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March 29, 2017


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The most funny of all, was that we were not selling books, but we gave training services: seminars, conferences with people from the national police. Thus, in the years that followed we suffer until assaults on the Office itself, attacks from supposed customers who wanted prices more low, discounts, scholarships, prolong the payment of the month for the next, etc. Until one day in 2002 when already return to Lima to relaunch my business now in the capital, I was interested in modernising the means and how to provide my services over the Internet and I read an article that you said: this tool allows the company to advertise in a manner much cheaper than with other media, and gives you the possibility to reach a much wider market. The company also has the ability to substitute a high percentage of printed catalogues for electronic catalogues incorporated into the Web site that may be much more functional and definitely cheaper. And indeed, it was so. My services managed thanks to the Internet to reach a market much more broad, because it not only came to around Peru, but even reach Spain, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, with my services, getting thanks to Internet clients and friends of those countries the article said addition: online customer service process can lower costs on phone calls and support staffalso the hours of operation are 24 hours a day. Likewise processes such as the preparation and shipping quotes, customer contact and the sale of products can be made via the website in a manner more efficient. And they were not wrong. I started to win customers and through my web pages I began to relate better with stakeholders, since they in my website could see my services, my products, their prices, payment methods, it is sum everything up to my credentials, photos of me, catalogs and best way, 24 hrs.

The Good

March 5, 2017


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When we include/understand our creative paper then we eliminated of our life the fault feeling to wish material things or to have great objectives, in the powerful subliminal videos, a great amount of positive images around the money occurs us, the good life and the gratitude, through these videos its subconscious mind will begin to associate prosperity ideas suitably, you you must remember that the wealth is a state, is only a belief, but so that belief has force is necessary to suitably feed it through many stimuli and continuous actions, in that sense the subliminal videos are designed to help us to reprogramar our mind, the images, messages and sounds meticulously are organized in order that the prosperity objective it is implanted little by little. It separates what us of the profit of our goals are the internal conflicts, absurd prejudices that are ingrained, but with faith and determination we will be able to overcome any negative belief, for that reason you never must resign to his dreams, she mantngase signs to way that can say it to its mind that is not dispuesto/a to accept another thing that is not what you have seted out, with the use of good techniques and a little patience, I assure to him it will obtain that it, cannot have another option when we have been decided to change of radical way.. .