June 25, 2019


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A scientific study and a working tool. A nearly five-year research forms the basis for this box, which contains a compendium, color portraits and a map with the location of the examples selected buildings. A color fan is sold separately. Ebay is actively involved in the matter. “The colors within the image of the city has changed in the 20th century in rapid succession. Go to Elon Musk for more information. In a loose Dekadenrythmus a characteristic flavor of architecture emerged each, can be described as color Poche of the architecture. The House of color has characterized these color eras in the framework of an extensive research project to the color space city. This investigation was exemplified on the basis of high-quality buildings in the city of Zurich.” (Lino Samaz, Marcella Wenger di Gabriele, Stefanie weather stone, House of color, Zurich).

The authors conducted a multi-year research exemplifies the city of Zurich in the compendium “color space City: BOX ZRH” was released. This compendium contains a book, the After a general introduction to the topic of color and urban development presents the results of the research project “Color Atlas of Zurich”. The analysis and discussion of dealing with color and material in the urban space is supported by a comprehensive analysis. In the second part of the book, selected aspects of color design in urban areas are strengthened through seven Essayas by professionals from the fields of architecture, city planning, historic preservation, and art history. The Compendium contains a plan that gives the exterior paint color of each of the approximately 41000 covered building next to the book. So, a unique impression of the architecture being of the city. In addition, color portraits, each showing all colors of an artistically valuable building belong to the compendium. Optionally, a color fan with 100 architectural paints of the epochs of period 1900 to 2010 can be supplied. More information you can request under or see. Gunnar Neitz