Brazilian Economy

November 21, 2013


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surgeporque the individuals and the companies finds practises to have a money reserve (money), for some unexpected one, in case that it has necessity or for transaesfuturas; *motivo speculation sooperaes> financiers who aim at only the profit, the reserves to speculate are sensvels variations of the taxes of interests. The demand for currency dependeda income and of the tax of interests and the circumstances of the economy in data moment. How much > or or or or < it will be the demand for currency. It offers of currency depends daorganizao on the financial system of each country. In a system where the lastreada currency (deposited) in gold, the amount of currency in circulation depends doestoque on deposited gold.

In a system without ballast, it is had currency trustee, based on the trust, in the confidence, and the responsible one for the control of the currency is oBanco Central (BC). It is the sender of the national currency, is an agency who controlaa offers of currency in the country and the related subjects it. The BC has funode: to *controlar the ofertamonetria; to *emitir the national currency; * to watch over for the value of the moedanacional; to *regulamentar and to fiscalize osistema financial. The commercial banks soinstituies that catch resources of demand deposits, of economizers, to paraemprestar them it the investors as I credit bank clerk. The profits veem dadiferena between what they are pleased as remuneration to the deposits and the interests querecebem of the loans. The commercial banks can create constituent currencies with base nasreservas on the demand deposits, that are the dosbancos obligations with the depositors, such deposits can be rescued the qualquerinstante.

D= R + and the reserves bancosconstituem that them on the deposits is of two types: *reserva obligatory is asparcelas of the deposits that the banks are obliged legally to deposit emsuas accounts next to the central banking, to be able to make front the suasobrigaes; *reserva voluntary sorecursos that the banks keep next to the central banking for option, not legal hobrigao.