Business Communication Tools

March 2, 2014


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The majority of business people collect its communication tools to take with them when they are away from the Office, either on vacation or a business trip, make sure that you don’t miss any important information, messages or responses from an investor or partner. Its professional exchanges still rely on faxes to send and receive contracts, orders and other official documents. Therefore, we need to have fax on hand. As well as the traditional fax machine doesn’t fit in his luggage, is the time to sign up for a fax service by internet! Along with the advantages of sending and receiving faxes over the Internet with always will be on top of your business. Here are some ideas that you can use to keep in touch with their customers, employees and partners that use the service: before leaving home, make sure that you have checked the option to redirect received faxes and voice messages to your email address. Moreover anytime from anywhere you can access your Inbox from entrance to view, save or forward the unified messages. It can also enable newly released by call forwarding, and set up call forwarding to your mobile phone or fixed in the place where is located.

So you will be sure that you will not lose any important calls. And finally: If running add application for mobile Popcompanion (free) to your smart phone and benefit from a full-featured virtual fax machine. An alternative will be to dial the mobile version of the Popfax web site to manage your messages unified from anywhere in the world. Now that it is fully prepared to stay in touch with the essence of your business while you’re away, just go and relax! About provider is the global leader in Internet fax services. Lets end users send and receive faxes through a web interface, an email, an application desktop or with the popfax-printer that it can be installed on any computer. The integration of some applications such as front and/or back office that allows to perform transactional tasks via fax. The service is edited by the French company incorporated Popfax founded by Vladimir Popesco, and marketed since 2006, based on a business model of service software. It is a solution for different professionals (SMEs and Sohos) and corporate customers who have replaced your fax needs by our solution: either your computer’s fax server, is used to send fax from mobile or is appropriate for transactional applications.