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April 11, 2019


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In the last article I talked about such things as the choice of web hosting, buy domain, the choice of scripts, now you have a blog, and you can start the most exciting part of the design. Here as in other matters, and everywhere, there are a few options. The first is to find a pro. Benefit of full proposals, design studios are growing like mushrooms after rain. Here, even google does not want to go freelance and choose the one who likes. Or even not so, create a project with their conditions and see who agree to undertake. But, like everywhere else here has its pluses and minuses.

Of the benefits of, perhaps, worth noting that you do not need to learn a lot of different programs and desktop publishing, it's natural disadvantages of money. And money is not small. It just wonder if you find someone who decorate your blog for 5-8k pp. Given that the free blog scripts, along with hosting and domain to us got up in the 300-1000K pp, this is probably the most expensive part. But in fact, I would fork out for a good design, the work of some people just "Wow," otherwise you will not tell if it is not … And then we move to the second option. The second option is ready-made designs, themes, templates and all sorts of rips.

Of the benefits, and here he is only one, it's free, it means nothing, but not all gold that glitters, even more to say, if you really really shines, you should be more careful. Why be afraid of free templates? And fear is links. And sometimes even ban your blog search engines. All sorts of sites that spread patterns, does not really work thanks, and also rips do not charge. And, in the hope that you will not erase the copyright, they link together in a pattern had hidden a dozen other references are not prominent eye, advertise their projects and so on. And because greed crazy people, I once caught a template with a hundred (!!!) links. If I ban for this pattern will go out, the good of those links will not be what they are and just think.