Brazilian Development Bank

November 7, 2013


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As the author, these programs if extend in 1997, Mines with the Program Congregate? Net of University Education of Empreendedorismo. In 1998, the States of Amazon, Paran and Rio Grande of the North. In 1999, it starts to spread out the education of the empreendedorismo in the too much Brazilian states. Dolabela adds that, according to estimates, still in the year of 1999, some existing programs in Brazil, had reached one publish college student of about 10 a thousand pupils. It believes that, due to the fast growth, of education in the area, this number must triple in two years. In what it says respect in perspectives for workmanships, Dolabela (1999), speaks of the great difficulties faced for the emergent companies in Brazil, mainly of technological base which lacks as much the politics publish adequate, how much system of financing based on risk capital.

according to Dolabela (1999), as it was presented, the movement of university education, of empreendedorismo despite rustic, it can be optimistical and to make to believe that the vises of the efforts of the government and the private initiative in this area can walk together. However as Dolabela (1999) is important to still evidence the decisive paper of institutions already cited and counting on the BNDES? Brazilian Development Bank, beyond state justinian codes of technology and city halls, in the support the programs of empreendedorismo in Brazil. 1.2 The Enterprising Process As research carried through in this work, exists series of factors that can influence an individual to become enterprising, being they ambient, social, personal factors or one somatrio of all they. INNOVATION: DECISION IMPLEMENTATION GROWTH the IDEA TO ADVANCE Process of creation of a company adapted of Gonalves (2000) After the decision to become enterprising, exists certain composed sequence of four phases for the efetivao of the enterprising process, is they: To identify and to evaluate the chance; To develop the plan business-oriented; To determine and to catch necessary resources; To manage the bred company.