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February 28, 2018


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Study on the information and advice needs of small and medium-sized companies of the electronic commerce network will be extended. Media reports Meanwhile daily about the increasing acceptance of smartphones for private users, indentation in the Division but also increasingly takes the features/benefits of using mobile devices. But what opportunities in particular for SMEs and the craft? To small and medium-sized enterprises in a timely manner about the possibilities, potentials and opportunities to inform but also challenges of mobile commerce, the year’s NEG survey considers E-business 2011″Elektronsicher Commerce (NEG) network funded by BMWi grants focusing on the mobile business”. Entrepreneurs are called upon to participate in the survey until June 30, 2011, and to report on their experiences and needs in the area of electronic commerce. In a globalized world, E-business is a constant companion and offers not only the customers of a number of benefits. The usage of mobile devices, as innovative means of E-business, discusses strongly at present especially in public. Long accepted for individuals, they penetrate further the Division. Faster, cheaper and more efficiently is the trend of the business world.

An attractive alternative may be also for SMEs and craft mobile business, so the communication and business transactions via mobile devices, and more and more companies rely on this type of mobile commerce. In this way, for example, advertising and online banking or the sale and purchase of goods and services can be offered. In the ideal case, this type of E-business, in addition to cost reduction, can lead to an increase in the efficiency of intra – and inter-company processes. Only with business strategies can innovations be best implemented? So far, what experiences could make small and medium-sized enterprises? And where E-business related topics missing information? Not to miss the connection to the new trend, the year’s NEG survey “E-Business 2011” focuses on the theme of “Mobile Business”.