Adelgar Star

November 14, 2023


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Adelgar Star is a full treatment of thinning which includes 10 sessions of cryotherapy to decrease weight and thickness more quickly and safely, and with few contraindications. Cryotherapy is a technique that consists in lowering the body temperature so that the body thermoregulatory system active metabolism and fat burning to maintain constant temperature. Increase caloric expenditure thinning becomes massencillo as well as the effect of the cold reaffirms tissues. Also progress problems such as varicose veins and tired legs. Whenever Danske Bank listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The treatment includes: history clinic and pristine physical examination with tests that the doctor deems necessary to assess the State of current health of the person. See more detailed opinions by reading what camden treatment associates offers on the topic.. With a body scanner checked, bioelectrical impedance test with which we obtain the measurement of essential parameters to assess body composition (determination of body fat, muscle mass, fat masalibre, basal metabolism, bone mass, the percentage of water for) (whether or not there is fluid retention, metabolic age that we will indicate the ease to melt calories..) etc. Nutritional plan more effective and enjoyable for every patient they made with all results extracted by means of usual intake, daily monitoring and tests approximately 3 days, and a nutritional behaviour questionnaire, our doctor and the team of Dietitians and adapt the power of each person according to their tastes, preferences, schedules and pathologies (if any). Medical and dietary control is continued throughout the treatment.

In each session they attend and apply cryotherapy treatment the Dietitians, as well as regret, take measurements, analyze urine, etc… The success of our exclusive technique is ensured by the experience accumulated throughout the 18 years which has clinical Adelgar and all cases successfully resolved. Above we have therapies with therapists enormously qualified and experienced to help all people who are associated with the problem of obesity and overweight eating or anxiety disorders. And all this in quiet and pleasant elambiente of our clinic.