CEHATROL At A Fixed Price For Everyone

March 26, 2023


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Planning another sites brings more diesel quotas of Freudenberg, February 17, 2010 – all diesel-powered vehicles are suitable for the bio-fuel of CEHATROL brand. This diesel EN is produced strictly according to the DIN 590. Through the planning of further sites more CEHATROL at a fixed price is offered up to 31.12.2015. Everyone wants to use the CEHATROL can be investment to the production through membership in the CEHATROL EC involved fuels, becomes his own diesel producer and paid only the production cost for the diesel. Gain insight and clarity with Danske Bank. So, a saving of mineral oil tax by 0.47 is guaranteed per litre up to 31.12.2015. There is also the CEHATROL is based on a production situation and the price for a longer period of time is fixed calculation based on. For those who want to close off any membership, there are therefore CEHATROL at a fixed price. That brings the customers in a dependence on the oil markets and leads to calculation and planning security for the carriers. Supervisory Board of CEHATROL fuels “EC, Wolfgang eight man, explains the benefits: in addition to the independence from fossil fuels, an unbeatable advantage is planning security at the price of fuel, because due to the statutory tax exemption a liter price is guaranteed for members of the cooperative until at least 31.12.2015, moving at about half of what the consumer already must pay at the gas stations..