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The Magician

January 17, 2017


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In his right hand a wand extends to the heavens, while the left hand points to the same land (“be down as up”). Often standing beside or behind a table on which are placed the symbols of the four suits of tarot. A garden of roses and lilies grow typically shown in the foreground. The Magician’s image as a whole is intended to symbolize the connection of human and divine, in addition to the connection of the earth with the heavens. It also reminds us of the concepts of unity, eternity and aspiration and all the ways in which these concepts fit into human life. When you see the Mago peek at a reading, it could represent the client (if male) or another person. In the case of representing the consultant, the appearance of the Wizard could be taken to mean that the client is going through a period where it feels pretty charismatic, witty, powerful, or “ready.” In addition to power and creation, The Wizard can also represent verbal eloquence and charisma, so the client could simply be a good talker, a salesman convincing or maybe a person to whom others listen, or have come in high esteem.

When The Magician represents someone other than the consultant on a reading, is likely to be a figure with qualities similar to those above. The person in question could be simply a charismatic individual and full of magnetism, but it is important to note that just as easily could be misleading to someone who uses his gift of persuasion to make matters more sinister. In addition, the Wizard can pose certain professionals – doctors, scientists and inventors, among others. The Wizard can also indicate the discovery of new innovative ideas and views when it appears on the scale of the tarot. It is possible that the consultant has recently come out with a new revolutionary plan for a commercial effort, a possible solution to a dilemma, a fabulously creative new idea or something like that. Surrounding letters and the position in which it appears in the scale Wizard better define the precise nature of this disclosure, advising the client on how to proceed.