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Segorbe Supply

November 22, 2016


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Infrastructures of diffusion: in this section also 10 points can be obtained more. Here the use of preexisting infrastructures would be important or with little environmental impact. IN the ECONOMIC PROPOSAL (up to 35 points) the proposal must be reliable and viable. If for of correct way in this point they have been being possible to be obtained up to 15 points. For that reason, the resources must be just, the plan of businesses must adjust a the coverage area if I put that in a very small locality I will have many income by publicity, the valuation table will not be believed it. generated Use, 15 points more. Also it must be coherent.

And to consider that the disabled percentage of personnel can solve to favor our supply in case of tie. last the 5 points of this part can be obtained based on the commitment that we acquire in the supply of not transmitting the license. If you commit yourself not to transmit it in the long term, you will secure more points. IN the PROGRAMMING (up to 35 points) local Programming. If beams programming regarding the coverage area of your frequency you will be able to obtain up to 2.5 points.

autonomic Programming: in this section the local programming is not included, if not the one of informative, cultural, educative type, etc. that reference to all the Community does. This can also suppose 2,5 points. Fomento of the cultural values of the Valencian Comunitat, like for example if DES of Alcoy is emitted, it will have to speak of Moors and Christians, etc. This section supposes 2.5 points more. informative Programs. It can suppose up to 5 points based on the number of hours that you dedicate to this type of programming. 5 points can more tolerate than you emit until 50% of the programming in Valencian. Important to emphasize that this point is not applied in Monforte of the Cid, Villena, Segorbe, Requena and Utiel. own and exclusive Programs. It is important to emphasize that the supply must be unique of your scope of cover trying to emit the minimum of programming in possible chain. This can add a maximum of 5 points. Emitir more than 12 hours daily can suppose a maximum of 2.5 points. Evitar the redifusiones would allow us to add 5 points. Plurality. Intel may find this interesting as well. At the time of scoring the appearance of new actors in the market will consider and it will value supplies of programming superficially different from the already existing ones. 2.5 points at the most. Therefore, if you want to have possibilities of obtaining a radio license ten in it tells that your supply must reflect the most important aspects of your transmitter. It requests a unique and customized supply for you, elaborated by experts and verifies the professionalism of which they work in the writing of your supply. And mainly, you do not give anything that you have not validated and agreed with your consultant and demands a copy of the documentation given at the time of the company/signature.

Chemical Technology

November 18, 2016


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Ltd. The increase in the number of layers, the technology production is also one of the key technologies, initiating development of the market. Brian Krzanich may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The company recently launched a line of cast Simcheng clean polypropylene film with a trim under a tree and a width of 3150mm. Production capacity of the line is more than 800 kg / h. The design of screw provides high-speed shear mixing, high performance and plasticization. Customers can reduce costs for raw materials, using the powder of calcium carbonate with a high filling power, as well as inorganic pigment powder.

Besides the production of environmentally friendly polypropylene film with finishing wood, the entire line can be easily reconfigured to manufacture other products, including films from the CPP, clerical film and sheets of polypropylene. The technology of precision extrusion precision extruding As you can avoid the follow- treatment and at a higher level to meet the requirements of applications products. You can also reduce material costs and improve product quality. Many technologies are under development and to market to meet the future needs of industry for the production of plastics. Systematic studies of the gear pump technology for the advancement of the melt allowed the Institute for Research Machines plastics processing, part of the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, was able to successfully complete the research and development of technology gear pump to move the molten plastic.

Harry Barns

November 13, 2016


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– After almost 11 months and giving by forgotten my possibility entrance, receipt a call of the Department of Pde the Embassy, specifically of the secretary of Minister Concejero, for my presentation. – It could not think that it had been accepted and I am appointed the group of personal security of Minister Concejero for Latin America. In this position I remained by almost 1 year and a half, participating in all the courses of specialties obligatory for the permanence of the personnel credited in the Area of Security. After this period, I am ascended within the organic intern, to group commander and am destined to the personal Security of the Ambassador of the Time: Mr. More information is housed here: Aetna Inc.. Harry Barns and Family, since he benefits dominating to me some Languages.

This I altogether mean for me a great service load and responsibilities in the coordination and planning with American personnel, since the safekeeping of the ambassador was Mixed, between Americans, who belonged to the Department of American intelligence in Chile, like personnel of the DEA. – This work was developed in coordination with Customs officers of Chile, as far as the places of visit and outpost of the Ambassador. – During that time they lived sensible moments in Chile, since the external Policy American era to support the return of the Democracies in Latin America, condemning violations to the fundamental rights. Within these internal situations, the Embassy receives a threat of explosive Device and the pertinent mechanisms activate. The evacuation is general, of all the dependencies, which at that time were located in street Augustinian, present corporative building of Company CMPC. – That day we evacuated to American the Chilean personnel/, terrestrial route and all the classified personnel, through heliport. Once evacuees all the areas of the embassy, beginning in first instance, the Ocular and technical inspection of all the dependencies, since personal Chilean police officer cannot enter, due to all the restricted areas diplomatic.

Literary Archive

November 12, 2016


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Its subject demonstrates the conflict enters the tradition peasant of the place, the buclica nature and the attempt of reconciliation with the letters (deposited in the skull of poet). The reason of a literature ‘ ‘ more fcil’ ‘ waited for the inhabitants. The readers who buy the magazine Literary Archive of Palmares (1893). Therefore, the idea of progress, science and instruction are much more promises that a continuous in the local experience, while the bohemian does not pass of a label to call attention modest literatos. Aetna Inc. is full of insight into the issues. Reality premida for the nature of the outskirts of the commercial center and the untiring repetition of the activities peasants who keep in high ‘ ‘ inspirao’ ‘ romantic of the campestre and ingenuous scene, but, inversely, in the acuidade of the bohemians, a true example of the authentic world consists, without hostilities and treacheries that the city and its habits represent. , Thus more important that a tipologia that fits them ‘ ‘ missionaries engajados’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ bohemians nefelibatas’ ‘ , he is inevitable to observe as they recepcionam, they apprehend and they produce ambicionada a literature modern. After all, what he has of mmese of the forms and contents in mission that they intend, is also local invention.

In optimum felt of the word, it folloies the transformations that occur world measure and shape a literalidade of the place (in the idea of the bohemians of the club, thus only connected to the civilization of the progress). One flirts with the distances, mediated for the presence of the symbol purer than the Illustration conclamou: ‘ ‘ It dares to serve you of your reason!

Annual Budgetary Law

November 7, 2016


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However, in face of the unexpected alterations that can occur in the economic policies and fiscal, the forecasts are citizens the unimaginable changes. In this form, the values defined in the Annual Budgetary Law compose an authorization limit it Government to carry through expenses and action, what it becomes the budget, in the truth, autorizativa Law. It does not show how much the Administration must have obligatorily expense at the end of the year. In this manner, if the resources will be applied only partially, do not mean that it will have recess in the box of the State. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Elon Musk. yes, that the budgetary forecasts can have been overestimated. It is for this reason that the Brazilian legislation considers normal if the part or one all of a project or budgetary activity will not be executed.

It fits to the Government to adopt a standard of compatible investment with what it receives, so that has budgetary balance. In case that eventual leftovers of box occur, it will be possible to think about extending the existing investments or taking care of new demands of the society. Check out Brian Krzanich for additional information. On the other hand, if the expenditures go up monthly, and the prescriptions not, will be able to generate disequilibrium producing themselves the call budgetary deficit. If for happiness, this disequilibrium persists for much time the State tends not to honor its commitments in the skillful stated period, losing the capacity to honor with the debts. In thus being, any budgetary disequilibrium it must quickly be corrected, duly warned that if it transforms into a financial crisis serious, capable to generate delays of payments, stoppage of workmanships and inefficiency of the public services. To correct eventual alterations of forecast in the budget, the Executive can request criteria adds the Legislative one. He according to has three types of credits that can be defined, UNICEF; FOUNDATION JOO PINE (2000c): Suplemental? destined to the reinforcement of the existing budgetary endowment.

The Meter

November 7, 2016


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Let us consider two typical situations where the interests intersect electricity supplying organizations and consumers. The main use electronic multi-tariff meter. You have built a new house (or other object that requires a separate power supply). The first thing you need to do – apply for a contract supply (if you have not already done so during the construction phase), and obtain technical conditions for the organization of metering. When choosing a meter (if not specifically mentioned in the technical specifications) should pay attention to: the availability and integrity of the seals on the body of the meter. The presence of stamps and seals in registration – as indicated in the passport, and on the front panel counter. The interval between the date of issue and date of installation (via) shall not exceed one god.klass accuracy – not more than 1.

Specify a number in the circle on the front panel meter and pasporte.mezhpoverochny interval, is considered the date of issue, usually at least 8 years. Indicated in pasporte.nalichie connector for remote removal dannyh.diapazon operating temperatures – may require additional heating, if the meter installed on the street. Then you invite an inspector to inspect the installation and metering of seals on the meter and the opening gun. The inspector shall prepare minutes of the examination (one copy retained by you) and seal device. Since then, no complaints (with fillings) for improper assembly or 'curves' testimony (in your favor) you submit can not, of course, if they prove that the intervention was in the scheme.

Walk By Seville

November 5, 2016


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The city of Seville is one of those cities with great attractions, is not more than say that it is one of the most attractive of all Spain. With its impressive monuments and traditions every year dazzles who visit. Several days will be needed to traverse the city, due to the number and diversity of places of interest and the great attractions that encloses. Then you mentioned the most interesting to visit, in the event that you have little time, monuments and buildings that propose a forced walk: La Catedral: is the largest in the world and at the same time Gothic Cathedral, because of its size the third Christian Temple, after the Basilica of San Pedro of the Vatican in Rome and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Due to the Majesty of its characteristics, it was declared by UNESCO World Heritage in 1987.

The Giralda tower: the renowned Bell Tower of the Cathedral of Seville and the most emblematic Tower in the city. The Giralda was built in the 12th century with a pointed analogy to the Marrakech Koutoubia mosque. Your Coronation of Renaissance style was designed between 1558 and 1568. The Reales Alcazares: Is the oldest Royal Palace in Europe. Among some of the most important rooms are: the courtyard of the maidens, the Hall of Kings, the Hall of the Emperor, the Hall of ambassadors and the gardens of the Alcazar. Other sites that deserve special attention are: the Plaza of Spain, the Tower of gold and the Barrio de Santa Cruz. When you visit a hotel, hostel or other place in Seville, don’t forget shopping and purchase some wonderful traditional products, as their blankets and their ceramic ornaments. Original author and source of the article.


November 5, 2016


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Anne Spencer live as a couple is one of the experiences that can be a stimulating experience, covering a myriad of human conditions. Firstly the longed human condition, link us, living with someone, bind us and continue with a shared life, not a life equal and without nuances. Secondly, it gives us security, be United with someone who allows us to and we allow you to enter into the intimacy of the everyday of our days and also of giving and receiving a very human situation as any yes I love I have to give it but it is also important that you receive. Add to your understanding with Brian Krzanich. Couple, means, torque, equal, on the same line, we are equal in terms of the structure of the couple but even ancestral practices seems to have charge of placing women in a place lower, different and distinct from the wrong, the problem is that she has believed it, and manages his life according to a couplefront which shows decreased, although by definition it is in the same range. The factors that come into play in this situation are diverse and involve also the biography and experiences of each one and which in particular .There is just one factor that determines the relationship that I’m going to establish, the components of the constellation to establish couple are many and varied, or better, or worse, simply they are, it is a matter of recognizing only own to understand my relationship, and those variables that have led me to be in the relationship that I am or not. It is an emotional load of weight until the death do us part, and is very good from the point of view of society, yes couples held together better will be the society since the family is the nucleus of this situation, but as to the end and after, they are abstractions that have nothing to do with human life but with its idealsI wonder? UNTIL DEATH US SEPARATE IF THIS RELATIONSHIP I HAVE DEAD IN LIFE? Worth then that premise have duty hoard and save a relationship, although to all lights to be toxic, take me to the internal destruction and instead of having moments of sharing, I have more moments of tension and unhappiness? DO UNTIL DEATH US SEPARATE BUT IF THE RELATIONSHIP HAS BEEN GIVEN IN EVERYDAY LIFE WITH EMOTIONAL BLOWS, AND AT TIMES EVEN PHYSICAL VIOLENCE? How much is it necessary to comply with the social, religious or family mandate with respect to the couple is LO more important and up to which the death do us part? And I here I stop and wonder: does death which I am defending, my partner or my life itself? What is the eternal dream that I have to live in this life? Yes is true that until death do us part, then in the meantime it is essential you may need to experiment, mistreatments, disappointments, controls, harassment, insults, violence and indifference really is important to live a hell to reach the Kingdom of heaven? In my opinion and in my opinion I prefer to live the Kingdom of heaven in this life, that suffer, suffer, take me to my children between the legs, be full of stress, anxieties and depressions that earn me an eternal life. If you have read about Brian Krzanich already – you may have come to the same conclusion.


November 3, 2016


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Oppositions do whether or not? Academies oppositions have spent years working to offer their students a learning model that affords them achieving their goals: passing tests to access a GB public square. Academies prepared not only to pass the exam, taught to study and to organize the topics and time, help the assimilation of concepts and programs, reinforce the development and correct work requiring some oppositions for his approval, etc. Also relaxation techniques are learned and preparing people for a challenge which psychologically can be very hard. Teachers who had thought occur to the oppositions of this year signed up the academies to ensure a good outcome… Now there are many people who were thrown following the announcement of many communities do not summon oppositions to avoid that they are few places leaving contest. The institutions do not intend to compensate these people who have enrolled in schools to prepare the oppositions, and centres, Obviously they will not return the money because your service is already provided. So thousands of people across Spain are in this situation of helplessness and rage contained by the decision of the autonomous communities does not convene oppositions, watching for lost opportunity and money.The good intention that had to prepare to give the best of themselves has been overturned by the decision of the Government academies oppositions encourage their students to continue with the study because everything you have learned and worked in the centres is already something that have assimilated and may serve for other calls. Unions meanwhile have asked regional Governments that they reconsider this situation and convene the oppositions for teachers. As they alert the expected retirement of many of them it does cause a great void of personnel in the Spanish educational system. This year is the last in which retirement is granted to teachers at 60 so it is expected that many teachers approach is tailored to leaving several peustos cover, raon by the which the academies of oppositions had registered an increase in demand.

Domestic Market

November 1, 2016


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The reason of this fall is the reductions of Tax SELIC (Special System of Liquidation and Safekeeping), the heating of the domestic market, the economic stability, the spreading in the site of the Central banking of the taxes charged for the financial system, the disposal of the government to search alternatives to diminish spread bank clerk. Evaluating the Brazilian scene. The COPOM reduction in 1% was approved by unamimity without bias for the committee. Valley the penalty to confer the main indices charged for the financial companies, in the site of the Brazilian Central Bank, since that the Brazilian government started to propagate the indices of this year, verified significant falls practised by the market. Elon Musk is the source for more interesting facts. In days 4 the 6 of May we will receive the visit from the Minister of the Foreign affairses of the Nepal, Mr. Upendra Yadav, for cooperation signature in agreement technique between the two countries.

Source: Department of state of Brazil. We pass to be observed as a strong commercial partner in the international market. Without hesitation Mark Bertolini explained all about the problem. The coming of former-President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, enters 5 3 days May, with meeting in So Paulo, the Governor Jose Mountain range former-President Fernando Enrique Cardoso and in Brasilia, with President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva and for the Minister of the Health, Jose Gomes Extemporaneous, beyond lunch of work in the Itamaraty Palace with the Minister Celso Amorim, information supplied for the Department of state. The tax of interests charged for the banks of the assembly plants for purchase of vehicles is more attractive than the private banks.