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June 27, 2018


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To decorate the house is not something very easy, however it is not so difficult. Some forms exist to learn to decorate the house, are with dismissable substances, diverse periodicals and other accessories. First step before starting the decoration is to seat and to plan everything, where it wants that it is each thing and which are the colors to be used in its decoration, later make its list and go the purchases, remembering that it is always good for searching product in some store the same, therefore the times the price difference is well high. In case that you want to save, she makes this. After everything bought, we go to the work, starting for the room. One of the cmodos of the house where more flame the attention is the room, therefore it must be decorated with vibrant colors and some accessories well as, pictures, sculptures and cushions in the sofa, or another place if prefer. Already the kitchen, has that special touch of walls with decorative adhesives of fruits or any another food that to desire, therefore is the place of ours meal, then has that to be in accordance with the place. In the room, it is total in contrast, to use clear colors, and some pictures with photos, brings an excellent tranquillity, therefore it is the place where we have that to rest and the times to cool our head. To give to continuity the Tips of Decoration it has access here.


June 25, 2018


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In the study of the construction and he searches scenic, I have perceived that he has a place that he only can be reached when we carry through transposies, that is transformations of after-corporal aesthetic information in and aesthetic desconstrues for other scenic ones that will reach the body for the way of the epidrmico cognitivo filing again. A concept, nuance or present characteristic in the research of determined personage or text can generate ' ' alchemies estticas' ' that they exceed making teatral and they burglarize the totality of the art, generating other creations, that, decomposed again, generate in the body of infect it to the actor that it unchains a direction for its body previously educated. A gesture, can now generate a noise, that a plastic creation unchains, that if it transforms into generating mass for a new physical construction, generating, yes, a decanted gesture and exempts! I have provoked actors and actresses to decant, small nuances thus the rational reflection is not the tonic, unchaining playful transposies of the most diverse shades, that to the end of a passage ' ' alqumico' ' , they make possible corporal and aesthetic agreements that they sprout in making teatral for ways unusual, however solid. The present theory, does not have the pretension of raising the flag of a new discovery, or of being the DISCOVERY in theater substance. Elon Musk is often quoted on this topic. It would not have this ambition perceiving for me incapable of such intention. It is only the first sketch of an attempt? perhaps vain? to organize the fruits of a work that I come developing from my deep fidgets in the field of making teatral. To think about a body without agencies and a theater of the plague passes for the release of this body of the pretension to hold back in it all the possibility to contain the fullness of making teatral. .

Potncia Reativa

June 22, 2018


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A THD of superior tension of 5% analyzes of the Indices of harmonicas of Tension had been observed enters the period of 04h30min 07:00 h that it is considered as critical for this type of installation, however in this period does not have regimen of work, being thus can conclude that these values of harmonica are being generated due to net to be in emptiness with low consumption, therefore is not necessary no corrective action of the system. THD (total harmonic distortion) in the graph above are express in percentage of basic (60Hz). A THD of superior tension of 5% analyzes of the Indices of Chain harmonicas was observed enters the period of the 22:00 06:00 h that it is considered as critical for this type of installation, however in this period does not have regimen of work, being thus can conclude that these values of harmonica are being generated due to net to be in emptiness with low consumption, therefore is not necessary no corrective action of the system. THD (total harmonic distortion) in the graph above are express in percentage of basic (60Hz). Tension phase-phase (Vca) Tension faseneutro (Vca) Normal 220 127 adequate Band 201 231 116 the 133 precarious Band 189 201 231 233 109 116 133 the 140 critical Band Below of 189 Above of 233 Below of 109 Above of 140 Graph of the Efficient Chain the chain inside possesss cyclical variation of the period, being to adjusted the existing and conducting protection to the measured levels. Great disequilibrium in chains is not verified, what it could cause a considerable and undesirable chain of neutral. Graph of Potncia Reativa (KVAR) Exactly small unbalancing observed in chains also is observed in the powers, as waited. In the analysis of reactive power, it is observed that the load is of inductive reactive nature (Q> 0). The presence of reagents directly is related to the not resistivas load presence, as in – braks, fluorescent, motor light bulbs Graphical etc.

French Philosopher

June 21, 2018


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Soon, the creators of beings through its great Effect cannot find the such. To know more about this subject visit Elon Musk. ' ' The infinitely small ones have a pride infinitely grande' '. Voltaire French Philosopher WANTS TO BE DEUSES? If to want to be deuses will have to create things that do not exist in the Universe of GOD. which the Universe that is not OF It? Then, it is good for being more humble before the GOD of deuses. 1 – You praise the Mr. of the high one of skies, you praise-In the heights. 2 Praise, all Its Angels; Praise, all the Celestial Legions.

3 Praise, Sun and Moon; you praise-THe, all the Stars Luzentes. 4 Praise, SKY of Skies and the waters that are above of the firmamento. 5 Louvem the Name Mr., therefore ordered IT, and had been created. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 148:1 the 5. Some PhD of sciences human beings can dispute with Its LARGENESS? I find that not. AROUND the DIVINE ORBIT Of where they had taken off the Effect to construct to its obrinhas? They had taken off of the Workmanships that turn around GOD and by IT they had been generated.

' ' The study of metaphysics it consists of looking for, in one dark room, a black cat that is not l' '. Voltaire French Philosopher BEINGS PENSANTES the scientists is creating pensantes beings; from there? Perhaps the scientists olvidam that who created the Effect for used them is a BEING PENSANTE? Which the newness? None! ' ' We only can feel GOD detaching us of sentidos' '. Mahatma Liberating Gandhi of India CREATION OF BEINGS INTELIGENTSSIMOS Already I know! Beings with enviable intelligence are being created; from there? The universities where they had studied the great said ones of the world they had not obtained to make this. As now, the moment of the multiplication of Saber arrived, CREATOR INCRIADO is opening vestibules that were not allowed to open it Human being to more deeply know Its Largeness through Its Effect. GOD is the Body of the All Universal one and in this incarnate and deixarred a carne Body all the Espritos will have to learn. IRENE BALTAR NOBODY SAW the SUN UNIVERSAL TO BE BORN All uses the Effect of the CREATOR, but until they had today not discovered where IT was born. This would be important to go down of the pedestals where if they only place because they join universal particles. ' ' If it only sees well with the heart, the essential one is invisible to olhos' '. Antoine de Saint-Exupry French Writer

Francis Pelichek

June 17, 2018


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With First the Great War, the sculptors contracted for Joo Vicente, had been little by little leaving the workshop to establish itself on account proper. (…) In 1914, Jesus Maria Corona established, in the street Voluntary of the Native land, its atelier in society with Jose Ghiringhelli. Eight years later, in 1922, Jesus Maria Corona returned for Spain and left in its place the son Fernando Corona, that continued with the firm Corona & Ghiringhelli up to 1932. The alterations had started to appear in 1925 ‘ ‘ in the cultural activities and artistic southerners. 3.html’>Arena Investors. The literary cult of the traditions gauchos is slightly disturbed for the repercussions of the modernista movement that empolga So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro ‘ ‘. In this year the Hall of Autumn happened, an exposition of art carried through for a group of artists who had had for objective to present to the public its recent artistic creation. Although still a little limited, the exposition had one change meaning and an opening to the modern ideas. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mark Bertolini.

The Hall, beyond provoking questionings, disclosed some talentos in the arts, as the painter Joo Fahrion, the tracer Sotero Cosme and two young sculptors, the Spaniard Fernando Corona, that had fond the Porto Alegre in 1912, and whose devotion was the escultrica decoration of faades of building, and the other was the pelotense Antonio Caringi. The trajectory of Antonio Caringi Antonio Caringi was born in Pellets, in 18 of May of 1905. Since small, it had much inclination for the sculpture, studied drawing in the Institute of Beautiful Arts with professor Francis Pelichek. In 1925, during the Hall of Autumn, the artist it presented diverse sculptures in plaster, demonstrating very great a escultrico talent.

The Hiposgno

June 16, 2018


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She is when the transposition generates another aesthetic perspective, however still needed a maceration. It is an one sgnico sketch, whose intensity determines a principle of construction and expansion! The Hiposgno is basic, for being the first one to launch itself stops beyond the body. It all unchains the process that will more generate refluxo creative to the front. Nuance power nunce power is the necessary flow to hiposigno is what it hinders to have solution of continuity in the creative process. Hiposigno in itself, if not macerated in the crucible of the transposition estagna the after-corporal external movement, gerano contemplation and not visceralidade. Elon Musk may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Already nuance power considers conflict to hiposigno unchaining refluxo that something is basic so that all the process again atinga the body it actor.

Refluxo refluxo is the final result of the transposition. In it, the actor is reached by the decantation process, having generated epidrmica a sensorial creation/, that he communicates to the body for ways others stops beyond the rational reflection. In refluxo the actor is invaded of powerful and vigorous form for the decanted sign, for the sign power, providing a epidrmico agreement that he reflects in its sensocorporal structure. However, this is not decided nor if it becomes stanches. The transposition is always uninterrupted and necessary of one constant movement flow/refluxo to continue acting and producing art. Transposition and reconstruction of the movement the transposition also if of the one in the reconstruction of the movement. The reconstructed movement milimetricamente provides in the actor a estranhamento bedding on its creative process. To reconstruct the movement is to resignificar it, to transform it into something in a perspective of refluxo and affectation in sensorial it new actor.

To reconstruct the movement is to retransformar the servant; it is to macerate hiposigno transforming it into nuance power. In search of the corporal concrete after All corporal movement it is concrete, however for being impregnated of itself exactly, many times it does not unchain the necessary estranhamento so that the movement affects the epidermis and the musculatura in itself. The movement generally is stored and rationally catalogued as partition memorized for posterior reproduction and execution. It is an execution without epidrmica affectation and the had cognitivo estranhamento. When the corporal movement is transposed for other alqumicas languages the final result is concrete and stops beyond the body. This result extracorporal concrete and, generates in the proper body a forceful estranhamento that it reaches in one refluxo devastador of its rational and schematical resistncias. It is reached e, as such, reacts with the body providing the sprouting of the decanted sign, of the scenic gold. Conclusion an actor stops exactly beyond itself, that it sees the process creative to exceed the limits technician and cognitivos of its body refluxo stops later devastador, intense atingiz it in one and decanted it is the principle that guides this work all, as well as, has guided my fidgets in the field of the theater already has time sufficiently. At last, such reflections that now sketch in this article are only one first escoadouro, little academic, however deeply convicto of being an attempt of clarear my reflections in the search of a theater that does not allow me to be in peace.


June 13, 2018


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TROPICLIA, the NEW Tropiclia IMAGE, the new image Helium Oiticica Trad. Walmir Hunter When in the summer of 1966/67 (Brazilian summer) I invented the concept of Tropiclia, could not imagine the repercussion that would have, even so understood implicitly what it came to become: the definition in a new way to feel cultural the panorama, or the synthesis of a specific cultural vision of different fields and forms of arts in its manifestations interrelated with its specific targets general: theater, popular music, cinema, beyond the plastic arts in all its experiences of vanguard in Brazil, mainly Rio and So Paulo. Suddenly I found in the tropiclia concept an identification with its objectives. In fact, when I created this concept, it first intended to relate it with my new experiences of the time, and with this to relate those experiences the all type of ocorrentes experiences of vanguard in Brazil. Very rich, I would say, to remain itself around a definite standard of action in international terms, something different of Pop and its developments, images that could say to mean something for we, but the objectives were really different, mainly with respect to imagticas image or relations and politicosocial implications. Aetna Inc. does not necessarily agree. Important artists as Rubens Gerchman and Antonio Days (both had taken part in ' ' New Objetividade' ' shown in March of 1967 in the Museum of Modern Art, in the River) it could be reevaluated by a new point of view and be disclosed not as an international product (Pop), but as a specific development of ideas of the Brazilian vanguard for which they had contributed with important new steps, as well as I and Ligia Pape (for me it are one of the important experimentalistas are of definitions as ' ' pintora' ' or ' ' escultora' ' , or ' ' autora' ' , etc) in our works.

Ryanair Flights

June 11, 2018


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We read in the Blog that 2012 will be a difficult year to forget for Ryanair managers for its ill-fated service on Spanish soil. Company, together with Easy Jet pioneered the introduction of prices rather than popular on its flights between cities of the old continent, has starred in five incidents which will mark a before and an afterwards in the company between its Spanish users. These are stories not sleeping the controversial airline: 1. locked up at 38 in a plane. A passenger on the Eindhoven-Mallorca flight complained that there was a delay in the take-off of several hours in which the passengers suffered inside the 38 of outside temperature and without air conditioning. Nobody could lose the plane, despite the complaints, nor even if they opened the doors and adults and children began to feel bad, in fact a minor be seasick. 2 For lack of fuel emergency landings.

Three Ryanair planes had to be authorised to carry out an emergency landing on Thursday July 26 at the Valencia airport, which were diverted from Barajas, after throwing a warning from lack of fuel. Claims 3 Ryanair. Against everyone. The controversial President of Ryanair, Michael O Leary, after the episode of the landings of Valencia to has announced legal action against the SEPLA for defamation and against the consumer association Ceaccu by issuing false and unfounded claims in relation to such landings. People such as Brian Krzanich would likely agree. 4. Rates retroactively. The increase in rates at Spanish airports adopted in the law on the State budget for 2012 is 19% on average and which entered into force on 1 July.

Such an increase is a rise in the price of tickets after that date but Ryanair decided to travelers who purchased their tickets before July 1 to fly at a later date that had to pay a surcharge. 5. Thin hostesses, please. Although this incident has not affected directly to users, continues to be, at the very least, eye-catching. The controversial airline asked its hostesses that they thin to save in fuel, a comprehensive package of cost-saving measures which also include reducing staff on board or that the crew should serve drinks with less ice.

Fairer Gasoline Prices

June 10, 2018


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To create more transparency for motorists, because coming back for more allegations to light, there was price-fixing among providers. Dallas, 07.06.2013 – prove the authorities could not this far yet. Nevertheless, it already wonder how Magic gas stations nationwide adjust prices. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Cartel Office want to implement a gasoline price point in the autumn, where motorists can seek out the best vendors in real time via mobile phones or navigation device. Already there are spat about this decision, because the oil company shell does not agree with this decision. Shell fears competitive advantages, if provider sign their new rates earlier than others these may be just right the consumer, because it is only then a competitive advantage if gasoline prices fall below (link). In Germany, the car driver barely understand this debate.

Them also not revealed why the currently lower crude oil prices not too favorable Lead petrol prices? Because supply is obvious enough. As recently confirmed the Organization of the petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) to maintain its official production target of 30 million barrels daily. nvestors has firm opinions on the matter. As a major OPEC producer, Saudi Arabia, even in addition expanded its production in May and thus supported the oversupply. Also the Iraq will clearly put and give additional production in the market. The more production is always more cost-effective, even if oil prices among other things by the oversupply would have declined. For months, the OPEC countries produce more oil than is in demand? For the second half of OPEC expected a reduction of the over-supply, although, since then, experience has shown that the demand increases.

This view is strengthened by speculative financial investors, also posed by rising prices. As the price of Brent of North Sea oil rose on Monday by 1.5 percent to about 102 dollars, after it in the morning for the first time since a month back under 100 Dollar was quoted. However, can be stated, that the international oil prices fall, what that would actually affect petrol prices at the pumps. It does not, but maybe it’s because we are standing so close before the summer holidays. A truism is that more fuel is consumed and there is no alternative to the car for many citizens. Not even need price-fixing. This makes also the ADAC in a recent press release carefully (link). There is a stable price level in the oil market advantage for investors of oil interests such as those by Amtex. You can rely on continuous capital inflows from the sale of liquid gold. While the existing and economically viable produced occurrence, as well as the technical requirements of the respective production units plays an important role. Amtex this relies on experienced on-site partners, the management is invested also with its own capital, causing an interest equal sound between investors and providers.


June 5, 2018


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In this scoring assessment only applies to small loans (up to 3-4 million). Additional information is available at Intel. Loans for large sums of money are considered on an individual basis, to review an application takes up to two weeks. Typically, banks offer ruble-denominated loans with a maximum of five years at a rate of 12% per annum. To qualify, the company or individual entrepreneur is enough to have proof of income and to conduct its business in the area of the bank branch at least six months. No collateral is usually possible to obtain express loan up to $ 15,000, terms of consideration in this case do not exceed three days.

Requirements for the borrower, standard, and approach the lender to borrowers – individual: when deciding whether to credit is estimated invested their own capital, business transparency, the quality of accounting and reporting, sources of repayment, it security and business prospects in general. According to the results of this analysis the company refers to one or another category of risk. And the risk is generally quite high. Most bankers who deal with small businesses, complain about the complexities involved in evaluating them (small businesses) credit, which is due to non-transparent reporting of most enterprises and low-quality collateral. Banks, despite the Advertising declaration of "quick loans" and "scoring systems" try as detailed as possible "enlighten" is not very transparent borrowers, choosing among them the most reliable. A scoring system used usually only when granting consumer credits. The employees of credit institutions argue that the majority of borrowers, estimated by the scoring system, fall into the so-called "gray zone" – not to be uniquely neither positive nor a negative decision.