CITES Perfect

March 31, 2014


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And returning to the proverb that CITES this reader; I say that God is good and is life and those who criticize me say that God is vengeful and the last day is going to kill millions of people, then I wonder: who is on the road to death, I I say that God is life or those who criticize me and say that God on the last day is going to kill millions of people? He says according to the Gospel of St. John (18.23): 23 – Jesus said to him: if I have answered badly, shows where is evil. But if I have spoken correctly, why did I hit? It then tells me that you do not despise this booklet. But who is actually that is scorning the Bible, I try to take out its true meaning of life and help towards the? neighbor us spread God, or who are still attached to a warped teaching that we wanted to instill religions, so that from a scary position they wish to lead like cattle. And on the other hand understand and discern the Holy Spirit is perfect, but that has to do with justifying the contradictions that have (listed in my previous article) Bible for reading it wrongly. Some may say, God’s Word is sacred and perfect. Totally agree, but as God’s perfect part of contradictions cannot exist, and these contradictions arise because the wrong way man reads the sacred Word verbatim.

Jesus himself said the Gospel of St. Matthew (13, 10-11): 10 – the disciples came and asked Jesus: why do speak it in parables? 11 Jesus answered them: you are has given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven, but to them, do not. Does this mean that the parables are lies?. No, only It is a way of placing a mantle over the truth to be discovered by each with the guidance of the Holy Spirit (the subconscious mind that transmits us by intuition and matches the information we need at that time).