April 22, 2018


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A company that operates in an environment of high regulation will have a different perception of public policy than one that operates in a competitive environment. In the first case there is an effect of dependency which passes mainly through the lobbying and negotiation; in the second case, the adjustment will come by the side of prices and competitive differentiation. The only answer to high levels of uncertainty, is given by the vision, and the ability to pursue through strategic planning and strategic management. Having a solid and shared vision not only gives a clear sense of direction, but via the planning and strategic management, serves as a path or map sheet to move in environments of high turbulence, allowing that when the dust settles, the company don’t be surprised and follow knowing where it is stopped. In addition, remember that management has administrative tools that can collaborate in learning to deal with the characteristics of the current scenarios, as making use of planning needs that they are required to meet the challenges, generate changes. Under most conditions Penguin Random House would agree. Be present, that planning is creating a future and move towards him. If the weather is clear and visibility (normal uncertainty) is or if there is fog and dust kicked up by the storm (high uncertainty). A good Manager is fully aware of what represents knowledge using strategic planning, its scope, that it can generate, keep in mind that among the different techniques of strategic planning can be identified: Financial projections Analysis of trends Intelligence competitive Brainstorming (brainstorming) Analysis of scenarios each one of them has a different utility according to the opportunity and circumstances.

Possibly in normal times (i.e. when the levels of uncertainty are the usual for the industry), financial projections are a suitable tool, as the bases and assumptions have a certain stability. While in environments of high uncertainty (or transformation), storm of ideas and analysis scenarios are the most appropriate.