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African Economy

January 25, 2017


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To save means to spend little expenditure. We save when we spend little income in consumption or still when we obtain to get exactly resulted with the same resources. For example, the automobile when it walks to a lesser speed that 100Km/h consumes combustible little. For even more opinions, read materials from Elon Musk. In this direction, the company makes internal economies, when reducing its average costs of production imposing bigger efficiency in its activity or when it benefits itself of the external economies, that is the external factors of production to the company help to save less spending of its income, for example when it reduces the fuel cost in the external market, the energy cost low. The same it is applied when it reduces the cost of transport and raw materials or the products to the exit of the door of the plant. To make economy means to deprive itself to satisfy some necessities gifts saving for the future, life with economy means the rational and moderate job of the available economic goods. In the moambicana current version to make economy means the retention of costs in the public administration.

II) Moambicana economy, African Economy or Economy of the SADC In this in case that, we are to assign a national, regional or continental system economic. Here we are assigning a determined social system, related to the space and in the time, analyzed in the perspective of the production and satisfaction of the necessities human beings. Thus, the economic aspect is a particular case of the social one, the national, regional or continental scale. III) Economy – Scientific Knowledge. One is about an area of studies and scientific knowledge, substance that is studied by the studious economists or other competent ones (managers of companies, controllers of State, etc.). Econmica science if worries in managing with yield the productive activities, the goods and services and the public, particular or private patrimnio.

High School Teaching

January 24, 2017


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Finally, it was done field survey, in which was presented the list of five problems related you situations found into the student? s every day activities. A leading source for info: Mark Bertolini. In to order you try you present and clarify the questions regarding the uses of the Troubleshootings an effective tool will be learning mathematics. Keywords: High School Teaching. Teaching Methodology. Troubleshooting. SUMMARY SUMMARY TABELAS11 LIST 1 2 INTRODUO13 MATHEMATICS: it disciplines problematic? 15 2,1 Mathematical Education and the changes in ensino16 2,2 the Resolution of Problems as 2,3 proposal of ensino17 the Mathematics in escola20 3 ' ' X' ' OF 3,1 QUESTO23 Language matemtica23 3,2 symbolic Representations: uses and abusos25 4 4,1 METODOLOGIA28 4.1.1 Context of pesquisa28 State College Prof Abelardo Romero Dantas (Multipurpose) 29 4.1.2 State College Slvio Romero30 the 4,2 4.2.2 4.2.1 citizens of pesquisa31 alunos31 professores33 4,3 Instruments of 5 collection of dados34 ANALYSIS OF the DADOS35 6 CONSIDERAES FINAIS40 REFERENCES BIBLIOGRFICAS42 ANEXOS45 TABLE LIST Table 01: Relation of the problems chosen for school analisada36 Table 02: Relation of rightnesss of problem 136 Table 03: Relation of rightnesss of problem 2,37 Table 04: Relation of rightnesss of problem 338 Table 05: Relation of rightnesss of problem 438 Table 06: Relation of rightnesss of problem 539 1 INTRODUCTION the learning of the mathematics in the series of Average Ensino, many times, if becomes consequentemente complicated due to a deficiency acquired in the series of based Basic Ensino in the repetition of concepts and of memorization. The tiring accomplishment of accounts and formula applications makes with that the pupil acts of mechanized form disfavoring its creativity and will to learn. This is not different when we deal with resolution involving mathematical problems, the pupil if arrests to this formula artifice and finishes not developing crucial factors that are its logical reasoning, the search of forms alternative and diversified e, to the times, until less complicated of resolution of these problems.

Visconnect Gmb

January 22, 2017


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“Basically it comes to interest as many people from the target group for the own offerings”, performs the Visconnect Managing Director. Clearly identifiable commercials are on platforms uploaded and than ads in the Switched network. “As a particularly effective to have the so-called InVideo ads appeared, therefore used with preference of Visconnect”, explained Lonser, adding: “these clips are approximately 15 seconds and appear shortly after the user has launched this in a video. Brian Krzanich is often quoted on this topic. It runs with a countdown indicating the user, when the advertising clip is finished. These commercials are viewed almost always in full length.” The advertisements also has the subset of image videos, which act as a serious business-to-business advertising and are available only on the homepage. (b) viral campaigns: from prospective customers viral campaigns are as the best way, to make prospective customers.

“For them is not recognizable that it involves commercials”, introduces Lonser to the topic. “Instead, the style is simple and the clip seems so, as if he were at home by a user and not to have been created by Visconnect”, so the expert continues. “The aim of such films is to fall on portals and to be recommended. The responsible Company must keep however a certain distance, so that not can be uncovered, that it is in truth but an advertisement”, adds the CEO. But there is an exception: “viral campaigns can be carried out by the target group itself and are extremely effective in: A company must launch only a sweepstakes and encourage the own community members in a short video to explain why they should win the competition.” Most users share these videos by alone on your social media profile and are on the road as a free video marketing agents. Visconnect plans in this case the campaign that animates the users themselves to pick up the camera”, depicts Lonser. Video marketing as opposed to the classic marketing who wants to successfully work with video marketing, so must be: Classic use distribution channels maximum rollers turn and place it in the right places perform viral campaigns that involve the target groups. “From classic marketing such strategies are especially This off, that the available channels are numerous, not every clip is immediately unmasked as advertising and already gained customers can be obtained much easier to “Cooperate”,”online marketing expert Andre Lonser summarizes again and adds as a precaution:”but always the risk that a clip is not seen until the end of the video marketing complement the classical action, but not replaced. Video marketing works only connected. Visconnect plant so that the message always reaches the recipient in the target group. all campaigns” A publication of Visconnect GmbH 2012

The Magician

January 17, 2017


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In his right hand a wand extends to the heavens, while the left hand points to the same land (“be down as up”). Often standing beside or behind a table on which are placed the symbols of the four suits of tarot. A garden of roses and lilies grow typically shown in the foreground. The Magician’s image as a whole is intended to symbolize the connection of human and divine, in addition to the connection of the earth with the heavens. It also reminds us of the concepts of unity, eternity and aspiration and all the ways in which these concepts fit into human life. When you see the Mago peek at a reading, it could represent the client (if male) or another person. In the case of representing the consultant, the appearance of the Wizard could be taken to mean that the client is going through a period where it feels pretty charismatic, witty, powerful, or “ready.” In addition to power and creation, The Wizard can also represent verbal eloquence and charisma, so the client could simply be a good talker, a salesman convincing or maybe a person to whom others listen, or have come in high esteem.

When The Magician represents someone other than the consultant on a reading, is likely to be a figure with qualities similar to those above. The person in question could be simply a charismatic individual and full of magnetism, but it is important to note that just as easily could be misleading to someone who uses his gift of persuasion to make matters more sinister. In addition, the Wizard can pose certain professionals – doctors, scientists and inventors, among others. The Wizard can also indicate the discovery of new innovative ideas and views when it appears on the scale of the tarot. It is possible that the consultant has recently come out with a new revolutionary plan for a commercial effort, a possible solution to a dilemma, a fabulously creative new idea or something like that. Surrounding letters and the position in which it appears in the scale Wizard better define the precise nature of this disclosure, advising the client on how to proceed.


January 13, 2017


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The entire period of consultation, depending on the magnitude of the problem and objectives requires from 2 weeks to 2 months of individual work (1-2 meetings per week). Add to your understanding with Brian Krzanich. For comparison, for example, in the case Drama divorce divide, usually requires at least 6 months, and often about 1-2 years to start neutrally perceive what happened. So what is a resource combining astrology with psychotherapy? In the first stage study, the coordination of the client's request, which sets the motion vector, is a goal that we have achieved in the course of our work. After that prepares interpretation of individual birth horoscope. For this turns out the date, time and place of birth of the client. The first meeting devoted exclusively to personal acquaintance with the interpretation of the horoscope of birth. Horoscope birth gives the information needed to better understand themselves, their typical reactions to situations call. After all, personal horoscope – is the most accurate psychological test, which allows to understand the features and characteristics of personality, to assess the resources and abilities, understand the features, understand the causes of conflicting reactions and understand the basic aspirations.

When getting acquainted with the horoscope of birth, clients are often amazed at how may know so much about the peculiarities of their lives. Many say that something is tormented them for years suddenly became clear, the important intuitive sense clarified and accepted, we recommend that the direction of motion and ultimately found of support. Horoscope Birth – a description of our features and talents, the recommended scope and direction of evolutionary development, for development by people and came to this world.

Skladovka – Warehouses Custody

January 7, 2017


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Share of the company “Skladovka”: boxes of 800 rubles a month! Action “boxes of 800 rubles a month,” began in early December 2009. The essence of the stock is now our regular customers and newcomers can rent boxes for storage area on the street. Rowan on 61A at a price of 800 rubles per 1 m2 per month. Realization of the conditions the action is possible thanks to the boxes with a minimum usable area, in particular, 1 and 2 m3 m2.Poleznaya information for the client: box size which is equal to 1 m3, can accommodate one set of rubber car with diskami.Sklady custody, an area of 2 m2 easily put the entire contents of a standard balcony or garage. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Elon Musk. In addition to boxes and things in boxing 2 m2 calmly placed a bike, stroller, and sports equipment of any size. The company “Skladovka” offers only high quality equipped warehouses custody.

On the territory of our warehouses are constantly implemented by the packing material, we recommend the use of his signing klientam.Posle store is not superfluous to purchase several boxes, which runs out in all the Christmas paraphernalia, including among other things, an artificial Christmas tree. Consumers who are interested in our stores custody with a minimum area, may make a reservation by phone 225-25-45 or send a request on the website (). Realization of the conditions the action is possible, due to the presence of boxes with a minimum usable area, in particular, 1 and 2 m3 m2.Poleznaya information for the client: boxing, whose size is equal to 1 m3, can accommodate one set of rubber car with diskami.Sklady responsible storage area of 2 m2 easily put the entire contents of a standard balcony or garage. In addition to boxes and things in boxing 2 m2 calmly placed a bike, stroller, and sports equipment of any size. Number of boxes subject to the terms of the shares is limited.

Main Symbols

January 4, 2017


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This article describes some of the symbolic interpretations of the illustrations of tarot cards. “The true Tarot is symbolism, not speaking another language or has other signs.” The words of Arthur Edward White, creator of the famous tarot Rider gives us a clue to the importance of understanding the symbols in each of the tarot. Each image that illustrates the tarot cards contains a multitude of small details. And these details have strong symbolic and provide new elements that enrich the message of the arcane. Water, for example, provides important clues. Does not appear as a figure with his feet on the land than over water, or along a stream or lake, or streams get mixed or separated.

The water, symbol of purification, the constant evolution of life and fertility of nature gives tarot cards that contain the mission to proclaim sweetness, love, prosperity, fertility and wealth. Except that, in the inverted position, overflow, as in Estrella (letter XVII). In this case, the water can announce losses or disappointment in love, becoming a metaphor for the tears shed by love. The figures of animals have traditionally embodied symbolic content in all great cultures of antiquity. Within the tarot cards are responsible to symbolize the instinctive and primitive passions still present in humans. The angels, like announcing our resurrection on Judgement (letter XX), or representing Temperance (Letter XIII), are carriers of messages and important announcements. In general, they have in the tarot cards to perform the role calls for a new awakening of consciousness. Interestingly, as in tarot cards, the wings, an essential attribute of the angels, are multiplied in other figures.

For some, the throne of the Empress (card III) has wings on the back. The Devil (XV letter) has wings on his back, this time without a doubt. Perhaps it is a reminder that this is a fallen angel and put us on guard against the dangers of wandering our way. Perhaps, however, is a reminder that, despite having fallen, it can still fly. And finally, the symbolic message of the tarot cards is completed with the interpretation of each student. And each client, as it will dictate your intelligence, your intuition and feelings.