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August 16, 2016


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International innovators discuss 5 key future issues of the coming 10 years. “10 future Congress of 2B of AHEAD think tanks on June 14th and 15th, 2014 journalist accreditation now possible Braunschweig, may 4, 2014 – under the motto: 2021: generation uncertainty business models for a world in change stress” are 200 international innovators from industry and society come together on 14/15 June 2014 at Castle Trotha in Brunswick to discuss five of the main topics of the future of the German economy: future question No. 1: A world without Secrets How works? The social hot topic of in coming years. The ongoing trend of democratization leads with the technological possibilities of digitization in a world of comprehensive transparency where it is becoming less and less possible and hardly useful to have secrets. This changes everything from personal identity management, the innovation strategies of the companies to the political decision-making processes. As our world without secrets works, debate: Daniel Domscheidt-Berg, Wikileaks-dropouts and Openleaks founder, Prof. Dr.

Friedrich Weber, Bishop and Christian Muller, philosopher future question No. 2: we trust technology more than people? The answer is: Yes! Today, you trust the GPS more than the front passenger and the iPhone with sustainability footprint more than the seller. But what happens if we have finally understood that the machine intelligence is superior to our minds? How change business models, if intelligent technology filters take over our purchasing decisions? And: we will love even machines for their intelligence? Europe’s most innovative thought leaders present, what impact has this trend for products and business models of living, working, shopping and travel, including: Prof. Dr. David Levy, bestselling author of “Love and Sex with Robots”, Scottish champion in chess (UK), Philip Breuss-Schneeweis, CEO Wikitude (Austria), Ned Wiley, CEO Axel Springer digital TV (United States / D) and Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer, Director-IEB, University of the arts future question # 3: how to serve the chinese? To change the global balance of power, 2021, China is both technology – and innovation leader in the world.