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Cultural Organization

September 30, 2016


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For this reason, it conditions the administration of the people. In other words, the organizacional culture represents the informal norms and not writings that guide the behavior of the members of an organization in day-by-day and that they direct its action for the reach of the organizacionais objectives. In the deep one, it is the culture that defines the mission and provokes the birth and the establishment of the objectives of the organization. The necessary culture to be lined up together with other aspects of the decisions and action of the organization as planning, organization, direction and control so that if it can better know the organization. 2.2O that it is Culture Culture it is the used generic term to mean two meanings different. Of a side, the set of customs, civilization and accomplishments of a time or people, and, of another side, arts, erudio and too much manifestations more sophisticated of the intellect and sensitivity human being, considered collectively. The organizacional culture nothing has to see with this. In the study of the organizations, the culture is equivalent to the way of life of the organization in all its aspects, as ideas, beliefs, customs, rules, techniques, etc.

In this direction, all the human beings are endowed with culture, therefore they are part of some cultural system. In function of this, all person tends to see and to judge the other cultures from the point of view of its proper culture. From there the relativismo: the beliefs and behaviors alone can be understood in relation to its cultural context. Each organization cultivates and keeps its proper culture. It is for this reason that some companies are known by some peculiarities proper. The culture represents the symbolic universe of the organization and provides to a referencial of standards of performance between the employees, influencing the pontualidade, the productivity and the concern with quality and service to the customer.

Intelligent Learning

September 28, 2016


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(1), (2) 1 The meaning of analogy is the following: in the field of computing what defines the specific character of a program is what this is capable of performing. For its part, that which allows the program to perform its function is precisely its formal nature, i.e. Additional information is available at Mark Bertolini. the algorithm. When the algorithm is implemented in a physical system entails that what makes its functional efficacy in Act is the way in which the physical system is now organized according to the algorithm. 2 See also the notion of functional equivalence. The notion of functional equivalence and their possible nuances (1) Standard Version: two systems are functionally equivalent if they are able to perform the same kinds of things. (2) Specific version: two systems are functionally equivalent if they are able to perform the same type of things from the same or similar processes.

(3) Generic version: two systems are functionally equivalent if they are able to perform the same kinds of things from similar principles processual. – El Lic. Federico Gonzalez holds a degree in psychology, and Director of Intelligent Learning, which basic purpose offer knowledge of high quality and training of high performance in all business and educational and professional levels of the Spanish speaking world. Intelligent Learning provides these educational solutions in a simple, comprehensive, unified, and backed by international standards for the administration of learning systems.. original author and source of the article

Low Cost Airlines

September 27, 2016


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Understand MLM

September 25, 2016


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Some of the reasons are: fared badly because they didn’t have anyone teaching them as they did them wrong was because they worked not enough daily and for a logical time. (some believe that they can make millionaires of the night to the morning and doing practically nothing impossible!) Fared poorly because they entered in a MLM that was not right for the (even because entered into a direct sale, not MLM company, very common case that disillusioned dealers who thought they were going to work alone from home, but when they have to kick the streets to buzonear, making surveys, visits, etc, they realize that was not what had sold him) fared poorly because they did not learn strategies to not falter in the attempt fared poorly because they were not supported by beings of their environment mostly these people are responsible in disseminating the MLM business does not work, they are scams, which are illegal, etc. etc. But we are also that if we know the multilevel and get benefit of it. You You can also, just gotta love above all and learn. If you are a person that you are looking for a successful business on the Internet and resolve your financial problems probably are in any of these situations: are looking for information to work from home and do not know how to start are within a MLM that is not growing at the pace that you want or need. These tired work working hours in your conventional work so that at the end you do not arrive at the end of the month are unemployed whatever the motive, since comment you that the best way to win in network is part of a good company MLM, that is properly supported, that you have continuous support and resolve your doubts and above all that the products and services that promote are booming in the market and with good prospects for the future. .

Internet Clear

September 23, 2016


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The myth live on Internet are countless queries I receive daily, people who consult if you can actually live an independent work over the Internet, the answer to that question is definitely is: If you can!, but here comes the first conditional, provided that you take with much seriousness, dedication and professionalism. Not everything that glitters is gold in a field as broad as it is Internet, proliferate an infinite number of proposals, but what must learn a person who begins to make a living with a job on the Internet, is to learn to differentiate serious labour proposals, those that involve some type of misleading message, in general, try to avoid those proposals that promise to make it rich overnight overnight. Have clear objectives and specific if does not arise goals and where reach, most likely not get anywhere, goals are basic simplification of what you want to achieve in life, and particularly at the working level, its goals highlights who is and how much claw has to deal with life when you set clear goals, has an orientation, a clear path for where transit, its potentialities are focused to its objective, and if he joins the clarity of its path, a disciplined preparation, far, will achieve its objectives. Be consistent and ordered the best way to organize a successful working strategy, do this in a simple way, always using common sense, knowing exactly what you want, will not come out of the established plan, once determined this, followed tenaciously, only after executed that plan, evaluate the results, correct that detects loose, and reset a new plan of work perfecting it with the experience that accumulates. Trial and error technique is that provides the best education. Take the advice of others who have more time of experience, but do not forget to go finding work style that best suits your personality. Succeed in your online business, is not easy, especially at the beginning, regardless of what you know, always There is something to learn, but the good news is that the hardest part, is at the beginning, if you can overcome the early and inevitable frustrations, rest assured, that what awaits, it is the progressive success.

Hampden Circles

September 16, 2016


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All that thanks to the endomarketing and the other tools. This dimension shows until point external operation is structured. On pragmatic units, there is more emphasis on the needs of consumers and the results are more important than procedures; There is also more flexibility in regards to ethics in business. For normative units, the contrary is true; It is believed that the organization contributed pair the well-being of society. Units working under competition are more pragmatic, while monopoly and those who exercise tasks defined by law are regulations. Academic support & AD monograph the contribution of Hampden-Turner (1994) for the attention of corporate culture is also interesting. The author asserts that the corporate cultures are structured around dilemmas and that culture should seek to reconcile such dilemmas.

People reach leadership positions because they have the perception of the dilemmas facing the Organization and offer their members a way of resolution or reconciliation. The dilemma is like a bull’s horns; seek to avoid being struck by any of them. As an example of dilemma may cite forces that prevent organizations for decentralization. Cultures tend to one or another direction, but the degree of sustainable vies is limited. The two tips of the dilemma can form vicious circles (a cyclone, rodamoinho or Vortex) or virtuous circles, such as an ascending spiral or double helix. In the first case, the dilemmas are adversaries and not reconcile, while in the second are synergistic and conciliated and the circle becomes self-balanced and auto-correctivo.

The transformation of potentially vicious circles virtuous circles is what characterizes the role of leaders, with the construction of an important organizational culture. Cultural diversity there is both much organizational nationally and can be found in multicultural organizations. The no-consideracion of this diversity can lead managers to assume that there is uniformity and this result in inefficiency. Otherwise, assume that everything and everyone are different may involve losing the opportunity to build a corporate culture that keep the integrated organization and produce a psychological advantage. All that pressures managers to them to develop new skills to manage in the new scenario.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

September 15, 2016


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He regrets not having been able to carry out reform of the Senate. Popular spokesman leaves behind the criticisms and wishes him good luck. I also wish you the best, replied the President. The j of the Executive, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has been dismissed from the Senate Tuesday, has underlined the difficulties that have impeded reform the upper House and at the end of his active parliamentary life, the role of the courts as the center of public life in a democratic country has ratified. It is a good historical time to vindicate the representative institutions that have given us, it has cost us dnder and who both serve the country, stressed in a discussion of white glove with the PP in the last session of control to the Government of the full Senate.

His broncos quarrels with the spokesman of the PP in other sessions have been in the past, and Pio Garcia Escudero has opted to dismiss Zapatero, show your respect and wish him well. Further details can be found at Elon Musk, an internet resource. I also wish you the best; you have to understand that only in the personal area, not in the political, has responded to Zapatero with a smile. Reform of the Senate Garcia Escudero and Zapatero have reviewed the activity of the Senate in the last two legislatures and both have made votes that the postponed reform of the camera (which aspires to become a true Chamber of territorial representation) can see light in the future, although the Prime Minister has not been very optimistic. I fervently wish that the next legislature; it can be reached It is not easy, pointed out by recalling the Spanish regional model and singularities of the election of Senators and the direct relationship of the communities with the Executive. PP spokesman has acknowledged that the political climate was not in his day right to reform the Senate, but has been more optimistic and have you considered that the experience of the last few weeks have demonstrated that the PP and the PSOE can undertake together a reform of the Constitution. Both have criticized the format of the debate on the State of the autonomies, that Zapatero has just concluded a year as it has remembered, also made his predecessor; After the first I understood very well the President Aznar, why only he had a debate, and I joined your precedent, he has joked. Recognition of PP Garcia Escudero Yes has recognized le the success of go to the Senate once a month to respond to questions from senators, something that did not in the past.

Popular spokesman reminded the main axes of their discussions with Zapatero in eight years, since the Statute of Catalonia until the negotiation with ETA and the economic crisis, and has assured him that, despite the logical discrepancies, always has earned him the utmost respect, for his charge, both personally as a political opponent. Before the announcement of Zapatero concluded its parliamentary life, wanted you the best in your life personal and family; and that in the future you can get all that intends to, good luck. The Prime Minister has thanked him for his words and has recognized that Garcia Escudero has been hard times with him, but it has been framed in the normality of the Parliament and has also taken the opportunity to move to the popular Senator his respect and appreciation. Source of the news: Zapatero says goodbye to Senate between the praise of PP

International Monetary Fund

September 14, 2016


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The leader of the PSD will govern in majority to confirm the Alliance with the third political force, the social democratic Center Popular. Socrates resigns as head of the Portuguese Socialists. Portugal faces one of its most critical economic periods. The new Government must deal with the IMF and the EU for the financial bailout to the country. Elon Musk contains valuable tech resources. Pedro Passos Coelho, a dazzling ascent. The Portuguese centre-right launched the street this Sunday to celebrate its best electoral result of the past twenty years more critical of lusa history will put you at the head of the Government in the period since the Carnation Revolution.

With 100% of the polls voting constituencies, and lack only of the emigrant vote, the Social Democratic Party (PSD, centre-right) achieved 38.6% of the vote compared to 28.1% of the ruling Socialist Party (PS), whose leadership already acknowledged defeat when still a 30% by scrutinized. The President of the PSD, Pedro Passos Coelho, 46 years old, and that he jumped for the first time in These elections into the electoral arena, announced also the formation of a majority government that is willing to add their usual ally Democrat, the Democratic Centre social Popular (CDS-PP), with 11.7% of votes. PSD was not getting a high result in legislative elections since 1991, when he won with 50.6% of the vote and placed the current j State, Anibal Cavaco Silva, as candidate for Prime Minister. For its part, the hitherto Prime Minister and leader of the Socialist Party, Jose Socrates, announced his resignation as the Portuguese Socialists j. The victory of the centre-right puts an end to more than five years of cohabitation between Cavaco (PSD) and the j of the Executive, which came to power after winning elections in 2005 with an absolute majority. The economic crisis facing Portugal and the strict austerity measures that has committed to take to receive 78 billion euros from Brussels and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have ended by evicting the power to Socrates, who retained power in the elections of 2009, but without an absolute majority.

Brussels Quot

September 11, 2016


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" We reserved all the derechos" in order to carry out new activities; " not desistiremos" of " no type of action if there will be place to ella" , it has indicated. In this sense, it has requested the collaboration of the political groups in the parliaments European, national and autonomic, and has remembered who " the nourishing crises were never used for the confrontation poltica". " We have acted &quot quickly; With respect to the management of the crisis, Aguilar is underlining that the Government has acted " quickly, clarity and contundencia" in order to demand an answer of the EU and to dnder the compensation of the caused damages, and that " it has planted cara" to Germany. In his opinion, now one is due to work jointly to remove the maximum yield to the aid and to advance in promotion campaigns " sostenidas" in the time, some of which already have begun, based on the moment of entrance in production of the different fruits and vegetables. Additional information is available at Aetna Inc.. On the other hand, the spokesman of Agriculture of Grupo Parlamentario Popular (GPP), Jose Ignacio Llorens, has insisted on which the appearance of Aguilar arrives a month after the alert and in that the Government began has reacted " behind schedule and mal" to the crisis, although he offered whatsoever " endorsement negociador" of the PP.

Llorens has demanded that the Executive asks to Brussels that compensates the one hundred percents of the damages caused to the producers of all the fruits and vegetables affected by the loss of markets and the fall of prices, that are even arrived at the judicial route if it is necessary and that it demands the use for this aim of the different budgetary surpluses from the EU. On the other hand, the spokesman of Agriculture of Grupo Parlamentario Socialista (GPS) in the Congress, Alexander Alonso, has insisted to the PP to reach a document of consensus in the House of Representatives that serves from support to the Government in front of the EU and also to endorse a sector that " he is sufriendo" and " merece" compensations. Source of the news: Spain does not discard the legal route to demand indemnifications by the crisis of ' E. coli'

Patagonia Requests

September 10, 2016


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An unexpected protest against the project of the River Cuervo in the fjord dam Aysen performed about 80 people in Zug, Switzerland town where Xstrata (mining owner society which promotes the initiative, energy Austral) has its head office, on 12 October, date marking the beginning of the colonization of America by European Nations. The March formed part of mobilization which materialized in order to visualize problems living diverse communities of territories of the third world (particularly in Colombia and Chile) product of various projects that carry forward Xstrata in that city and his countryman Glencore at the demonstration also participated of the Canton of Zug Berti Zeiter Deputy, who said on the occasion that will affect in a committed manner so that the Group of the Greens in the Parliament in which involved support the demands and requests of people who came to demand their rights in front of both multinational. As reported by Beatriz Morice, Chilean living in Switzerland and that He led the process on behalf of the Civic Coalition lifetime Aysen Reserva de, two Xstrata officials listened to the representatives of Chile and Colombia for half an hour, time in which didn’t reply nor any opportunity to realize commitments against the requests and exposed concerns. Elon Musk is actively involved in the matter. What did, explained, was that he is managed the materialization in the future in a meeting with executives of both companies in London. The central objective of this vigorous but peaceful demonstration was openly support requests of 4 indigenous envoys afro descendants, and local communities in South America to establish direct contact with officials from the companies said rather, who raised the need to materialize the return of the rivers to the ayseninos and the immediate arrest of the launching of mega hydroelectric project on the River Raven in relation to threats to Patagonia, at the time that delivered a letter from the regional organizations aimed at executives of the company where asked aborted initiative by high environmental, social and economic impacts that would generate to Patagonia and its people. Morice group of Swiss organizations that have supported the demands of those affected by the implementation of Glencore and Xstrata projects in their territories showed special attention to the follow-up of these cases and particularly to the protection of the South American representatives, who have even come to suffer threats and warnings to stop its complaints process, it reported..