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April 5, 2019


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Whereas Colmbia it occupies 60 rank, possessing 6,54 points. The country most colocadoda South America is the Uruguay, that also adopts the obligatory vote, this pasest in 23 rank with 8.08 points a rank above of France. Educaopara the ConformeBobbio democracy (1987), a nation to be democratical must present the three seguintescaractersticas: First as already seen previously e, therefore, vinculatrias for all the group the approved decisions the least for the majority of those to who competes tomardecises’ ‘ (1987, p.19). third, in accordance with the author (1987, p.19) ‘ ‘ preciso that those that are called to decide or to choose the ones that to deverodecidir are ahead placed of real alternatives and ranks in condition to depoder to choose between one and outra’ ‘. Bobbio does not argue as characteristic dademocracia the facultative participation, however, seems something contradictory aobrigao to participate of the agenda politics, in a system that takes advantage individual aliberdade. Second To sound (2004), ostericos that defend the obligatory vote in Brazil argue that essaimposio not constrange the voters. Etambm defends that the exercise to vote contributes for the doeleitor education politics,> where the facultativo vote voting in candidates without no comprometimento with non-political.

Bobbio (1987) and To sound (2004) affirm, a beneficial fruit of the democracy is the education for the citizenship. However, through the obligatory vote, the citizen would not be practising an act delivre and spontaneous initiative, but she would be thus, fulfilling a duty legal. The votarno obligation creates a civic conscience, and this compromises the decisions directly doeleitor leaving the free citizen to reflect, to opt freely and to act. Beyond the paper to acquire knowledge, this model abreespao for the more responsible popular participation. Bibliografiaconsultada BOBBIO, Noberto.

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