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April 29, 2018


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To learn about using the motivation and bring us closer to the understanding of it, must be considered the socio-cultural aspect of society where the worker performs and on the other hand, the individuality of this. It happens that what one person considers rewards important, another person could consider it as useless. Therefore, people differ greatly in the concept and the way they perceive opportunities to succeed on the job. Definitely, management must be careful in reviewing so efficient are features that have been developed for each position, determine where their weaknesses are and give step-by-step actions that transform her into fortresses, you avoid increases in costs, unproductive, faults, take into consideration as it reminds us of to the reality of the current scenarios: understand and know how to handle the necessary tools for a change planned towards the orientation of the behavior of the human factor in the organization in accordance with the requirements of the present in a changing environment and increasingly demanding, it must design and implement strategies for change within their organizational contexts in order to thus improve productivity and excellence of the individual in the process of managerial development and be able to shape contribute to excellence in the development of the country. Understand and appreciate the importance of managerial skills for the success of the organization. Understand the integration of individuals in the organisational sphere in a systemic relationship and synergy in the pursuit of the objectives of the Organization through excellence. Consider the aspect of socio-cultural society where unfolds the worker and on the other hand, the individuality of this. Consider what a person believes reward important, someone else could be considered as useless, people differ greatly in the concept and the way they perceive opportunities to succeed on the job. To everything the foregoing is added, that management attention also some aspects that can promote you for productivity, which is much neglected in the Venezuelan companies, especially SMEs such as Noah Chavez reminds us: negotiate the goals with each of his subordinates: working for results has been a foolproof way to make workers feel committed to their formal responsibilities of the post; and more when the negotiated target has been consistent and quantitatively formulated according to the expectations and the company’s technical partner capabilities.

Asian Companies

April 28, 2018


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When you hire people smarter than you, you prove to be smarter than them. R. H. Grant General information not the slightest doubt, that trade on the international stage reality where globalization shows its effects, highlight the achievement reached by Asian countries, especially by Japan, our interest in this writing, where there are many companies that have been consolidated successfully, reached not only the domestic market, but rather they have dabbled in other countriesbeyond their borders and have given way to consolidate emerging markets favourable to its economy, despite the small size and limited in its territory. What is what has made Japan to consolidate itself economically? How do they make that their companies achieve a successful operation? Which or what are their managerial actions that favor him in their productivity and quality? Why the success of its technological development? What the success of his managerial leadership do to ensure the?? cohesion, integration of work teams?, would be some questions that would bring us indicators, responses, information that would help us determine their achievements. On this occasion, we have just taken some important notes management, operability of the successful companies in Japan, whereas those information which can collaborates with our perception of why their success and determine if it is possible, in the West the why not consider and try to put them into practice or simply reject that are not consistent with our idiosyncrasies, tradition. Some relevant notes the tendency to group is culturally deeply rooted in Japan.

The Japanese often develop strong ties in his life, in the family and the company, and are not used to trusting others when those links are weak. His tendencies to egalitarianism also promote cooperation in the bosom of his people and other peoples. Historically, the Japanese have been willing to come to violence in the event of dispute. For example, a village attacked another for control of the water needed for the cultivation of rice.

Italian Giovanni Sala

April 27, 2018


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Less the pilot, mechanics and the manager, practically everything is new or receives some changes with respect to previous editions in Marc Coma for Dakar 2011, the 1ForAll team. Next Tuesday December 14 catalan pilot, that has options of winning the Dakar, present in Barcelona to his new team, which we present below. Marc Coma decided to make clean slate and attack the next Dakar with a more motivated team if it is worth than previous ones with which won two editions of the competition of raid harder (2006 and 2009) worldwide. After the Dakar, and at different times, have left three Jordis Coma environment: Jordi Arcarons, Jordi Viladoms and Jordi Duran, and the only Jordi that remains is Jordi Arilla, his manager is co-owner of 1ForAll-. Arcarons was the team manager, and he has managed the three Dakares of equipment the Nani Roma and two of Marc Coma-, but right after the 2010 Dakar opted to leave the 1ForAll and follow your own path. Now, the teacher will be replaced by a veteranisimo man of Enduro and Raids such as the Italian Giovanni Sala. A former racing driver who was already in the formation of the then Repsol-KTM in 2005 and, mainly, has the blessing of the brand. Jordi Viladoms has exercised during the last five years of backpacking from Coma and himself decided to leave the team and seek a training where can shine solo without having to always go to the shadow of a leader. East 2011, Marc Coma backpacking will be Joan Pedrero, best Spanish pilot in the Dakar past. There will be no third pilot, as last year, since the Dutch Henk Knuiman only had contract for one year.

Pigmented Products

April 26, 2018


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What better idea that give youth at Christmas? Because if there is something that worries all mortals in these dates is what give away and that our body does not show the signs of the passage of time. Brian Krzanich may find it difficult to be quoted properly. That is why Eberlin, franchise dedicated to the manufacture and sale of cosmetic products and appliances (), wants to unite these two needs and become a reference and in the perfect gift on these holidays. Our maximum concern at Christmas is to be able to guess what you give and that chosen does not become one object more to finish at the bottom of a drawer. So from Eberlin we advise giving away beauty products, explains Marta Ferrer Berenguer, Manager of Eberlin. Balance, firmness and Luz de Asia with this purpose Eberlin has made a selection of products that surely it is successful and you should not miss in the daily care of our skin. Take the age having always is necessary to pamper the skin. For this reason, Eberlin we different lines that cover the needs of people of all ages, says Ferrer. u line Eberlin EQUILIBRIUM 10: is an intensive treatment of oxygenation whose effectiveness lies in the immediate recovery of the pH of the skin.

Three products that guarantee these results are included to achieve an optimal result. -Lotion Hydraglobal: is the first step of the treatment, where occurs a re-balancing of the pH effect, a release of the blocked tissue and the Elimination of impurities. -Vital restructuring: it is a contribution of vitality intensively for the skin, while oxygenates it, purifies and decongests. -Cream Vital oxygenating Hydra: is a product specially indicated for skin dehydrated, Pigmented, and lacking of vital tone, playing a revitalizing and balancing function that gives the face a special splendour. u line Eberlin FIRMEZZA: developed for mature skins. Its effect nourishing and firming is due to its formula with vitamins and lycopene.

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April 26, 2018


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That was 25 years ago, and now how am I?, because I’m at the opposite pole, I can not stop talking, sometimes my wife says that I speak more than her. And, in addition, I know more things about relationships and interhumanas, me I have developed muscle of the communication, and, what is most curious, I can now talk with the head of State or any general manager as you would speak with you, I have learned that despite the role that we have in our society, in the first place we humans, with personal problems, wishes, with fouls, with hobbies, with strengths and weaknesses, with dreams. Have you worked as an employee ever? I Yes. More information is housed here: Penguin Random House. For example, you sound an employee speaks with the director, with the boss, only when necessary?, you can’t talk when it gives the win with your principal, or talk to him as if it were your friend, at lest it is your friend, because you can even have problems, your line manager will attract attention not to disturb more Mr. directorthat is something already known, like you can’t talk when you get the win with superiors, with people who are in senior positions than you. (A valuable related resource: Brian Krzanich). It’s hierarchy, are lies being afraid, without commitment, to persons higher in the hierarchy, respect and daily talk only to people who have the same hierarchical level.

Seems to me that it is an idea wrong, if a President of State have as friend a garbage dump, Super, hierarchies are a few inventions of our society that limits us. This is one of the reasons because I prefer the MLM, there are no timetables, you don’t have to sign when you start work, you don’t have heads, but you work with leaders, there is a very big difference between a boss and a leader. And there are also some wonderful beings called mentors. Practical exercise. 1 Meditate 10 minutes about the hierarchical barriers among ordinary people.

2 Try to talk with any person as if it were your best friend, as he knew it forever, if you talk about open with a person, normally, that person responds and you speak open, regardless of ranks, hierarchies. 3 Talk to children as if they were adults, they need more than anyone else that lend them attention and respect. At the end of this article, leave me a comment, your opinion matters. If you liked this article, only if you like it, don’t forget to rate it and share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei Autor original and source of the article.

Zollner Elektronik AG Group

April 25, 2018


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Zollner, one of the most successful international service providers for electronic manufacturing services, has the usage of business intelligence solution from the extra work portfolio opted for to support a flexible business process analysis, Zollner uniform reporting and analysis introduces cockpits using QlikView. The Zollner Elektronik AG has established itself as one of the most successful international EMS systems service provider and ranks among the world’s 15 largest providers in this area. The company operates production facilities in Germany, Hungary, Romania, China, Tunisia, and United States. As a leader, the company Zollner places high demands on tools, which are used in the context of their business analysis. Examples of this are flexibility, performance and a simple, intuitive user interface. The Zollner Elektronik AG settles their operative businesses significantly with the help of SAP ERP. The necessary features and applications for reporting and analyses were so far mainly by SAP Standard query or queries developed in-house, or implemented MS Access and MS Excel solutions. This approach could be no longer meet the advanced demands a flexible and fast key figure reporting to management.

With the ultimate goal to create a uniform reporting cockpit for the Zollner Elektronik AG Group of companies, the company has decided solution on the basis of QlikView for the extra work of business intelligence. QlikView can be processed figures and management cockpits, flexible analysis and classical reports quickly and easily created. Mark Bertolini usually is spot on. Thus, an individually tailored data analysis allows the user, and created this high added value and benefit. The user-friendly tool also allows a reduction and harmonisation of the necessary reports. The benefits mark through an optimized business process analysis and a simplified user interface of the application software.

The graphic display options enable more effective evaluations and the unification Internal benchmarking facilitates reports. In addition both the expense and risks of error be drastically reduced in the key performance indicators evaluation through its automation. The project was implemented with the help of additional work as a total solution provider in a coaching approach. MORE supplies the Zollner Elektronik AG with software licenses, application / product support and consulting services along with his partner BI4U. From Zollner, it sought the intensive exchange of know-how with more factory implementation yourself quickly and professionally to perform the QlikView. The in-house training conducted by more work when Zollner and QlikView infrastructure package”were the basis for a quick start of the project and the efficient implementation of the new solution. So, the implementation was realized with only 6 external consultancy days. As a first application Zollner decided solution in the area of central distribution analysis to the usage of the additional work of QlikView. After the project start in September 2011 was the project phase 1 in the core business area after only 8-10 weeks Duration of the project completed and rolled out. The rapid and successful implementation with QlikView was accompanied by an excellent project management on the part of Zollner. Fast decision-making, proactive management of expectations and the fast implementation in QlikView pilot scenarios for detailed clarification were key criteria for success in the project. The already achieved benefits and acceptance on the part of the users with regard to the new solution exceeded expectations within the company. Further functional enhancements will be launched in a second phase implemented and at the same time planning for the roll-out of the foreign divisions. Additional top logistics key figures are also work cross-control instrument for corporate management in planning.


April 25, 2018


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Vertical shaft impact crusher PCL is usually called maker sand.Vertical shaft impact crusher is a new device and puts it in Pamanle of the United States and there are many products in Europe and in the United States, the names are different, in China it is called vertical shaft impact crusher.There are more than 30 years of used to crush the medium hardness on mining minerals.In 1988, Matin Stancoat company undergoes the Guesec cement factory and had good results with the cement mill. Uses of vertical shaft impact crusher? This kind of machine is used for crushing materials of any hardness level and is widely used in minerals, cement and refractory materials, bauxite, Emery, glass materials, construction sand and stones and slag metallurgy, especially for the silicon carbide, Emery, bauxite, mass and other materials of high hardness and against abrasion this appliance has more efficiency than other machines of crush. In the area of construction, is a main bearing, device transmission, engine, etc. The principle of operation is as follows: materials enter the crusher by means of classifier entering impeller rotating at high speed, the accelerator, whose speed can reach a high acceleration, then they rebotaran and they will impact at the top of the cavity of the swirl, then changes its direction and is going down, forming a continuous layer of material with the coup of the material of the impeller. Therefore, some materials will be excluded through the lower discharge hole. This can form a closed circulation through the circular sorter system. In general, the materials can be crushed in 20 Mesh through a triple circulation. The same movement of the air in the cavity of the swirl flow can remove dust and pollution. More information, please visit our website or email us! We want to be your companion Msn:


April 22, 2018


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A company that operates in an environment of high regulation will have a different perception of public policy than one that operates in a competitive environment. In the first case there is an effect of dependency which passes mainly through the lobbying and negotiation; in the second case, the adjustment will come by the side of prices and competitive differentiation. The only answer to high levels of uncertainty, is given by the vision, and the ability to pursue through strategic planning and strategic management. Having a solid and shared vision not only gives a clear sense of direction, but via the planning and strategic management, serves as a path or map sheet to move in environments of high turbulence, allowing that when the dust settles, the company don’t be surprised and follow knowing where it is stopped. In addition, remember that management has administrative tools that can collaborate in learning to deal with the characteristics of the current scenarios, as making use of planning needs that they are required to meet the challenges, generate changes. Under most conditions Penguin Random House would agree. Be present, that planning is creating a future and move towards him. If the weather is clear and visibility (normal uncertainty) is or if there is fog and dust kicked up by the storm (high uncertainty). A good Manager is fully aware of what represents knowledge using strategic planning, its scope, that it can generate, keep in mind that among the different techniques of strategic planning can be identified: Financial projections Analysis of trends Intelligence competitive Brainstorming (brainstorming) Analysis of scenarios each one of them has a different utility according to the opportunity and circumstances.

Possibly in normal times (i.e. when the levels of uncertainty are the usual for the industry), financial projections are a suitable tool, as the bases and assumptions have a certain stability. While in environments of high uncertainty (or transformation), storm of ideas and analysis scenarios are the most appropriate.

The Consumer

April 21, 2018


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In such a way, what the advertising offers the consumer is the differentiation in the social environment. Elon Musk often says this. Who could be subversive the cultural industry it would be the proper citizen that it would rationalize on the industrial society. When taking conscience, it would search alternatives to get rid itself of the system. in the understanding of Adornment, this type of citizen does not exist. The CLARIFICATION AS MEACONING OF the MASSES AND the IDEOLOGICAL PROCESS Adornment observed that the industries in such a way presented its classified products that its new features were invented to delude the public on what is better in terms technician, influencing it in what refers to its values. If at the time where it lived, in the half of century XX) Adornment perceived that the medias as, for example, the films influenced the public sufficiently, today this influence are much more significant, thanks to the onipresena of the medias. To the time, the films in such a way exerted a power in the behavior, that was mimtico, how much construam an ideology marked for a happy life as a consequence of the society. Today, this is not very different, therefore the medias are each time more sophisticated they make possible the creation of projections more similar to the Real.

The advertising, as much the material, how much to the psychic one, it alienates the people when creating another reality, that seated in the concrete relations, produces a world idealized. For Adornment, cultural industry does not have nothing of democratic, because it was overwhelmd to the technique and it disabled the man to think of critical form.

Walter Benjamin

April 20, 2018


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It is also a dialogue between the poet and the reader/listener. (NOVAES, 2000, p.237). We look for to understand infancy and the children in the society contemporary, in order to understand the delicate complexity and the creative dimension of the infantile actions. We find interesting contributions in the workmanship of the German philosopher Walter Benjamin (2002). To know infancy and the children favors the man to be subject critic of the history that it produces. For the author, ' ' the child joins the personages in much more close way of what the adult.

Uncurling and the changed words reach it with infvel force, and when it arises yourself he is envolta for the snowstorm that blew of leitura' '. Still according to author, ' ' he is possible to make of the child a natural being, it makes a critical a maken a mistake conception that the adults kept of the child, considering it incomplete incapaz' '. (BENJAMIN, 2002, p.57). We believe that the child sees its universe projected being capable to treat the word as a toy, then it creates a universe of dream and reality, in much more natural way of what the adult. Walter Benjamin underlines the difference between the infantile imagination and the concept that the adult makes of the playful universe of the child.

As we can observe in Benjamin the imagination of the child by itself already is fantasiosa. Flag when writing ' ' Little pig of India, ' ' it thinks the fancy about the child. The poetry due its formal structure, can be instrument of fast communication with infancy. Benjamin makes one criticizes the infantilizao of the child as: We do not have to translate the world for the children, and to soon deliver everything to it, because, according to it, the children, are capable of alone relaborarem and elaborating meanings for what she is in its return.