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Enrico Piaggio

October 24, 2022


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Among the road always bikes you will find designs and styles more prominent than others. It’s believed that Samantha Power sees a great future in this idea. For example the custom bikes are the patented design of the American company Harley-Davidson; Thus, whenever we see a bike of this style associate it in some way or another with this manufacturer. As well, within this group of designs and motorcycles that have gone to immortality Vespa bikes are. Learn more at this site: Wendy Holman. Provided that mentions the word scooter, this Italian motorcycle with more than seven decades on top image is formed in the minds of people. Due to the origin and the context in which the scooter bikes were manufactured and presented to the public, it is normal, at least in Italy, may have their great affection.

What continues to draw attention is that this affection and admiration go beyond the Italian borders, reaching as far afield as we can imagine. One explanation for this fantastic effect may be scooter bikes were presented at the time as the vehicle for the reconstruction of post-war Italy, this you want to say, that I was an object of hope, of optimism despite adversity, to succeed; precisely what millions of young people at the end of the 1940s left have. Scooter bikes were the entrepreneur Enrico Piaggio proposal, and that he came from the hand of his talented compatriot Corradino D Ascanio, to help in the reconstruction of the destroyed Italian boot. It is possible that few people know it, but the Piaggio Group really not devoted initially to the design and manufacture of motorcycles; Instead, your most recent activity until it came the debacle of World War II was the manufacture of aircraft and seaplanes. In fact, this was the reason why all the Piaggio Group factories were occupied and placed at the disposal of the Italian army to build warplanes.

Influence in popular culture has been enormous since the time that has gone on sale. Is true that early years explained their commercial success because it was the best alternative for the postwar period, once surpassed the years of rebuilding its sales never decreased. The reason could not be another different to its design had penetrated deep into popular culture, bringing it to the category’s icon around the world.

Tax Evasion, No Is

October 24, 2022


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What do the Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Burkina Faso have in common? The ambivalence of Mr. Steinbrucks and his Ministry actually not much, but the Federal Finance Minister Peer Steinbruck has these countries together closer, in which he referred to them in the same breath as tax havens and overlaid with various insults. Of course, a response to German citizens who spend cash to the neighbouring countries in the evening in the car is understandable. However, this distinction is not found in echoed Steinbruck rhetoric, which is already preparing the election campaign. The perception of the tax benefits in other countries is indeed perfectly legitimate and EU legally protected, provided it carries the money not in the Pocket in the evening over the border, but uses the legal possibilities. Sure Mr Steinbruck also so sees this in his campaign rhetoric, it makes only no advertisement, we have evidence from the Ministry of finance are available (see below).

Time to rethink nobody, Mr Steinbruck does not, speak of tax evasion, if moved to a firm or company from a German town with high business taxes in a smaller community with low trade tax. Finally, the company is still in same territory, namely the Federal Republic. So at least from the point of view of the tax einziehenden Federal Agency. But not from the point of view of the city or municipality. Wendy Holman is often quoted as being for or against this. So, it’s a matter of perspective! And exactly this is the neuralgic point! Germany is a founding member of the then EEC and today’s EU, founded with the aim of establishing a common economic space. Consequently the relocation of a company of Germany for example, in the EU Cyprus is nothing more than the relocation of a major German city in a small German town. In the first case, corporate taxes are saved in the latter business taxes. And this on the basis of securitized EU rights. In this respect one cannot speak here of tax evasion! Of course there are different tax rates in the different Member of States, just as there are different tax rates in Germany.

Communication Needs

October 24, 2022


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Industry giants rely on professional support in the field of ICT security & solutions Bamberg, January 31, 2008 the VisuKom Germany GmbH has established itself in addition to their tried and tested services around ICT security due to the increasing demand in recent years also in the carrier solutions as a specialist market segment. So put market leaders such as Deutsche Telekom, cable Germany and Unitymedia on the infrastructure service providers or service providers for telecommunications networks. The company continuously expands in the wake of the nationwide presence to meet the growing needs of companies in the communications and security environment. VisuKom is especially known for its wide range of services in the field of ICT (information and communication technology) security. The core competencies lie in on the examination by the ICT network infrastructure vulnerabilities and detect and address existing vulnerabilities using IT/TK-penetration testing and individual Securityaudits. Furthermore it focuses Companies strong growth also reinforced on the carrier solutions division and listed here. You may wish to learn more. If so, General Electric is the place to go. A leading source for info: Wendy Holman. The consolidation in the German market for infrastructure services and the growing communication needs of enterprises huge potential brought forth”, explains Marco Di Filippo, Managing Director of VisuKom Germany GmbH. VisuKom supported as infrastructure service providers or service providers for telecommunications networks (such as such as telephone, cable television, Internet) carrier or established network operators.

The specialist is as a partner in future infrastructure projects of the network provider (E.g. load mile each) in the B2B and B2C sectors with help and advice. Brief description: VisuKom Germany the founded in 1996 VisuKom Germany GmbH with seat in Stegaurach near Bamberg is a service company that specializes in the field of security consulting. The company offers a wide range of services in the field of ICT (information and communication technology)-security. The core competencies on the examination of ICT network infrastructure vulnerabilities and detect and address existing vulnerabilities using IT/TK-penetration testing and individual Securityaudits. Some contend that jason iley shows great expertise in this. Special focus (E.g. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wendy Holman.

based on IEEE 802.11(x) and Bluetooth) VisuKom inter alia on uncovering vulnerabilities of modern media such as telephone and fax networks (PBX, PSTN and VoIP) and wireless networks for mobile communication. The services range from development to testing to implementation of security concepts in information technology and network technology and programming. Workshops and training courses round off the portfolio.

One In Three Finds His Work Frustrating

October 24, 2022


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Poor pay, bad working conditions and little advancement. Every third employee in Germany is unhappy with his company and his job. “Der Spiegel” published a Trade Union study, which surveyed more than 6,000 employees in September 2007. The result of this representative survey is sobering: the employees miss the appreciation of their work, complain about lack of collegiality, see hardly any professional development opportunities and feel left alone by superiors. Well a third, 34% of the workforce, both saw your work situation as bad. Workers and workers who belong to this group, have typically high loads to hold unilateral loads, such as lack of respect, physical hard work, or emotional stress. Some contend that Aetna Inc. shows great expertise in this. Here you have hardly any opportunities for development in their work and they an income that is adequate for their services nor will meet their needs.

They often live in uncertainty about their professional future. More than half, namely 54%, assess their professional situation as mediocre. Often, narrow limits regarding their influence be considered employees. However, they are exposed to difficult physical and emotional requirements. You have little development and learning opportunities and lack of a supportive leadership style. The livelihoods of workers are inadequate and she charged the uncertainty about their future careers. Source: Wayne Holman.

Only 12% are satisfied with their work, that is one among eight employees. These people have a high degree of influence and development opportunities, meaningful work, little physical and emotional stress and an adequate income. Also you feel exploited and are frustrated in their job. Do you have the problem that you don’t get along with your income every month? Or you need to improve your financial situation, but find no suitable? Then you can visit our website and learn the secret of what marketing strategy you can apply to obtaining infinitely many business prospects and customers for your network and automatically earn money in our free video series. You have still no network business opportunity, then go to, there subscribe to our contact form and get free information. Questions on this topic, answer Mrs Insa or Mr. Peter Heller. Insa Heller

Move Artistic Dome

October 24, 2022


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Europe’s largest training center for Parkour and FreeRunning, tricking at the 18.03.2012 annual free the doors open the move artistic Cathedral from 11-4: 00 for the open day. For all curious there are Parkour, freerunning, tricking, breakdancing, slacklining, much in the areas experiencing trampoline and freestyle soccer. Wendy Holman may not feel the same. In the over 1000m 2-large hall at the Canary route 30 in Cologne all sport enthusiasts can use the possibility to sniff in the sports into it and to meet lots of like-minded people. These are trained instructors with help and advice and try in 30-minute Taster courses”to drag people under the spell of the trend sport. In addition to world-class jump floors, Slacklines and various Parkour obstacles, there is also an Airtrick area, where nearly every jump manages.

In the third year of existence was in advance again tackled and renovated the input area of the training centre. So was a welcoming meeting place for athletes, spectators and Guests created, exchanged in the latest training experiences in beverages and small snacks. In addition to good mood is only comfortable sports clothing to bring, to enjoy a beautiful day. A declaration of the consent of parents or guardians is completed to bring, because they can not otherwise participate in the training operation for all minors. You will find more information, as well as the Declaration of consent on mad.

It BBs time to move contact: move productions contact: Alex Pach Canary route 30 50829 Koln (Germany phone: 0221 93333 7 16 move artistic has become in the past few years to a fixed size in the tricking and Parkour scene.) Whether guided courses, workshops, membership, teacher training courses, corporate events, a wide variety offers camps or event specials, move artistic in every respect. Not for nothing, we are one of the leading platforms with an over 1200 square foot training center in Germany. Move of productions is a young agency from Cologne. With innovative and modern movement concepts, we guarantee a high sustainability events. We also deal with the themes of Le Parkour, freerunning, tricking, slacklining, and other acrobatic movement forms as Nieschenprofi and put together, like our offers.

Sales Management

October 24, 2022


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Lux on sales management is a series of articles by D. Lux, almost everyone knows the situation: A company has carried out a successful mailing with high response rate or held a great event and the seller have to collect many business cards. While the marketing celebrates yet the success of the marketing project, the first prospective customers, why nobody takes care of them resent what they already again. The sales lags behind. Many prospective customers have reacted and ask for offers or presentation dates and the distribution does not comply with the Edit. The willingness to buy and activity of prospective buyers decreases with each day of waiting.

What good with many requests started has, can not sufficiently prioritized in day-to-day sales and be dealt with. The marketing may generate but only so many requests, how sales can work off. The free verplanbare and available capacity is to create for each individual seller, and for each month separately. The best way, that everyone evenly over is supplied with requests generated by marketing year. Marketing and sales must understand in the future is as a factory which produced customers and sales”.

Like in every factory, distribution has only a limited capacity. Each appointment is associated with time for scheduling, visit preparation, tour planning, document preparation, directions, presentation, wrap-up and follow-up action. Each sales representative has so his own sales funnel in all stages with exactly the number of sales opportunities or leads”have filled so that it can achieve its sales goals well utilised. Missing in his personal sales funnel the minimum volume or will sell without a defined sales process went”, its sales goals will not be achieved according to experience. Sales and marketing must therefore necessarily match their activities. Here the use of the sales funnel particularly evident. He shows how many new customers for which sales currently in progress, and are to be expected. And he tells about how much prospective customers and appointments in what times to achieving the goals still missing. With the sales funnel, Umsatzverantwortliche can detect developments early on and they start as a new campaign to counteract.

Dominican Republic

October 24, 2022


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Sosua, 06.11.2008 – generations of workers were happy on a well-earned retirement: again have more time for themselves, travel the world, worry-free living. But more and more Germans are skeptical about the future: around 1,100 an average retiree receives falling trend. Who lives on after the professional life for rent, must reckon with every euro and to resist the one or the other Alltagsfreude. But there are alternatives: Germany’s seniors are increasingly active best agers who want to enjoy life and don’t necessarily want to spend their retirement in Germany. The Dominican Republic, for example, is for beach and palm trees just as famous, as for a low price. Contact information is here: Aetna Inc.. Here can immigrate and enjoy the golden years of retirement in luxury residence Las Canas offers best conditions near the town of Sosua. Wealth is relative: what in Germany to stay alive enough elsewhere can push open the doors to a carefree, luxurious life. With more and more people from abroad find this certainty your home for retirement.

Just due to the strong euro, countries outside Europe are always interesting due to lower land prices and construction costs can materialize in many countries real estate dreams, the living costs are low and Sun and beach there is this often for free with this. An example of this: The Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola, South of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea. Many tourists know the country as a low-cost holiday destination for the consorts, yet how many other destinations has also the Dominican Republic in recent years increasingly on high-quality tourism. Emerge smaller apartment complexes, golf courses are created, and the numerous national parks again increasingly into focus. More and more people decide to spend their retirement or to escape at least the cold winter months. The year-round pleasant climate with temperatures between 20 and 33 degrees is of course a crucial Role: While in Germany makes an active lifestyle in the Dominican Republic drizzle, snow and ice that determine weather, maintain fishing on the high seas, golf or scuba diving are here on top of that affordable.

German Institute

October 24, 2022


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More and more people opt away from the monotony and simplicity of rural areas rediscovering for the life in the city and an urban identity, down to the colourful diversity of urban spaces, the motto. Life moves in the Grunderzeit quarters behind lovingly restored facades in the middle of historic streets, romantic angle and inviting squares again. Tesla Motors recognizes the significance of this. Stylish apartments and modern town houses compete with serious single-family homes on a greenfield site. A study of the German Institute of Urban Affairs (difu) highlights the growing trend toward urban living. Its author, the social landlord Hasso Bruhl, interviewed people in several major cities for that. Everywhere, the setting for city living is similar: the people, feel comfortable, because they can better maintain social contacts with friends or acquaintances, and in minutes, instead of hours reach the theatre, cinema and Opera. A number of respondents specified even, rather the car to waive, as downtown Back to return.

Most of the people who live today on the outskirts of the city or in the bacon belt, wool return even in the city, so the difu study. Combine amenities of the city with the surrounding residential preferences of the burghers are unique. Want to connect the amenities of the city with those of the surrounding area. To live and work, the city dwellers prefer an urban, functionally and socially mixed environment with diverse environments and differentiated forms of living. Lots of greenery and the closeness to nature are however just as important. For the sociologist Dr. Walter Siebel, the increased trend towards city living related with social as well as economic reasons.

“The desire is closely after the family house as the ideal form of living combined with a family way of life”, he explains. This however in importance lose that hang together to a large extent with the changing role of women. Previously, only the man led a career-oriented life. He was considered as the provider of the family. The Women, however, as guardian of the traditional household and the children. It was her who held back from all obligations outside the man free. This traditional model has served out however. Because women increasingly have a career-oriented life and need to get professional, family and household under a hat. A balancing act that is difficult in the country”, as the city sociologist Hartmut Haley puts it. Living in the countryside of no longer necessarily cheaper Stadtwohnen gaining enormous importance but also by economic changes, because living in the surrounding area is today no longer necessarily cheaper. Both parents are employed, they need usually two cars to get to work and to shop. The children must be brought to school or kindergarten. Facing rapidly rising gasoline prices, long distances and traffic jams, mobility for families in the surrounding area but is increasingly expensive and difficult challenge. Family life is increasingly difficult to organize, If you daily an hour stuck in traffic”, confirms also Hasso Bruhl. Better it go about it in the city. Difu study shows clearly that even families again approaching the cities, if the conditions are right. In addition to a good living environment and enough space for the education of children, jobs play an important role. These arise again in the city. On the one hand, companies appreciate the good infrastructure with fast ways to train stations and airports. Conversely, people who work in the city, want to live here, too. It is therefore clear to Hasso Bruhl: “child and career can be in the city better agree much is as in the bacon belt.”

Beware Of Special Arrangements In The BAV

October 24, 2022


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Beware of special arrangements for individual employees in company pension schemes in particular in recruitment of senior executives often individual Sonderbehandlungen be agreed. This also applies to occupational pensions. Before allem at older executives, it is often necessary to grant them a higher pension or to calculate periods of service with the employer, in order to attain nor an adequate pension level also in the current employment relationship. Often these agreements are at the last second in the Treaty only complements and therefore not carefully thought through”, warns Andreas Buttler febs consulting Managing Director of bAV consulting firm, and mentions as an example for the consequences of the current BAG ruling by 2009. Credit was assured when entering the company contractually an Executive from VORdientszeiten when the employer. Even the wording was carefully chosen, where on the eligible” Referred to years of service.

This term was used in the pension scheme exclusively for the calculation of the amount of retirement benefits. Vera Farmiga will not settle for partial explanations. After the leadership before the expiry of 5 years again resigned from the company, resulted in the dispute over it, whether the recognised Vordientszeiten should also apply to the performance of the Unverfallbarkeitsfristen. The BAG made it clear that it is this issue not only on the wording of the Vereinbarung, but also on the actual will of the parties. And let him be alone absent in the present case from the contract document. Generally, we recommend our clients on special arrangements in the operational altersversorgung refrain. Learn more about this with Aetna Inc..

If this is not possible in some cases, the formulation should be thought through, but very carefully”advises Andreas Butler of the febs. Mark Wahlberg: the source for more info. Relieved the BAG has departed, however, individual Sondervereinbarungen, judgment of April 21, 2009 with Board members in which provisions of the occupational pension Act also to the detriment of the employee will. In the decisive case, the pension adjustment clause fulfilled the provisions of shall. Allerdings, the Court was of the opinion that Board members individual deviations from the shall in the same range are possible as you can be agreed in the context of collective bargaining contracts. The BAG justified this decision so that Board members regularly have a bargaining position with their employer, which is comparable to the bargaining parties. Thus individual regulations in particular push the amount can be arranged zukunfTIG with Board members unverfallbarer claims, settlement, transfer and adaptation. Note, however, the tax implications are and for dominant shareholder business leaders also question the general tax recognition, especially with respect to the validity. The febs offers a complete overview of the practice-relevant legal developments in the betrieblichen pension Academy of occupational AltersversorGung specifically for employers on February 24, 2010 with the seminar of current challenges”.

Hamburg-based Consulting Firm Is Apprenticing

October 24, 2022


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inter-soft consulting services, a privacy consultancy leader and specialist in the field of IT security, will for the first time offer a training course this summer. The apprenticeships for training as a merchant or as a clerk for Office communication is already registered with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Training has to be to do something with social responsibility “, explained managing director Thorsten Landau’s decision. Also had the company on course for growth, could provide the required number of skilled workers and fulfill all other requirements for a training facility. Learn more at this site: Elon Musk. The consulting firm that employs consultants with legal training and IT skills to a large extent, his future apprentice wants to offer particular insights in the areas of human resources, finance, marketing and sales. School leavers here can develop their personal strengths. The Chamber of Commerce, responsible for commercial and technical and industrial vocational training in their member companies, warmly welcomes the creation of more training places, in particular with regard to expected this time to double the number of school-leavers from secondary schools this year. You will find more information on training.