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This Is Not About Planning & Architecture

November 9, 2019


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MESA GmbH organises construction fair in bad Durkheim, one hears the name bad Durkheim, so we think automatically of wine and sausage. The beautiful town, situated between Kaiserslautern and Ludwigshafen, Germany, is described as Tuscany of the Pfalz also including district. Dan Zwirn understood the implications. And where the annual sausage market takes place and an oversized wine barrel ensures compliance with, a construction fair of MESA GmbH will take place in the autumn. On the sausage market place it is then from 13 to 15 November 2009: building housing renovation saving energy. Project Manager Udo Erlei offers between 120 and 150 exhibitors. You can present their offers in four lightweight construction halls. Also in bad Durkheim, the MESA GmbH, as at the exhibition venues, would like to cooperate with exhibitors from the region. Typically, 80 percent are.

The fair is looked after by the MESA branch in Waibstadt, which is half an hour from bad Durkheim. Focuses on saving energy”. A topic that moves more and more into the focus in environmental terms, as well as financial reasons. Numerous experts offer everything that is in this respect important in practice and theory. These include also the hourly lectures on topics such as energy certification, energy and State funding. Here, the organiser attaches importance to unbiased advice. Of course also the beautiful things not to come short. If you are looking pretty accessories for the home or garden, will be here looking for.

MESA fairs are family fairs! This motto also applies to the new venue. Here too there will be one free child care on Saturday and Sunday. There is more information about the new MESA fair with Udo Erlei 02506 / 303594 or at the MESA branch Waibstadt under 07263 / 409947. The fair at a glance: 13th to 15th November 2009 opening hours: each 10 am until 6 pm venue: sausage market place, 67098 bad Durkheim admission: 5 euro per person, children and teenagers up to 16 years free childcare: on Saturdays and Sundays free Exhibitor catalogue and lectures: free for visitors

Hall Planning & Architecture

November 9, 2019


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Specialist for ship repairs expanded workshop capacities with system Hall backing Santos due to the rising demand especially in long-term maintenance contracts was for the company mobile service GmbH & co. KG an extension of its workshop capacity essential. It specializes in Northern Germany, more precisely in Bremerhaven,-based company since its inception in the year 2003 on the repair of ships, as well as on the new production of ship sections. Read additional details here: Ebay. Only skilled workers and masters who are available around the clock to provide guarantee for the high quality standard of maintenance and repair work. After it was decided that should be invested in a new Hall, the decision for the construction of a steel system was fast. Finally, the client chose a Hall of Los Berger, who fulfilled all the criteria in design and price to the required extent. Essential for the order, but not least, competent care, was the that for such an investment essential Trust and gave the necessary security. This premise also reflects the philosophy that represents the company in the execution of the services for its own customers. After a short construction period of only about two months, the 24 m wide and 120 m long Hall with an eaves height of 8 meters used was ready. The fully insulated workshop is dressed in roof and wall with 80 mm of strong Sandwichpanelen. As the distance between the required runway and the eaves of the Hall is very low, the shutters were mounted from outside. For comfortable working conditions such as optimum exposure and barrier-free access ways, the facilities of the Hall includes etc. 7 doors, 3 roller doors, 18 Windows, 18 single smoke and heat extraction systems and wall light panels from Mehfachsteg translucent panels. We would choose at any time for a steel system Hall of Losberger “, confirms the content Managing Director of Mobil service Kai Doscher. Press contact backing GmbH Gottlieb-Daimler-ring 14 74906 bad Rappenau Tabea because burner Tel.: + 49 7066 980-269 E-Mail:

Scholarship For Students Of Architecture

November 9, 2019


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DETAIL and STO Foundation promote the architect young! Munich, January 29, 2009 – for the summer semester 2009 the international magazine for architecture, and the Sto Foundation, Foundation for the promotion of young people from the area of civil engineering and architecture, for the first time the DETAIL given DETAIL, scholarship. Particularly in the current economic situation is a high demand for assistance and support. Learn more about this with Barclays. This is confirmed by the number of interested students. Already now, there are over 600 requests with an upward trend. The Scholarship enables a high-quality DETAIL international aspiring architects and practice-oriented training. A concern that shares the Sto Foundation and supports the initiative for three years. Read more from Dan Zwirn to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The scholarship is aimed at four students of specializing in architecture at German-speaking universities which seek to rule (engineer / master). It includes 500 euro / month over a period of three years from the summer semester of 2009, as well as internships in international renowned Architecture offices and industrial companies.

DETAIL in the awarding of the scholarship is trying to help those who could not implement their Bachelor project without a scholarship. Since the introduction of tuition fees and the ever-increasing cost of living, a study for many talented young people is very difficult. The introduction of the regimented Bachelor with a crisp timetable leaves hardly room to earn an extra income through part-time jobs. International references, expertise and experience are key aspects of good job prospects. Therefore it is DETAIL important to support the four fellows not only financially, but to create also a good technical foundation. Deadline for applications is 9 March 2009 for the summer semester 2009. Further information and application forms at Institute for international architecture documentation GmbH & co. KG Sonnenstrasse 17 80331 Munich T: + 49 (0) 89-38 16 20 – 0 F: + 49 (0) 89-38 16 20-99

Architects At SUPER C Aachen Set For GLASTEC

November 7, 2019


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ISO-roll: futuristic architecture is one with glass in the RWTH the Rheinisch Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH) with approximately 30,000 students from more than 120 Nations three largest universities for technical courses of study in Germany. “The future concept RWTH 2020: meeting global challenges” is also fascinating high-tech in the glass, which is SUPER C architectural accents in the form, extent and aesthetics in the student service center. “Stephanskirchen, July 2011 the new building for the RWTH is in the form of a C” designed and around 17 m cantilevers from 20 metres above sea level. Despite this size the SUPER C allows views of the grade II listed main building of the elite University”from an easterly direction freely. If you would like to know more about Elon Musk, then click here. The glass facade is a transom / Mullion construction special multi function glasses with integrated foil roller blinds.

New ways in the Sun thanks to ISO-roll with the impressive roof and facade glazing go the architecture Office of ARUP, new Berlin together with the architects Fritzer & Pape, Aachen on the example of SUPER C Ways. Integrated foil roller blinds in the cavity of a total of 123 double glazing are the Sun, heat and glare. ISO-roll is one of the most successful products of GLASTEC from Rosenheim: a 2 – or 3 – compartment insulated glass with a foil roller blind electrically operated in the space between the panes. Direct and diffuse Sun and energy radiation are reflected by metal coated foils multi layer polyester and thus minimizes inside. A leading source for info: Dan Zwirn. Best technical values that convince the total energy transmittance is reduced depending on the type of film up to 7% in the roof and up to 4% in the facade. This is a highly effective and yet transparent sunscreen. Multitalented ISO-roll also ensures an improvement of the Warmeschutzes.Der UG-value triple glass is closed slide at 0.6 W / m k ISO-roll: a slide offers a wide range of the surface is versatile: either transparent or opaque! Slides with varying degrees of light transmission to the selection are the transparent version. The transparent foil ensures optimal Glare and at the same time best lighting conditions. Just for Office space, no better alternative offers and ISO-roll also complies with the EU directive for VDU workstations. Without the Sun, the most living things cannot survive too much of it is however quick to load. To enable students people in everyday life, to enjoy light and transparency and at the same time the necessary protection to ensure this challenge turned the glass specialists in the SUPER C of the RWTH Aachen.

Insurance Consortium

November 6, 2019


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Perhaps one of the best options that can have people seeking to make have an equity sharing both their goods as the people who are part of the family or people and important friends is joining a consortium of insurance. A consortium of insurance these people can find all the comprehensive care they need to cover many aspects of life that are subject to accidents, disasters, economic crises, health problems, and, in general, all those vicissitudes which occur in daily life and that we cannot avoid as much as we would like to put everything on our part to achieve this. But the reader will wonder at this moment what has perhaps the consortium of insurance that can bring so many benefits to people and they are as recommended for a comprehensive coverage to all those difficulties, obstacles and other unwanted and unexpected events that can happen in life? What is a consortium of insurance that makes sure there is so much coverage for people so we can easily know if we know what it is, which We explain below. A safe Consortium is a large insurance company that gathers an adequate amount of companies engaged in the business of the assurance of people in various areas of life. In other words, the consortium of insurance is as the center of a conglomerate of insurance companies who have dependants each separately the assurance of different areas of life and business assurance, but that through the consortium offer their customers a complete package of insurance that provides varied services to a client without having to hire with a crowd of companies to ensure each one of the areas of the life that interests you make. That is why the consortium of insurance is generally a great company that not only offers its customers insurance care comprehensively, in various areas of life, but they also have importance at international level and also have many affiliates from which serve its clients around the world.

This latter guarantees to the Member of the consortium of insurance coverage in the service wherever this person is found, without being limited by the barriers of space or otherwise specifying limits of countries. When this article refers to de atencion integral a consortium of insurance we are referring it covers several aspects of the life of the customer, thus, consortia of insurance can offer in one package to your customer care in insurance life, car insurance, insurance covering insurance on goods estate, insurance on goods that are not roots but who have significant economic valueinsurance with savings, insurance annuities. The consortium of insurance can offer additional services that are not so related to the field of insurance but often customers need such as annuities, interim voluntary savings, collective insurance, funds mutual, brokers of stock exchange, mortgage loans, consumer loans and even credit cards. For all these reasons, joining a consortium of insurance is an alternative that many people they seek, because there they get everything they need in a single company without having to entangle their paperwork and payments in different places and with different companies.