5 Steps To The Carefree Catalog Production

June 13, 2016


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A guide from everyday at Lintranex systems. Print media of imminent death predicted years ago, judging it the daily flood of advertising, it pays to print advertising. Our customers result is because that there are still groups of buyers, which have not made friends with the Internet, or there are purchase situations in which a hard copy is still more appropriate. For our customers, we have made us clever, what tools and technologies thus saving time and money can be used in the build process and are proud of the fact that we now also directly can offer the most important technologies, as well as the process of a transition to an automated catalog production. The 5 steps to the carefree catalog evaluation first and foremost is an evaluation of your current catalog, as well as your current data storage.

What structures are here which make sense evolved, and it might change what should? The conventional production process must be made aware, visualized and recorded. They identified optimization Potential through discusses a process optimization with the people involved and then to hold the optimized process. Templates workshop to the redesign of the catalog to make into a new or adapted design incorporated improvements and structure. Completed the workshop will be the so-called templates with the creation of master pages. Here it is decided also the degree of completion. Data stream conversion of existing data to a single data stream, which then can be reused. Link link of the stream with the templates so that a fully automated catalog production is given. Depending on whether a structured data storage is already present in the company, following technologies and tools we used to produce your catalog as quickly and cheaply as possible: XML, Python, InDesign, InDesign Server, Oracle database, Heiler Media Manager, MediBuilder, XActuell, etc here it should be noted, that we are in addition to the sale of complete software able, All tools as a service application provider to offer.

Say you need not even buy the software, but a fraction of what it otherwise alone would cost the license you pay only for each production. Especially for companies with just a few catalogs or even just a year catalog, this type of transfer worth immediately. Bottom line if you want to produce a catalogue or other printed products or produce, but the costs keep as low as possible want to would we like to once again show our approach you in a personal conversation and it then implement in your company. Like we can also show you how to link traditional print products with new media. So you could add a QR code for example for products probably purchased by young people, which refers directly to the webshop to the order form please just contact us! Thomas of grace Lintranex system