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The Relations

July 16, 2013


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This puts an end to explain why properly, use the imagination through well-designed displays, It causes that the personality, the way of thinking, mood and even physical health are becoming a reality. Visualizing is cause the brain to send signals to the body to make you feel and live the joy, well-being, security and other emotions that want to provoke in our personality and our life. In addition, the visualizations give changes in our brain, which becomes stronger and more able to react in a positive way, automatically, to the most varied situations of life. Our brain literally grows and strengthens the connections of neurons that generate the emotions that we have scheduled with the display. Thus, the visualizations generate mental and emotional habits that make us react automatically in the way in which we have displayed.

They generate a new personality if we so want it. And a new way of being is always the key to obtain new results in life. Our way of relating with others, face the problems of the life, take the opportunities and risks in professional life and in general everything that surrounds us, becomes positive, appropriate and efficient as more visualizations exercises build our new way of being. Joy, harmony in the relations of friendship, work, couple or family, professional ability or physical health, all aspects of life are transformed and grow bringing us success and well-being through visualization. This is why that, regardless of reality or falseness of the metaphysical level attributed to the law of attraction, is sure the visualizations are key to transform our attitudes, thoughts, and emotions, and thereby our life. In addition, if the metaphysical side prove true, visualize, not only our interior will be positive, but that also attract all physical circumstances to achieve and have the life you want. Original author and source of the article.

Robert Kiyosaki

July 11, 2013


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To enterprising people that go in pursuit of their most sublime dreams, selling is much more than do the other buy, because we are talking precisely about making dreams reality, that is what we sell. To be able to sell our dreams, we have to have dreams that can share also and that way, not to mention people with attitudes, but speak to your spirit: best sellers are the best leaders this is by talking to the spirit of people power all great teachers have been sellers. Look at Jesus Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Mohamed. Robert Kiyosaki great leaders almost always went through very similar circumstances that you can be going now. You speak from you and from what is happening inside you, in your heart, because you ever experienced something very similar or equal. That makes them to share experience and knowledge from the spirit of the man.

Finally, you also need constantly reinforce that rejection is part of the process of growth and learning. To be rejected we can improve and above all understand that rejection is just one way confirm us our value and grow in perseverance, discipline, and knowledge. Finally remember this: no There are people with great success not to be rejected by many people. The great leaders in the history of man had, sometime maybe more rejection than acceptance. Poor people are poor because they cannot sell or have nothing to sell. A poor nation is a nation with nothing to sell or a nation that can’t sell what you have. The same is true with a person.

There are many very talented people, but they cannot sell their talents. They can be very smart, but they are simply mediocre communicators. If you are looking to be successful in life, then search be rejected more times and then make the necessary corrections Robert Kiyosaki affectionately, your friend. Until the next. Cyntia C. Capitanachi original author and source of the article.

Assessment Dialogue Propositive

July 11, 2013


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Presentation: This paper contains ideas and points of view that the undersigned author has been constructing and valuing the daily crucible of the educational, practice my quality and condition of teaching and teaching management in Santiago de Cali fundamentally. Far from trying to pontificate about the assessment in general, is this time suggest discreet glances and holistic about the roughness and dense field of educational evaluation, in times that permeates Objetivadora posture which has as one of its flags of hegemonic way more illustrious evidencializacion of learning. Although this, consider the undersigned, necessary for purposes of institutional policy, intrinsically are in the educational process, other realities, other spaces through which it is necessary to look us as educators again type in initial 21st century porticoes. Condenses the undersigned author, syncretic position making faithful scale, between Objectivist classical cutting tecnofilico position and the position’s humanistic and holistic ecological, because although humans we owe much to the machine as a human product, is also too much what we owe to our condition of beings sentipensantes on the third planet of the solar system of Helius. Danilo Calvo Sarmiento aspects critical and uplifting for a new educational institution the social entropy of current times: as ever establish it in one of his writings Simon Bolivar, education in general brand or reflects the State of society.

She advances if that also advances, reverses if that reverses, and is abandoned if equally this is abandoned. Does not exist easily so against the grain of what was said, an example that this reciprocity between the society and the school does not appear clearly established. So things in the open society in the world today, from Patagonia to the Gulf of Uraba in the Atlantic, and thence northward encountering the icy lands of the Arctic, there is not yet, a paradise, or a society attainment where peace, tranquility and the developing non-expression of the status quo in education.

Representation Social Theme

July 7, 2013


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Many are the elements that can explain the genesis of social representations. However, neither all have the same importance. Some are essential and others secondary. It is, therefore, important to know, understand, and act in the field of social representation, respecting your organization wants to say, the hierarchy of the elements that constitute it and the relationships these elements, angostamente, among themselves. (Fabric, 2003, p.60-61). by AC MONOGRAPH and help DIDATICA from among the elements that deserve more clarifications, highlighted two processes sociocognitive acting, dialectically, in the formation of social representations: the objectification and the anchor, and their splits as the downtown core and the peripheral system.

Objectification may be defined as the transformation of an idea, a concept, or an opinion on something concrete. It crystallizes from a figurative and social process and happens to constitute the downtown core of a particular representation, then evoked, concretized and disseminated and you are outside the real of those who express it. Many authors recognize that the downtown core constitutes the essential element of representation, not limited to a generic role, and that the attribution of essential characteristic, granted to the downtown core, relies on the fact of being the element that determines the meaning of representation and at the same time, contributes to its internal organization. It is necessary to reiterate that the downtown core, for its part, is determined by the nature of the object and the system of values and social norms that constitute the ideological context of the group. Yet, is in the area of the downtown core that social representations can crystallise, solidify and stabilize from the linking of ideas, messages of homogenization reificadas, which are mediated by specific actions and, basically, resistant the changes. By way of illustration, we accompany the following story. In research made by Dagmar Zibas and daughter-in-law Krawczyk in one public school in the State of Ceara, a stretch of interview made with the school principal, concerned with the commitment of the workers in what refers to the fulfillment of work schedules, register operators have to work six hours live the worker came and said I only work half an hourI know produce in half an hour I said no Lady and she said owner which is yours? this is not mine, nor is yours, it is public, I do not know why so much demand you is damaged.


July 1, 2013


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19 May 2009-the current situation of the labour market is pushing many young people to broaden their training and this trend more evident in the maximum levels of the educational pyramid as in case of the masters and postgraduate programmes. So says it, Manuel Fandos, responsible for external relations at the company’s training Master-D for those who employability, i.e. the possibility of obtaining employment, is the main objective pursued by students who choose to the labour market and networking, or network of contacts and the specialization for those who are already working. Fandos believes that many young university students are in the masters and postgraduate specific and qualified training they need to continue to develop professionally and to broaden your chances of stand out against the competition within the labour market. Implementation of the Bologna process adaptation of the last steps of the academic training within the E.E.E.S.

European area of higher education, which advocates the Plan Bologna allows master’s and postgraduate courses to strengthen its position in the educational chain. For Manuel Fandos doctor in psychopedagogy in Master-D, masters and postgraduate programmes are consolidated especially as training that qualifies for professional practice specialized in his opinion the aim of the new plans is the learning of skills of all kinds and not merely the accumulation of knowledge. Education is not only about teaching to learning, but consists of learning making and for this the option offered by the masters and postgraduates, especially when they are linked to business practice is magnificent. The so-called Plan Bologna committed to the development of skills and competencies, in addition to knowledge and the masters and postgraduate courses themselves today as a tool that articulates these essential elements for the training of professionals. The MBA and the masters of technical and technological expertise in renewable energy or in European law are some of the most demanded today, in accordance with data handling Group Master-D. the first quarter of this year compared to last year has increased by more than 20% the volume of people have been interested in any of the masters and postgraduate studies the company offered jointly with the University Camilo Jose Cela. Despite the confusion that now exists regarding this topic and doubts that arise when candidates are wondering if the master by which questions official or not is, ultimately, stakeholders prefer depending on the quality of the master who aspire and this is determined, no doubt, by the reputation of professionals and institutions that taught him and real bonding, practices, with the professional field to which they relate ‘. Those who make this investment seek, above all, to link the theoretical knowledge acquired previously, with the concrete practice of the companies. Original author and source of the article.

Equipment Organization

June 24, 2013


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The department of acquisition of acquisition of an organization, considered as support process, is a process that if valley very of the information that arrive there of the internal processes of the organization. A wrong purchase can cause diverse upheavals for the productivity of organization. Stages can be defined for the control of the information as details of these information when of acquisition of some insumo necessary for the accomplishment of a product. Stages of verification of acquisition are considered as the verification during its act of receiving that include the inspection for 0 variable or attributes on the basis of a plan of control adequate that takes care of to a market specification or elaborated internally. For the service suppliers valley the evaluation of the service carried through after delivery of the mesmo.5.10.Identificao and RastreabilidadeSempre that appropriate, the adjusted company must identify the product for the half ones throughout the accomplishment of the product.

This identification will have all to be kept in its process keeping the necessary registers. The company must identify the situation of the product throughout the accomplishment of the product since the act of receiving of the necessary insumos for its manufacture until its delivery and registers of these stages must to be kept. 5.11.Propriedade of cliente considered property of the customer everything what the product manufacture of or installment of a service belongs to it for. The organization will have to watch over for the property of the customer and the preservation must include identification, manuscript, packing, storage and protection. The preservation also must be applied to the integrant parts of one produto.5.12.Controle of Equipment of Medio and MonitoramentoO Equipment Control of measurement and monitoramento will have to be made to guarantee that the characteristics of the products are being preserved in agreement specifications applicable techniques, such instruments must have its registers of calibrations carried through for competent agencies that guarantee the rastreabilidade of its calibrations.

Madrid Investment

June 1, 2013


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Trusts Profim Profim since 1995 is dedicated to offering a completely independent and therefore objective, advice which we design and manage portfolios of investments tailored for each of our clients. We have become the first Spanish EAFI, giving our customers a maximum safety in all their investments. Among the services offered Profim patrimoniales advisers: design portfolios of funds from a measurement of profile of investment, the client and the situation of the financial markets. Tracking service. We manage and constantly analyze the evolution of funds and investment portfolios, informing customers of any changes that are made when the circumstances of the market at all times. This service includes customized quarterly reports consisting of analysis notes, alerts and alarms.

When creating portfolios of mutual funds the best investment funds we select for each moment of the market for each asset, sector or country in which to invest, be with total objectivity and no brand limitations. It is what Profim call main open, characteristic architecture of our business model. Recommendations on all market funds registered with the CNMV (national securities market Commission). Clients if they so wish or have no time may delegate the management of their portfolios in a financial institution which will apply the same strategy designed by Profim. Finally we offer all our customers all the information necessary to enable it to purchase investment and funds recommended values through an account opened in banks that count with operating platforms from which all types of funds can be purchased.

Mexico Relations

May 25, 2013


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How many times we have not asked ourselves if Mexico itself as a country is rich and if so why? Or maybe it isn’t. In my point of view watching it as a critique of slightly contractionary, I mean to see the positive side of our country, could come to the conclusion that the country has too many factors or positive points in comparison to other countries maybe not with the same vegetation climate etc. as you see the need of Mexico is exploiting their properties to future becoming heritagesthat perhaps it would be watching the positivist side. But to change the face of the coin and open our eyes give us account that our country, like many others, keep us controlled by such see the currency or that would be material wealth by which all power tears and struggles to get his hands. Simply analyzing what are taxes, costs of operation, etc., in our country, will arrive at the conclusion that it is too much money lost and stolen. It would be impossible that campaigns do not triumph with such large budgets. This in my view does not have a solution, since so little is what is offered throughout society is fighting and tears for driving power over others.

Labor exploitation makes a type of worker who seeks survival and has small visions to short deadlines, with low salaries, and social discrimination. While the big boss, which maintains high levels of power (self-esteem), and has meetings expensive restaurants and leave impressive tips, traveling around the world to solve waste problems worry by their society and not the poor society which reaches call useless. Social and technical relations of production form an inseparable unit in manufacturing and large industry. Within the subordination of technical relations to the social relations of production to then define the set of these relations as relations of production. Consumption comes to hands of anyone that has currency or which has constantly worked to get it, and many times not It is valued as such. Ideological structure that has been incorporated into the reading view above has given us to know which is the place that occupies within the society, there are relations between her and the social classes which are related through to find things or points in common between these two different scenarios, in which the process becomes transcendent and essential within the theme of the work. Represent the laws of capitalist competition, a great stimulus to the development of the technique, and as a result the science.

Monopolies account for patents of inventions to prevent them from coming at the hands of their competitors. I get to define the economic structure as the set of relations of production. Marx and Engels never reduced superstructure infrastructure, which makes an autonomy in relation to infrastructure and its own laws of functioning and development.

Mexico City

May 12, 2013


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Again it is here. For an entire year companies and commercial establishments in all Mexico have been waiting for the arrival this new holiday season, which involves much more than guest, holiday trips and family gatherings. It is one of the moments in which consumers of all social strata have to do significant expenses (and even borrow) as a way to demonstrate to their beings dear importantly which are. Apart from questioning this way of showing affection, the truth is that the shopping level rises significantly around the 24 and 31 December and 6 January, and this is a phenomenon well known entrepreneurs of the country, who is ready to be close to their customers and prospects, in the moment in which these ready to use their credit cards or part of his bonus. What entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs cope with this situation? If it is expressed in a few words, the idea would be to direct their efforts to be closer to its customers precisely in those moments in what are willing to perform higher than the usual expenses. In this sense, major cities such as Monterrey and the Federal District (D.F.) are spaces of utmost importance for companies that consider seriously consolidate or expand its field of operations.

Thus, its physical presence in these two cities will be determined by those local to you or their dealers possess, and in any case the idea is to be closer to its customers, to hand when they decide to aim at making their purchases of this year. Once clarified this point we can say that the rent of commercial premises is an excellent choice for having a significant presence in these two cities and at the same time do not need a very high level of investment, because that budget could be used for advertising, improve processes, and so on. Possibly now you dira: Okay, but where can I find business premises for rent? DF and Monterrey offer attractive options that are available through companies such as Grupo Frisa, which has more than 50 years of experience in this branch. If the capital of Mexico is well well-known by Harbor thousands of businesses of all kinds, there are other cities in the country that are also growing at a remarkable pace. In this way, to search premises for rent, Monterrey also offers numerous options to suit all budgets.

Now you can concentrate on better serve its clientele, because it knows that it has adequate space for this. Remember that Grupo Frisa is at your service when you are looking for commercial rental (df) and local for rent monterrey. Especially this will great help in this holiday season and that come, because staying in one location also will help customers remember where to find him. Courage in your search and having a successful year end!

So Paulo Marketing

May 8, 2013


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Some torcedores had cited of spontaneous form the fact of the teams to be outside of the axle River – So Paulo as the main reason not to obtain good sponsors and prominence in media. More than the half (54%) spends less of R$ 20,00 per year with products and esportivos services (official ingressions, shirts and products, magazines, periodicals, partner-torcedor, games in paid canals, etc.) the average value expense annually for the mining torcedor is of approximately R$ 67,52. However, in case that the team presented improvements in its management, this value would increase considerably for R$ 105,02, that is, a 55,81% growth. Amongst the considered teams references in esportivo marketing for the mining torcedor are Flamengo, Corinthians, Internacional and So Paulo in the national scene. International teams more had been cited and the main ones are Barcelona, Manchester, Juventus, Milan, Bayer, Real Madrid and Ferrari.

Barcelona was the team more cited by the interviewed ones with all merit. Beyond possessing a spotless performance in the last seasons and European hegemony, the club invests in the formation of the players since the base, being that this formation is not only esportiva. A structure has all to create an individual with maturity, humildade and capable to work in team. The young players used to advantage for the club are not disputed by some teams of the Europe. Museum of the club, a stadium five stars and short planning, medium and long run and efficient and efficient actions make of the composed club for 57,8 million torcedores the reference in esportivo marketing. Few interviewed if had remembered the companies who currently apiam the mining soccer. Nike, Pnalti, MRV, FIAT and Adidas had been the marks more cited by the interviewed ones and less than 40% of the torcedores they had cited the main sponsor of the main teams, bank BMG. As cited previously, the president of the Athletical one understands marketing as search of sponsorships.

When declaring that all its efforts of marketing are in attracting new partners, he must yourself be attempted against that the mining torcedor is unaware of the marks that currently they invest in the soccer. Therefore, he must yourself be created strategies for better spreading of the partners or new possibilities of if collecting money. FINAL CONSIDERAES To identify the existence of imperfections in the management of the clubs a bibliographical research in periodicals, reviewed esportivas and in the official pages of the teams was carried through and can be perceived that the two teamses possess limited and isolated actions, without planning of medium and long run. What influence negative the image of the clubs of Minas Gerais. To analyze the teams that they possess good practical in esportivo marketing,