June 7, 2016


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To the afternoon continuity was given, with the received one at the moment of appreciation of Music, To rain of Magic Fire Twine. After that, it had the explanation and presentation of the graph worked per the morning in pair. As the dynamics of the explanation of the graph was analyzed plus a graph. With this graph it allowed the quarrel on the importance of the use of the calculator. In this analysis, it was possible to evaluate if it was certain, the scale, the ratio, the column, legend lack, in end the parts of the all that composes the graph. For the fulfilment of the activities they had been used bristol boards for the graphs, you clip, penxses and papers. In these activities, the Formadoras had explained as to make the use of half metodolgicos, easy to elaborate and that all can confection as, for example, to use the penxs as unit of measure and others. They had made the use of the twine literature, on sum.

E thus gave the ending of the performance of the Formadoras that tralharam objective. At night, it had the cultural moment, what it favored us to know to integrate them of playful form, making possible us reinforcement of the interpersonal relations, that are so important, to congregate the measures of our being that they need to be balanced with the measures of that they are and they are of our side. Sixth? Fair 16? 07 the -10 morning surprises? in the ones with its indetermination; with its appearance in being or not, it has seen rained another hour the sun it shone, and it was thus the day all. We begin this day with the dynamics of the second fair, that is, the group organized for Cities, where they were the Beautiful Water Cities, Handle and Is Bento of Una. The morning was indecisa for many, therefore many were tired of a distendida night, after the consecrated schedule of the rest.