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July 1, 2016


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international market research studies have doubled for language service providers In the area of market research services language connect 2009 grew to customers of 102% and a sales increase of 79%. The increasing demand for professional translations, interpreters, and the coding of questionnaires arises due to such institutions that carry out cross-border studies for international brands. Addition, there were still considerable increases in sales by language services for other industries and language connect could defy the economic crisis so successfully. In the recently published Plimsoll report on the translation market, language connect is ranked among the five fastest-growing companies in the industry, with sales growth of 56% compared to the 8% of the industry average. The five most popular languages at language connect nearly followed English, French and Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

The trend is that the demand for Asian languages faster than that for European. This is not particularly surprising, given the current global economic situation and the fact that the Asian markets for companies that really make it promise huge profits,\”said Ben Taylor, managing partner at language connect. The extraction of five extremely important new customers from the field of market research suggests that the year 2010 for language connect could develop even better than the previous year. This reflects also the general trend in online market research. The impressive growth trend of online surveys and opinion portals on the Internet can be attributed to simplified access to participants over a wide area across, as well as relatively low fixed costs, compared with traditional field studies or focus groups. Another reason why online surveys and opinion-based panels for businesses are so attractive, is that the application allows an immediate and complete analysis. Also multilingual data can be around so many times faster than previously recorded, interpreted and used. This dynamic can in turn increase demand according to the encoding of (semi-) open answers on questionnaires.