Conclusion God

December 7, 2012


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In the first judgment of Pablo it makes a chocking revelation in relation to the brothers in Christ who was accompanying through thick and thin of its life. IITm 4:16 In my first defense nobody attended to me, had before abandoned me to all. That this is not imputed to them. Although all these fights without equal it when he was gives to be decapitated the control of Nero it gave a victory shout and said. IITm 4:6 As for me, already I am being spilled as libation, and the time of my departure is next. 7 Combati the good combat, I finished the career, I kept the faith.

8 Since now, the crown of is kept me to the justice, which Mr., just judge, will give to me in that day; not only me, but also to all the ones that land on water its coming. It will be that we have followed the example of Pablo and carried through the workmanship trusted that you to each one of us, or have been neglecter and already we abandon the workmanship that we have to carry through, and to justify before the body of Christ we say that and why the fights are many. Ei, if you because of persecution abandoned the workmanship of God you and one that cannot say I I KNOW IN WHO I HAVE BELIEVED, why if you knew you would be grateful the Christ for whom it made for us and continues making. Toward you that it stopped to carry through the workmanship of God, it now comes back to play your role in the body of Christ. To work for Christ while and day therefore the night comes when nobody can work, and for end, medite in this I finish versicle that I will use in this study. Lc 9:61 Jesus, however, answered to it: Nobody that launches hand of the plough and looks at stops backwards is apt for the kingdom of God. Conclusion God this the search of servants and servants who do not have its beside the point precious life and that she will be herself possible to have that to die in favor of the kingdom of God, who this servant or servant opts to dying, but this and only possible with those Christians whom the similarity of apostolo Pablo speaks in high and good sound I know in who I have believed. all that truily know the Christ, if convert of genuine form, if it becomes a representative of God here in the land, its model of life and Christ, and it never gives up to carry through the workmanship that Christ trusted to it.