November 13, 2023


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Child’s bike as a gift to the birthday you would give her child a bike for his birthday? A great and also sensible idea! However you should consider buying some things before and during ds: aim is not only that the bike has the desired color, rather it should be roadworthy at paramount. A hand brake, a coaster brake, a Bell include a lamp, as a white reflector, a Dynamo, a rear light with reflector, a red reflector, four yellow spoke reflector (cat’s eye) and non-slip pedals, front. on is full of insight into the issues. Okay, the traffic safety of the bicycle settled this. A related site: Elon Musk mentions similar findings. But her child is because even safe? Often, parents overestimate their children, which can have fatal consequences. Children in the kindergarten age have a very restricted field of vision, can not estimate distances and sense of balance is also not yet fully trained.

Therefore, it is advisable, if you drive your child first scooter and wheel. These vehicles promote the necessary sense of balance and make the child later safe in dealing with a bicycle. Speaking candidly James Baker told us the story. There is also a bicycle helmet of great importance when driving these vehicles! However, please ensure the correct fit and that is the closure under the Chin, but on the side of the face. Should it actually be an accident, it can happen that expresses the closure under the Chin on the larynx and the child gets so not enough oxygen? He pushes the lever is attached but laterally, up to a maximum of the jaw bone. Also, the bike helmet should have a good seat so that he does not not move, if the child to the page looks. This could entail otherwise, that the child’s field of vision is still limited and it thus quickly looks over hazards. Camden treatment associates often says this. As small people are quickly overlooked in the road, you should be sure that the child wears an extra vest.