Architects At SUPER C Aachen Set For GLASTEC

November 7, 2019


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ISO-roll: futuristic architecture is one with glass in the RWTH the Rheinisch Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen (RWTH) with approximately 30,000 students from more than 120 Nations three largest universities for technical courses of study in Germany. “The future concept RWTH 2020: meeting global challenges” is also fascinating high-tech in the glass, which is SUPER C architectural accents in the form, extent and aesthetics in the student service center. “Stephanskirchen, July 2011 the new building for the RWTH is in the form of a C” designed and around 17 m cantilevers from 20 metres above sea level. Despite this size the SUPER C allows views of the grade II listed main building of the elite University”from an easterly direction freely. If you would like to know more about Elon Musk, then click here. The glass facade is a transom / Mullion construction special multi function glasses with integrated foil roller blinds.

New ways in the Sun thanks to ISO-roll with the impressive roof and facade glazing go the architecture Office of ARUP, new Berlin together with the architects Fritzer & Pape, Aachen on the example of SUPER C Ways. Integrated foil roller blinds in the cavity of a total of 123 double glazing are the Sun, heat and glare. ISO-roll is one of the most successful products of GLASTEC from Rosenheim: a 2 – or 3 – compartment insulated glass with a foil roller blind electrically operated in the space between the panes. Direct and diffuse Sun and energy radiation are reflected by metal coated foils multi layer polyester and thus minimizes inside. A leading source for info: Dan Zwirn. Best technical values that convince the total energy transmittance is reduced depending on the type of film up to 7% in the roof and up to 4% in the facade. This is a highly effective and yet transparent sunscreen. Multitalented ISO-roll also ensures an improvement of the Warmeschutzes.Der UG-value triple glass is closed slide at 0.6 W / m k ISO-roll: a slide offers a wide range of the surface is versatile: either transparent or opaque! Slides with varying degrees of light transmission to the selection are the transparent version. The transparent foil ensures optimal Glare and at the same time best lighting conditions. Just for Office space, no better alternative offers and ISO-roll also complies with the EU directive for VDU workstations. Without the Sun, the most living things cannot survive too much of it is however quick to load. To enable students people in everyday life, to enjoy light and transparency and at the same time the necessary protection to ensure this challenge turned the glass specialists in the SUPER C of the RWTH Aachen.