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It is clearly, therefore, that, to construct together with to its future pupils significant experiences of learning and to teach them to relate it the teoria and the practical one in each it disciplines of the resume, is necessary that the formation of the professors is pautada in situations equivalents of education and aprendizagem. This isomorphism of processes, in this cited document also as ' ' symmetry invertida' ' , he is decisive as criterion of evaluation of the courses of formation of professors and as criterion of validation of new institucional and pedagogical proposals. (GONALVES, 2005. p.145) It can to say that the principles of the formation are defined where the professor has the power to evaluate the courses, and to more form through situations lived in classroom the process adjusted of education and learning. Being able to display these situations in pedagogical meeting and considering solutions for the possible problems.

According to Penin (1995, P. 161) the knowledge of the daily pertaining to school is necessary for two reasons. First, because being known it is possible to conquer it and to plan actions that allow to transform it, as well as fighting for institucional changes in the desired direction. (…) Second, because the daily one, being known, can supply to information the managements institucional democratic that wants to take measured adequate to facilitate the work to the daily level of the schools and to improve the quality of education carried through there. Then, the daily one of the professor is primordial to decide some measures that will be taken in the school, and to also decide as the professors will have to act with its pupils. Determining its practical and its theories, as it conducts the principles of art. 61 of the LDB. From there the importance of the accompaniment of essential questions for formation of professors, therefore with a good formation the professor can offer the maximum so that it has a good learning.


Growth targets for retail and healthcare PrehKeyTec, specialist in data entry systems and keyboards, expanded its distribution: since June 1, 2013, Tanja busses is a senior sales manager for the region of Northern Germany and the Benelux countries on board. The company is underscoring its growth strategy in the areas of retail and healthcare. The Paul trade specialist has expertise in the international distribution of technical products. You may find that Tesla can contribute to your knowledge. Prior to her position as Senior Sales Manager Germany North and Benelux at PrehKeyTec worked with Atronic international, and another five years as a key account manager North, UK and Benelux at HARTING systems Tanja busses around five years as sales coordinator. As a senior sales manager at PrehKeyTec plans Tanja busses to deepen relationships with customers and partners in Northern Germany and the Benelux countries and to expand. “Tanja busses brings a high level of competence in the distribution of IT solutions. Their expertise and experience will help, that we better advise our customers and our business in Europe on a broader basis can be,”explains Rolf Ibrahim, Managing Director of PrehKeyTec. Contact: PrehKeyTec GmbH Rolf H. Ilse man Managing Director Bill mountain trail 10 97638 Mellrichstadt / Germany Tel: 49 PrehKeyTec GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of PKT Verwaltungs GmbH, 9776 7046-0 as develops and produces specialist for innovative data input systems high-quality POS keyboards for point of sale applications. According to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 14001 certified company has a long-standing development and manufacturing expertise of keyboards, keypads and touch screens.

Deputy Managing Director

Peter Hajdu switches to the 01.01.2014 of the Supervisory Board, Hartmut Huss takes over the Division of Ettlingen, 16 may 2013: including 15 years in the management of Bardusch management company mbH, Peter Hajdu moves after more than 30 years in the company, to the 01.01.2014 of the Supervisory Board. The Division is taken over by Hartmut Huss. Together with managing director Karsten Beisert, he runs the company from the 01.06.2013. Huss is responsible as Managing Director for the washing and processing operations, customer service and logistics. Peter Hajdu led the company very successfully. in 1988, he was appointed the head of Ettlingen branch.

He expanded the facility to the main building gradually. From 1994 to 1997, he was Deputy Managing Director. Since 1998, Peter Hajdu is Managing Director of Bardusch management mbH. Strategic acquisitions in Germany and the flair for investing in forward-looking technologies kenn – draw Hajdu’s career. During his time as a CEO grew Bardusch to one of the largest textile service providers in Europe. Currently Bardusch world’s 3,500 employees and generated a turnover of 290 million in 2012.

Hartmut Huss is since 1988 at Bardusch. He has the necessary experience and know-how in the laundry industry. After graduating in business administration and a training master textile cleaner, Huss on many Bardusch worked locations in Germany and abroad. Huss is responsible for the establishment and investments abroad since 2001. In 2010 he was appointed the Managing Director of BI Bardusch holding. Andreas Holzer holding takes over as successor of Hartmut Huss the BI Bardusch’s entire foreign trade, becoming colleague by Karsten Beisert. The future Chairman of the Management Board will stimulate more fresh. He begins his activity at the end of the year and brings decades of experience, in particular from the automotive industry.

Managing Director

Paul Weber, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Gross-Gerau supply GmbH, sees in the cooperation with the Cologne Electricity traders several advantages: power plants we work with next for 2012 in the direct marketing of electricity from renewable energy sources, as well as in the integration of our power generation facilities on the balancing energy market. With the commissioning by next for our balance district management and the regional direct marketing we take the next step power plants now. We rapidly can smooth now difference balance circle time rows, so quarters of an hour, where shortages occur. To read more click here: Tesla. But elsewhere we will have new options. Next we implement the concept of regional direct marketing power plants and can supply as our own consumer with the electricity from renewable energies, we produce in our biogas and photovoltaic systems.

Load management we hope to see positive impact through collaboration on our portfolio, because through the exact consideration of the load profiles of our end customers in the course of the quarter of an hour sharp balancing group management, other optimizations can be implemented.” Hendrik Samisch, founder of next Power plants and as a Managing Director responsible for the trading of electricity, looks especially for smaller and medium-sized municipal utilities added value in commissioning external electricity traders: the construction of an own 24/7-intra-day trading is labor – and knowledge-intensive and does not make business sense for many actors in the energy sector. Brian Krzanich oftentimes addresses this issue. Balancing energy costs saving by an external electricity traders is the Federal Network Agency has pointed out most recently on September 16, 2013 in its position paper to the balance group management. However, not only financially attractive but also very important for the overall system ” Next provides its own power plants, portfolio of services also at this year’s E-world in food expanded to intraday trading for third and regional direct marketing (11-13 February 2014) out. Interested parties will find the stand next power plants in Hall 1, stand number 413..

Managing Director

The region around Freiberg combines tradition, culture and an original landscape of Freiberg, 27.03.2013: month we have already committed him and also meteorological, we welcome spring at last. Time to say the winter blues goodbye and to plan your next trip into the great outdoors. How about for a hiking holiday in Freiberg and the scenic surroundings? Walking is healthy and relaxing at the same. The movement in the middle of the nature, the fresh air of the Woods and the Heavenly Peace invite you to release from the stress of everyday life and unwind. Our Freiberg hotel an ideal starting point for many hikes with different difficulties”, describes Christine Walcha, Managing Director of historic hotels in Freiberg. The region around Freiberg combines an original landscape, tradition and culture. The silver mining operated for centuries, you can discover all sorts of in the footsteps of the miners.

Boring it is not determined therefore in the old cultural landscape to Freiberg. Be quiet with a few days longer and let the history of silver mining a, where you can visit the witness of this much ancient history”, recommends the hotel manager of the old town hotels in Freiberg. There are several ways to explore the mountains around Freiberg, Saxony. Already in the Freiberg’s old town you can embark on the traces of silver and experience a historic mining exploration way. From here, there is a way to the area of the assumption treasure trove where already in the middle ages, intensive mining was operated. Officially the assumption known 18th century treasure trove, since the early. The pit area and number of workers, already the largest mine in the region was a century later. Until the closure of the mine at the beginning of the 19th century, nearly a half million kilograms Silver were promoted to days. At the end of the exploration rewarded with a magnificent view over the city, its historic buildings and charming one or the other night in Freiberg.

Robust Locking Pin

The new Traka-iFOB Bad Breisig, guarantees security in the electronic key management and access control 12.04.2013 – new manufacturing techniques now allow the manufacture of electronic locking pins by Traka (iFobs) using an automated process, which could increase the tensile strength by 84%, improves the protection class IP67 and the working temperature range 40 c to + 85 C extended. What are the differences? Since its launch in the early 1990s they were manufactured Traka-iFobs using a manual process. Here, the external and internal components with a hand press were sealed under Add a special adhesive. In the new design, now comes a special high-pressure injection technology, which allows you to encapsulate all the items into a solid unit. The contacts of the internal chip be first mechanically welded with the appropriate points of contact, before the subsequent encapsulation. This massive encapsulation gives a very high new Traka-iFob Resistance.

Tests showed that the new Traka iFob compared to the previous model has a 84% higher tensile strength. This means that now a pulling force must be applied by 1740 Newton, to usurp the iFob from its anchorage. This tractive force cannot be achieved without tools. Also the new Traka iFobs consist of a seam-free elastic strength brass alloy with galvanised nickel surface and get this its strength and extraordinary design. In addition, they have so-called information window showing the storage capacity on the one hand the Traka logo, and on the other side on both sides. Compatibility the new Traka iFobs are compatible with all existing Traka systems 100% and can be used within systems mixed with the previous models. Independently tested quality the new Traka iFobs were tested according to CE, FCC, CSA and UL standards. With regard to their suitability for different ambient conditions are Products in appropriate types of protection, so-called IP codes, divided.

Time Management

The time to write efficient and goal-oriented plan who got a text on a specific date, should start work as soon as possible. If you have plenty of time between the start of the work and the date of completion, it is good to dismantle the work where you can work every day with little effort, to have assembled the entire puzzle at the end in small pieces. It should begin with discipline to the target with a text work as early as possible. This one is not under time pressure and the work is performed regularly at the best day. There is a good discipline for good time management. “The word discipline” comes from Latin, and can be translated with following words: education, teaching, knowledge, erudition, custom, breeding and habit. For time management discipline as a habit is to understand a work to do so, it has become a habit.

Succeed, by long-term planning, and instead of a single great work phase multiple small phases of work taken into account. The success is much faster and is immediately visible. At the beginning of the work, the timing should be performed starting from the date of the completion of the text (deadline). You may wish to learn more. If so, Mark Bertolini is the place to go. Usually take theme making, outline and search the longest. Those phases, which is relatively smooth, and need also to less time than the previous phases are writing and correcting the text.

Whether a text is good or not, depends of the planning. If there is enough time for discussion, research and outline, then the text writes itself almost by itself, because all relevant information already been collected and sorted in advance. A small step guide for better time management at work text: Mark the deadline is in the calendar, so the day on which the text must be definitively finished. You organize your work in five phases: 1 theme making, 2 research, 3.

Wolfsburg Professional

Growing communities need regular cleaning of professional cleaning lady Wolfsburg is expected to grow. Therefore, now launched a housing initiative with 6,000 new housing units are to be created. That would mean an increase to 10,000 inhabitants on a total of around 130,000 inhabitants for the lower Saxon city. A professional cleaner such as offers the necessary support in all questions of basic cleaning for residential towns and housing authorities. Basic cleaning, but also other areas in housing units and on the grounds of residential complexes must be maintenance regularly cleaned and maintained. Minimize costs, housing quality get maid residential units for all areas with the creation of new, as it is now planned in Wolfsburg, has an increased burden in terms of cost, personnel, and material for the maintenance and cleaning of the apartments, as well as of other areas such as home automation, facade and grounds a town or housing management.

Here have residential and To minimize cities the opportunity, cost and by hiring a professional cleaner. It provides not only the regular cleaning of the apartments and staircases as well as professional coating of floors, so that dirt is no longer so easy sticking, but also the facade cleaning and an infrastructural and technical facility management. This technical facilities in the residential complexes are maintained and repaired if necessary. So, the professional cleaning lady is partner, if the elevator is broken, the heater has failed, or if an apartment before a new hire needs a thorough cleaning. Many tenants appreciate the services of a professional cleaning lady, because this increases the quality of living and apartments can be rented faster. Professional cleaning lady Kruger & Krueger for residential services and better quality of life the professional cleaning lady is a team of trained employees of Kruger & Kruger facility services GmbH, the internal as well as Exteriors of residential complexes and units cleans, maintains, repairs and permanently reduce the costs for cities and housing management helps. This is not least because that is minimized by regular cleaning and maintenance of all building areas of renovation and restoration effort. Because the professional cleaning lady offers all services for buildings such as residential units, eliminating the tiresome search for the suitable vendors for facade cleaning, deep cleaning and facility management. Related links on the subject of cleaning service for urban facilities by the professional cleaning lady: Kruger & Kruger facility services GmbH Tratzigerstrasse 21 22043 Hamburg Managing Director: Sven Kruger Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 / 413 66 199 0 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 413 66 199 9 Web: E-Mail:


Workshop executives of middle managers are frequently faced with new demands from customers for executives in Cologne and Dresden for the optimization of target agreements. In addition are often adjustments to the requirements of to reach company goals to make. Nevertheless, executives face the task to agree on binding and motivating targets with teams and employees. Support for challenge offers a workshop in the spring of 2013 in Cologne and Dresden. The speed in which changing markets, customers demand new products and corporate strategies and the associated goals change, continues to increase. This, especially the executives of middle managers increasingly face the task to customize team goals according to and agree with the employees of their responsibility. Executives as navigators are the mid-level managers in addition to their management duties frequently even in the operational day-to-day business included, but usually no longer have the in-depth detailed knowledge of its highly specialized staff. Their leadership task is similar to the a Navigator, which dictates the direction and objectives, delegated the operational implementation and the distances to the targets but to the employees.

For this purpose it is to make binding yet flexible goals over team goals. The previously usual cycle of a target agreement meeting per year is no longer sufficient. Rather, it is always then to renegotiate targets when course corrections are required. Vote how to team goals can be during the year objectives and the accompanying success control integrated in the already tight schedule of executives? Are given in the company the conditions, with all members of the team together to arrange team goals, rather than to make target agreements with each individual employee? This can not only valuable time saved will be, but at the same time to strengthen the team spirit and stimulated the creativity of each team member, his contribution to the common goals of the team to make.

Managing Director

In terms of costs, users will benefit from the Elimination of additional hardware or license costs. Also the maintenance, administration and update costs superfluous. By the fact that according to German law, the cloud OCR provided service and the server in Germany, norpa provides for data security and protection. The company guarantees that the documents submitted for the detection be stored no longer than necessary for performing text recognition. As the recognized text contents are not stored permanently. The data exchange with the server is encrypted with HTTPS, i.e. as surely as the access for online banking. -Demand payment without long-term commitment by the volume-based billing is useful can be used the norpa cloud OCR also for small quantities.

Costs and expenses can be reduced significantly through the Web solution and avoid investments in the expansion of IT own. The pay-as-you-go (or even prepaid) pricing model allows the needs-based booking of OCR services without long-term contracts with recurring payments. The paid quota is 90 days can be extended at any time. Thanks to the online payment processing, the quota is already a few moments after the order for the use. Christian Emmrich, Managing Director of says norpa GmbH: Our cloud OCR is just the beginning.

We will expand additional functionalities, such as, for example, the extraction of pure text from a PDF and Office documents, as well as a bar code recognition. the service in the near future” About norpa GmbH the norpa GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg and Brandenburg, Hennigsdorf/Germany, develops and sells software solutions to optimize processes, in particular in SMEs. Focus ERP and POS systems as well as integrated solutions for document management (DMS/ECM) and for the automated processing of paper-based data (OCR/ICR). Editorial Contacts: norpa GmbH Christian Emmrich airport str. 52a D-22335 Hamburg phone: + 49 40 609461290 PR agency of good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-12