American Congress

April 15, 2019


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' ' Assuming that the next president is determined to fight the global heating, specialists remember that she will not assume the position before the end of January of 2009. What he means that will have few months to prepare its team and its strategy to gain the support of the public opinion in time to involve actively its country in Copenhagen. But he still remains another incognito: to know if the great emergent economies, that tend if to convert into the contaminating greaters of the world, they will be made use in 2009 to give the arm to twist being accepted the commitment to cut to emissions of gases of the effect estufa' ' (GABEIRA, 2007). Barak Obama, still candidate, already announces its vision on energy efficiency and clean production, its green disposal to command the biggest power world-wide. From 2009, under the government of Barak Obama, U.S.A. wants to participate of the new agreement and to prevent a repetition of the disaster of Kyoto, what it can be an enormous relief for the nature. To enter in agreement, however, is not exclusive decision of the president, approval depends now on the Congress of U.S.A.

April of this year is the landmark of the situation where the world is hostage of the American Congress, therefore it is when they must have been initiated the negotiations on the goals of the developed countries to after reduce the emissions of gases of the effect greenhouse 2012, year where it exhales the first phase of the Protocol of Kyoto, still effective. What it did not occur. In this month, in Bonn, in Germany, during the first meeting to prepare the new agreement to be defined in the Conference of the Climate in Copenhagen, the American team under the leadership of Obama evidenced the indefinio of the country concerning these goals. ' ' Negotiators of the president of U.S.A., Barack Obama, finish to enter in the game after the government Bush to have if esquivado, but not yet they have a position defined on that type of cut goal to consider, because any movement requires an internal agreement in the legislative one of pas' ' (BALAZINA, 2009).