BSC Balanced

August 7, 2016


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2. difficulties in the application of the balanced scorecard, it is very difficult to evaluate the process of the introduction of the BSC in the society because many years must go for getting the objective results. This time much of the activity of the company changes. The introduction to the first stage, i.e. the development of the strategic goals for the top management, happens quickly enough and clear, but the rise covered himself further with the problems, because he calls the large extent of the preparatory and explanatory work. In this case, the participation of the head of the corresponding outline is mandatory. 3. absence of rapid results getting the weighted results of activity is possible only in the course of several years.

Therefore, the most serious problem in the lack of understanding by the top management of the objectives of the introduction of the balanced scorecard in the fast changing market conditions can arise. In the development of the balanced scorecard for the separate divisions of the Company cannot use the benefits of the BSC in the context of the whole of society, and as a result you get the much smaller effect, completely that an arbitrary arrangement of society with a whole series of other subdivisions acts together and, undoubtedly, depends on the quality of their work. 4. difficulty in assessing the importance of KPIs the selection of KPIs is a responsible enough and ambiguous process. Especially it becomes obvious, when determining which happens not financial indicators. The key figures are constantly checked in societies, and the provision of non financial indicators, particularly in the first stage, is enough complicated because of their ambiguity.