeing as prey or cause serious injury, trying to play. If you are from time to time release their birds, rodents or reptiles out of the cage, make sure the ferret is locked to prevent the tragedy. The decision whether to start a ferret (the same as any other pet) must be carefully weighed. You should not act impulsively – often a hasty purchase of this charming little animal leads to a few months or even weeks ads "I'll give a good hands. "

High Interests

July 15, 2016


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Periodical of the ComrcioEmpresas & Negcios15 of August of 2005Segundo the old one dictated what it is bad for some is good for others. While the productive sector complains of the high taxes of interests, the financial institutions commemorate. The profit of the four bigger Brazilian private banks more than corresponds 60% of the great 69 profits of public company that had published rocking until passed Wednesday, as Gerdau, Aracruz, Braskem and given Souza Cruz.Os of the research of the consultoria Economtica show that the companies not-financiers had registered in the first semester of this year a total net profits of R$11,358 billions. Already the addition of the profits of only four banks, Ita, Bradesco, Unibanco and Banespa reaches R$ 6,827 billion. The numbers are adjusted by the Index of Prices Consumidor Ampliado (IPCA), measured for the IBGE.Os great results of the banks are records this year, but they come of an old scaling of acquisitions. In the comparison with the previous years, the financial institutions also show well bigger yield the great profits are related still to the banking concentration. The Ita and the Bradesco, for example, had made many acquisitions since 1994, explain the analyst of the Austin Rating, Rodrigo Indiani.

The race for new acquisitions or partnerships with lesser and financial banks continues. The institutions also search society with the nets retail. The analyst of the Broker Socopa, Daniel Doll Lemos, detaches that the factors of profit for wallets consist of the associations and the increase of the credit wallet, segment still little explored in Brazil. the focus is the natural person. The expansion if becomes fast more with the acquisitions of wallet.

The increment comes without the increase of the insolvency, says. The specialist observes that she is natural the banks to profit more. has a great slice of people without access to the banks, complements.

Cold Weather

July 15, 2016


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The arrival of winter brings a lot of worries to the owners of different car models. Are no exception and trucks, the main issue during the preparation of trucks for the winter is to replace old diesel. Rather difficult and well-known fact is that in winter, the viscosity of diesel fuel increases and is blurred, and very strong cold and frost in the power lead to the fact that the fluidity is lost completely. To earn a car, often resorted to heating the fuel using blow torches and other kinds of methods and tricks, not even always safe. In the cold in the summer grades of diesel fuel produced wax particles, it is the cause of a gelatinous mass which prevents the restart, it creates a notable failures in the engine and with great difficulty passing through the filters. There is a special winter diesel fuel, manufactured by admixture of special additives that increase the fluidity. The price of this fuel is much higher, and therefore "hits" on the wallet of the average Russian driver.

In our country, mainly on the because the owners of trucks are not buying a special diesel fuel, and often use different tricks to motor trucks worked on a conventional diesel. Excellent and proven way is diluting diesel fuel with kerosene lighting KO-25, which increases the frost resistance and greatly increases the thermal features of diesel fuel. Kerosene TS-1 gives a similar effect. Being excellent solvents, kerosene KO-25 (kerosene lighting) and rocket fuel – kerosene TS-1, do not detract from the physical characteristics of diesel, not increase the rate and the specific volume of exhaust gases, which is likely in cases, the use of other brands of kerosene. When you add kerosene TS-1 and lamp oil KO-25 diesel fuel, seek to optimize the properties of the starting motor and a quick start..


July 14, 2016


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It emphasizes that the force of the Wallet of the Fisherman jointly associated the mobilization of the fishing, of the state federacies, the federacy of the state of the Cear and national confederation, much facilitated for the gotten conquests, it waits to count all on the mobilization of the fishing in the Country, a time that many proposals still could be presented and be conquered. The receptividade on the part of the Presidents of Fishing Colony in the Pertaining to the state of Cear and visible coast in this visit that the Flvio Member of the house of representatives Heifer this carrying through, Mrs. Francisca Barros of the Carlos Hisses is President of the Colony of the Fishing Z25 de Lagoinha, it this in its first mandate and standes out the importance of Pescadores and Marisqueiras to have a voice to defend the rights of the same ones in the parliament. Already Mr. Ary, President of the Colony of the Fishing of Cumbuco, says to believe the work that the Flvio Member of the house of representatives Heifer this developing in favor of the category, it that he participated of close to movements in the National Confederation Fishing them, confirmed the benefits that had been conquered, and said that Pescadores and Marisqueiras well were represented by the o Flvio Member of the house of representatives Heifer, since it a Fisherman and knew of close the yearnings and necessities to these brave men it Sea. Mr. Camocim, who penitentiary the Colony of the Fishing of the Lagoinha for more than 12 years, detached the fight that the Flvio Member of the house of representatives comes having in Brasilia to bring benefits to the fishing, it said to have folloied in the galleries of the Federal Chamber, voting of great importance for the right of the Fishing and that he was made an impression with the determination, seriousness and the valentia with that the Flavio Member of the house of representatives Heifer, it defends the Fishing. it confers: