Civil Construction

June 1, 2016


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In almost all the countries has immigration, where a variety of new cultural activities is observed, commercial and industrial inserted in the native society and that they are worthy of recognition because they are part of a significant impulse in the Society in general of a nation that received its new inhabitants. In the United States I had the chance to observe this phenomenon that mobilized millions of people who had left its countries and relatives to search in distant America one better condition of life, many times pressured for wars, persecutions or simply for facing new challenges, marking positively with its character the peoples had received who them. In Brazil and more specifically in our Estado (RS) it is not different and we must be grateful for this variety of etnias that had arrived until us: Africans, Italians, Germans, Arabs, Jews, Japanese, Chinese, native of Koreas, Portuguese, Spaniard amongst others as many nationalities that they are incorporated in our day the day and that nor in we give account to them. Not only in Agriculture, but in the Gastronomia, the Arts, Music, Literature, the Civil Construction, the Economy, the languages and others as many professions they had developed the diversity in our land. They had planted and irrigated with its sweat the seeds of the progress and that she generated innumerable positive fruits propitiating one better condition of life for itself and for its descendants. The first immigrants had suffered more, therefore they had had that to fill many gaps, lacks, therefore they did not have infrastructure and they had almost suffered preconceptions, they mobilized great efforts to alicerar a better society, to carry through its dreams and for its children, its grandsons and with beneficial consequences for us until today.

But I believe that they had been happy when the Nature offered the fruits to them of its work. We live many experiences that they had left in them, marked for its bravuras in facing inhospitable, infertile territories that they had transformed into oasis for the resident futures. They had simply not measured efforts to implant the future that stops they already had fond. The immigrants had made a true pacific revolution for where they had immigrated with its cultures, creations and its instruments of work that had been enchadas, shovels, axes, its stoves the firewood and its tachos, its primitive machines that with its adept hands and callous they had set in motion the gear of the progress that crossed generations. The mutual integration of the immigrants with the natives enriched the peoples in all very the directions. The ethnic variety colored our society and its unconditional devotion bequeathed us a better future, of new values, and cidania that until today we usufruimos. The museums of the Immigrant are alive witnesses of these peoples who had given everything of itself, believing and investing in our land and are living in our genetics, our blood and our hearts for the love joined that them, generating we all, its children – (newnaturall@ – o-o-o-o-o-.