Coll Development

April 20, 2015


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In relation to method, this research of field of the qualitative type used for acquisition of data, interview half-structuralized with professors, and had been made systematic comments of the practical integrators of special education in the referenciada school. For analysis of these data we use the technique of analyzes of content. 2 the PICTURE OF the DEFICIENCIES To know the nature of the deficiencies is of extreme importance, therefore the same ones can affect consequently in the process of development in the learning. According to Coll. (2004, P. 283): The pupils with decurrent special educative necessities of sensorial, motor or psychic deficiencies present a series of peculiarities that happen in its process of personal development and that she is necessary to know the deep one to adjust the educative reply and to provide the necessary aids to them. For in such a way, &#039 is necessary; ' to go alm' ' of the professors, you are welcome it advances to look for to know the peculiarities of each special pupil, if the formation and specialization offered the faculty of education they are devoid in this area. It is necessary thus, responsibility on the part of the authorities with the special education, to understand that it is not enough to have available professors, but qualified to deal with the demand.

Intention biggest is that it has one better interpretation regarding as to deal with the diverse situations that occur with the pupils special. They are of these answers, that many times have that to be immediate, that Coll comes to bring in relation to the personal development of the pupil. This sensitivity if relates between the learning and the deficiency of the pupils special. They are factors that bring indispensable subsidies in the work in classroom and are of it also, in the relation with the too much students, its proper family and in the too much contexts where they live.