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Housing Protection Officer

August 31, 2016


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Housing official protection after recognizing the overvaluation of house prices the Bank of Spain says that the more to inflate this bubble greater the risk that the necessary adjustment occurs in a more abrupt manner than is desirable’. As result, Minister Rato admitted political responsibilities by the escalation of prices of real estate. What contribution these new information? Firstly, the Monetary Authority in the oversize insistence on prices and the real estate stock quantity. Secondly, the risk that, for economic stability, adds the current upturn in the urbanisation phenomenon which is spreading unchecked through the territory, causing excess of cranes and the scarcity of trees today offer a surreal landscape unique in Europe. Thirdly, that the Government recognizes to have in their hands a hot potato of enormous proportions that, paradoxically, himself has fueled by real estate sector the main national industry. Of the housing must official protection cannot be neither buy or sell today. The abolition of the deduction for purchase of residence as of January 1, 2011 for income exceeding 24,000 euros and the increase in VAT in July 2010 have resulted in an increase in the sale of homes the past year, after the consecutive declines from 2007 (- 12.4%), 2008 (- 32.6%) and 2009 (- 17.8%). In the fourth quarter of 2010, a total of 150.268 homes, were sold, representing an increase of 14.2% versus the same period of 2009. In terms of the typology of the homes sold in 2010, 199.803 correspond to new work, which represents 40.7 per cent of the total number of transactions and 291.528, 59.3%, used housing.

Hongxing Mining Machinery

August 24, 2016


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In the promotion of rapid economic development our crusher industry has accounted for half of the market and it is gradually get the international level. However, in the process of development and growth and maturity, more and more problems come out, It is such as follow. Since 2009, the mining crushing industry has been undergoing rapid development with the support of the national policy. Before the reform and opening up policy, the sand stone production was to some degree in the state of backwardness. The mode of production is very lagging behind.

There were few full sets of large crushing machinery in use. What s worse, the surrounding place were often sparsely populated and the transportation is not so god. However, with the introduction of reform and opening up policy and the rapid development of infrastructure construction, great change has taken place in the sand stone production industry at the same time. To make scientific and technological progress in gravel industry, Hongxing Mining Machinery has introduced advanced technology from home and abroad to meet the demand of the domestic market. The leading products in our company are crushing equipment, sand making machine, mobile crushing station, and grinding mill which are widely used in mining, building materials, roads, bridges, coal, chemical, metallurgy, refractoriness and other industries.

We constantly develop new product, from hydraulic jaw crusher to strong counterattack crusher, from PCL impact crusher to VIS crusher, our large crushing machinery have become catch equipment employed in the construction of highway, railway, high-rise buildings, municipal engineering, and hydroelectric dam construction and so on. To a service-oriented brand integrity, As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of machinery, like sand washer mining, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.ore flotation equipment: Our impact crusher is featured with large particle size and average final product size. Hongxing provides different type of impact crusher used in limestone production. Our impact breaker is good in quality and after sale service. Limestone is the main material in making cement, lime and calcium carbide, and it is also essential to the flux in smelting industry limestone. After crushing and grinding, the limestone is widely used in many fields in our society. As the indispensable raw material in modern society, it is also non-renewable resources. Therefore, to efficiently use it is the basis of industrial progress and sustainable development. The physical properties of limestone is small hardness, brittleness, combined with the limestone production line multi-break less milling in limestone crushing stage to try to produce the best coexistence, so impact crusher is the most suitable for crushing equipment for limestone in the production line. Effective and practical investment. The same yield of production lines, equipment prices will have a big difference. But most of the high price of the equipment operating costs relatively low. This first purchase the equipment according to their current ability. When people have a big budget they can select a high-performance.

Traffic Web

August 24, 2016


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A website without traffic Web is nothing!, and I mean literally nothing, if there are no visitors that are constantly coming to you page is like having a business without customers, as a commercial center entirely closed. Actually the traffic is the most important of any business on the internet, is the blood of business, no sales without people and without sales there is no money. Intel often says this. and as you probably know there are different methods to get more visitors to your web site, free, pay, and some others, and now I’m going to explain a few. Among the methods free to generate Web traffic are these Marketing Viral Marketing with articles La Web 2.0 blogging simply make content! Some say that free traffic generation are slow and don’t really work, but really are; long-term shape more effective and lasting to bring traffic to your web site. With free strategies your going to win credibility in the market, that there will be too much content yours and when they see your content you know you’re an expert in the area, the best way to bring visitors is good post CONTENT also there are ways to generate Web traffic, paying for visitors you receive in your page within these forms the only one that I can truly recommend is the pay per click, really this is the way more quickly and seriously effective to bring visitors to your web site with this technique your can literally have in 15 minutes! This pay per click means that your going to pay an amount for each visitor that comes to your website, but with this technique, you must be very careful to not finish paying more than they desire. Well, now that you know some ways to generate Web traffic, secure that you need to know much more and not stay with this knowledge I have given. Therefore I want to tell you that has been created a course where teach you step by step, how to use these and many other strategies for generation of traffic more advanced. And really if your manage to know and apply all of these strategies you taught in the course then you’re ready to generate all the visits that you want when you want!

Wall Air Conditioners

August 20, 2016


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In Russia, the deserved success with consumers enjoy the air conditioning the Japanese company Mitsubishi. Wall air conditioning Mitsubishi is perfect for small areas conditioning facilities. In 2008, went on sale new HG series home wall air-conditioners by 22 freon: SRK20HG/SRC20HG, SRK28HG/SRC28HG, SRK40HG/SRC40HG. This wall-mounted air conditioners cooling capacity of 2 to 4 kW, which have kept excellent processing properties and high reliability of the previous series of HD, but changed the appearance of the indoor unit. The new design has a pronounced brutal nature and is more rigorous lines. Board microprocessor wall air-conditioners of the HG is protected by special silicone layer that protects against moisture and long life. In the wall air conditioners of the HG has a function of self-cleaning indoor unit evaporator, which eliminates the formation of mildew and unpleasant odors in the indoor unit. Within two hours after stopping the air conditioner automatically enabled its purification.

This feature can be disabled by the user. The structure of the HG wall air-conditioners included panel Tourmaline coated with constantly generating negative ions. Even when the air conditioner does not work, the concentration of negative ions up to 2500 – 3000 per cu. See, that is the same as in the woods near a stream or near a waterfall. At This does not make any extra energy. When running the air conditioner efficiency of the ionization process is greatly increased. In addition to the regulatory system of the air flow, allowing uniform blow all the room in the design of the HG wall air-conditioners using the principle of stabilizing the optimized corrugation, which provides a smooth air flow. This allows you to minimize noise at work air conditioner, since the interaction of air flow and fan is minimized.

In the wall air conditioners used the HG washable photocatalytic deodorizing filter. Due to be restored deodorizing filter is a reusable function. If the filter is dirty, to restore the deodorizing function should only wash the filter with water and dried in the sun. Filter keeps the air inside premises with fresh, he picks up molecules that cause odors. One component of the filter is titanium oxide. Wall air conditioning Mitsubishi Series HG – this is an excellent choice of HVAC equipment in terms of price and quality to create the ideal climate in the apartment.


August 20, 2016


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Each place transmits different impressions, for example, the offices average in City of Mexico, can work well for any type of professions. Familiarzate Toma in account that to know the area where it is going to be your office is crucial, since colonies and districts in City of Mexico vary enormously, perhaps more than in other cities of the country. Czech the impression that causes to the zone as well as the local services and the access to the area. She asks the owner of the office information on the zone. She requests storage you need if it How much storage you need? The first rule that you must take into account is that the office and the warehouse count on a good security system, not only technological, but also human. It considers what you are going to store, how valuable is for your company, and whereupon frequency you need to accede to him. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Brian Krzanich.

Once again it takes into account the connections from transport. Offices with access outside workable hours Question if you have access outside workable hours and if there is security to those hours. Perhaps this is not a problem, because in City of Mexico, the office schedules usually extend more than eight hours. It investigates the permissible uses of your office If your company needs some special use you will have to ask if the office that you want to rent account with permission for the type of use that you require. Ten in account that a change of use can attract the request of new permissions and licenses, which implies a greater investment.

Positions by services Investigate if the positions by services are including in the price of the rent of offices. There are positions extra by the use of boardrooms, service of cafeteria, WiFi, storage and parking? Ten in account that the parking normally is very expensive in City of Mexico. To tone with the neighbors you Consider the turn of those who rent the contiguous offices to yours, perhaps would not like to have like neighbor to your competition, for example. Take very into account the type of businesses that will be your neighbors in case you are especially decided by the rent of an office. Speech with the neighboring neighbors Your business can give valuable information you about the traps of the office or of the zone, probably you would not realize many of them until after months. To speak with other companies in the area, you can bring benefits.

Long Cables

August 19, 2016


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Cable NYM-J, NYM-O 0,66 kV power cables with copper conductors with PVC insulation, PVC sheathed with a filling of unvulcanized rubber. Construction: 1. Conductor – copper, round form, 1 and class 2 according to GOST 22483. 2. Insulation – PVC (PVC). 3. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Elon Musk has to say. Stranding – insulated multicore cables are twisted. 4.

Belt insulation – from the unvulcanized rubber compound, single-core cables NYM brands are played without zonal isolation. 5. Jacket – PVC, gray. The number of cable with green-yellow symbol veins (with protective conductor) NYM-J Cable without green-yellow symbol (without protective conductor) brands NYM-O Usage: For industrial electricity stationary installations joining appliances for domestic use in stationary installations for rated voltage up to 380/660 V, 50 Hz nominal (NYM TU) and the voltage of 300/500 (NYM to DIN VDE). For installation in dry and humid production areas, the special cable racks, in boxes, in the industrial and residential buildings.

For electrical power, requiring the sealing of cables at the input. Cables are not recommended for installation in the ground (trenches). Specifications: – Operating temperature range: from +40 C to -30 C – Relative humidity up to 98% at +35 C – laying and installation of cables without preheating is performed at a temperature not lower than: -15 C – bend radius when installing: not less than 7.5 outer diameters. – Test voltage ac 50 Hz: 2.5 kW – Long-term allowable temperature of live cables in the operation: max +70 C – Max temperature at short circuit, no more than 160 C – Duration of short circuit no more than 4 seconds. – Build the cables, not less than 50 m – Lifetime, no less than 40 years-warranty period – 5 years (from date of entry of cables in operation, but no later than 6 months from the date of manufacture) OKP codes: 35 2122 5800 – NYM-O 35 2122 5900 – NYM-J

Zlatoust Equipment

August 19, 2016


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Manufacture and sale of equipment for manufacturing building blocks "Riphean" is one of the leaders of the Russian market of construction equipment – plant "Construction" located in the city of Zlatoust. Ruler product has several options for equipment intended for the manufacture of concrete products by vibropressing. This modern technique allows to saturate the market a variety of names of concrete products – paving slabs, blocks, which are widely used in the construction industry. Zlatoust vibropress can be stationary or mobile. Today buy vibropress many companies tend to engaged in construction, road works, landscaping objects for different purposes. One of the most popular models is vibropress for blocks, "Condor-1." This technique has good performance and low operational costs. This vibropress has small dimensions, it can be used in confined spaces. "Condor-1 'owners often choose suburban areas garages.

The equipment has high rates of productivity – using the press, you can make 450 or masonry paving 30 square meters per 8-hour shift. However, even at the end work products are of impeccable quality. Constant demand on the market uses production equipment for paving, "Riphean-Buran". This model is available in different trim levels, so each customer can focus on their needs. "Riphean-Buran" is able to reduce production costs by more than 20%, underscoring the benefits of its use.

This new development engineers plant "Construction", which is based on the method of semi vibropressing. This technology allows you to use and handle the concrete mixtures of different rigidity. To change the range of products used special equipment – node "punch-matrix". With this equipment can produce about 15 types of pavers, paving stones and tiles. Performance and reliability are other vibropress of "Construction" for example, "Riphean-Wagon" – a mini-production line of various range of concrete products. It works with hard concrete mixtures, reducing production costs.


August 19, 2016


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Pycnometer P-1 is designed to determine the density of cement. Sometimes it is necessary to measure the density of the cement. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mark Bertolini has to say. There is a special device called a pycnometer. Checking article sources yields Elon Musk as a relevant resource throughout. It determines the density liquids and solids, which is a glass flask with a narrow tube fitted with a label to which the liquid is poured. There is a pyknometers by various authors, differ from one another form, the presence of a thermometer and other details. In determining the density of the pycnometer is weighed first empty, then filled with water up to the mark, and (after drying) filled with test fluid to the same label. Very easy to use side-pycnometer capillary tube, which has a stopper body is a thermometer.

The main advantages of the method for determining the density pycnometric: High accuracy; the use of small amounts of substances; small area of free surface fluid in the pycnometer, which virtually eliminates evaporation and absorption of moisture from the air; Separate temperature control of operations and subsequent weighing. Specifications: Capacity pycnometer according to GOST 26798.1 must be within the limits cm : 100 5 Capacity and weight of the pycnometer are determined and be certified by the manufacturer. Overall dimensions: 41h122 5 Includes: glass pycnometer, cover and manual. 'Chemical' – a wide range of chemical products, equipment and appliances. Chemical products for industrial and laboratory supplies, organic and inorganic acids and bases, salts with organic and inorganic acids, organic solvents, indicators. Equipment necessary for normal functioning of a modern laboratory: nefteanaliza equipment, chromatographic and electrochemical analysis equipment to analyze the physical and chemical parameters of all media, as well as laboratory equipment to support the selection and training samples, weighing equipment, thermostat and heating equipment, mixing devices, electrical laboratory equipment. Hydrometer ADB-1, EBE-2 Viscometer, Cone spreadability of the CD-1, CTC Laboratory LGR-3 mixer LMR-1, OM-Drain 2, pycnometer P-1, instrument Vick, BM-6, SVC-01, KC-3 KC-5, SNS-2, Stalagmometr ST-1, PKN-unit 2, cylinder stability CA-2. NTF-acid-OEDF acid, lime, borax, 5 water, 10 water, Mel, caustic soda technical, Polyelectrolyte MIC-402 and Silica gel IBC, KSKG, SHSMG, Sulfatsell-2 Sulfonol, Activated carbon, mud powder, barite, dolomite weighting, CSSC, Neonol, saponified tall pitch VPRG reagent (dry hydrolyzed polyacrylonitrile) Reapon, Sial, FHLS-M, GL-1 Graphite, Graphite lubricants, greases, thread and surfactant consignment note PKD-515, Wetting OP-7 OP-10, Penta-465, CMC, PAC-B, PAC-N SNPH, Vikor corrosion inhibitor.

The Diameter

August 19, 2016


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A triangular groove on a system of measures is divided by a metric and dyuymouyu. Thread having a profile view of an equilateral triangle with an apex angle equal to 60 , called the metric. It is used in instrumentation and engineering. The outer diameter of the screw or the inner diameter of the holes with metric thread is measured in millimeters, and the pitch millimeters and fractions of a millimeter. Inch thread has the same profile form as the metric, but the apex angle is 55 .

It differs from a metric thread a big step, measured in inches. When assembling plumbing parts used inch thread. Inch thread is mounting and pipe. Mounting thread differs from pipe in that it has a big step, gives a strong connection, is used for cutting bolts, nuts, rods and holes. Pipe thread used to connect pipes. It is smaller mounting, as the depth of its limited thickness of the pipe walls.

Due to the large number of threads per one inch length of cut pipe thread density is much more fixing. Screw mounting thread by hand Screw the male thread. Male threads on bolts, screws and rods are hand-cut dies. Depending on your plate are prismatic, sliding, solid round prismatic plates consist of two identical halves, which reinforces the die stock having the shape of a frame with handles. On the two outer sides of these plates are prismatic grooves, which include prismatic protrusions die stock. Sliding plate set in the die stock so that the numbers / and 2 halves of the dice were against the corresponding numbers marked on the frame. Otherwise, the thread will be incorrect. Fixed plate stop screw. Between persistent screw and plate steel plate is placed, a biscuit, so that when pressed, screw die not burst. Circular plate-reinforcing in vorotke lerkoderzhatele (46 g) with two or four stubborn screws. To obtain the correct thread necessary that the diameter of the rods and drilled holes corresponded to the size of the thread. Sliding rams as well as with the threading of the machine can cut a full thread with small deviations diameter rod. When threading round dies are not allowed one piece of deviation in diameter of the rod being cut. In the larger diameter of the rod thread is smooth, with a smaller – incomplete. Bolts when cutting Thread strengthen vertically in a vise. Sliding dies cut the threads in two or three passes, and circular – 'one pass'.

The Manufacture Of Mailboxes

August 19, 2016


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All about mailboxes Vilaris company produces about 10 years multisectional mailboxes made of metal. Our company is delighted to ultimately offer you my services in the production of the mailboxes on the order. multisectional mailboxes can be seen in almost every home. They are located both in the office centers, as well as in high rise buildings. Mailboxes are required for anyone who wishes to receive correspondence. As has been said before, our company engaged in manufacturing mailboxes, so we are happy to fulfill your order. Based on their needs of our customers, our designers are ready to develop and produce for you to complete various mailboxes. We produce individual mailboxes.

Our company also manufactures mailboxes “vandal”, which recently gained its popularity. Ltd. manufactures Vilaris mail yaschikiiz sheet metal by special technology, they are covered with waterproof paint. Metal thickness, as well as a sketch of your future mailbox carefully coordinated with the managers. You can make quite an individual order. Color painted mailboxes determined by a professional color table of our company. Also we can paint the walls of the mailbox in a different color. We offer excellent kachestvo.Press release prepared by the Advertising Department Ltd.