A Small Town In The Internet – Example: White Castle

June 28, 2016


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“Lecture by Walker online journalist Diesler ++ public & non-official White Castle read more LinkWEISSENBURG, may 2011 – the Weissenburger journalist Peter Diesler gave in his talk at the city library in the series man in the network” based on the city Weissenburg an overview how the most small towns in the Internet presents. First, he presented the official sites and to official pages. In comparison to larger cities, such as be wise game Hamburg and Nuremberg, it was unusual that one encounters on the Walker Hall at the first address and only under the second on information that is interesting for tourists. Both sides provided but plentiful and good information. It is now common to back up such sites with advertising and are also a source of money. Surprisingly for most listeners was but the eye on the pages of the social networks, especially Facebook pages on social networks. Here are a large number of Groups, initiatives and local of White Castle.

There is a rain exchange of opinions and information, which is not even perceived outside these networks here. An example was the page of the Weissenburger dedication with over 1,200 fans, or the discussion of the street furniture of the Mocambo restaurant on their side. Praise, Diesler mentioned also the municipal library, which was also active on Facebook. Target groups and lack of perception of the target group of the social networks are vast younger (up to 24 years), which would move usually only within the networks and hardly use the normal Internet pages. It will barely noticed so far.

3D on the Internet concluded Diesler dealt with Google Earth, where you virtually can move by White Castle, to 3D views, which were created by a Weissenburger exist. This was very by the commitment of individuals dependent on and rather untypical for small towns. Look at the presentation: click on image above courtesy of P. Diesler Uwe Dobler